The Greater Los Angeles area is a boundless network of cities and population centers. One of the largest and most popular is Riverside, the unofficial capital of the Inland Empire. Hot springs, stunning desert landscapes and multiple golf courses dot this wonderful city, making it an exciting place to visit and explore.

So, if you are visiting Riverside, check out all the significant attractions. But first, be a prepared traveler by purchasing visitors insurance or travel insurance.

Visitors Insurance for Travelers in Riverside - FAQs

Health insurance is an essential aspect of our daily lives, but it can take on a whole new level of importance on an international trip. Without access to your usual doctor, you'll have to depend on the facilities available if you get sick or injured abroad. Healthcare in the USA is very expensive, and without insurance it can leave you with bills that can damage your savings for years. To make sure you can get the treatment you need with less worry about the expense, get visitors insurance.

Why buy visitors insurance before traveling to Riverside?

Some travelers assume that if they have health insurance, they can use it wherever they go. However, this is not always the case. Your domestic health insurance likely won't be accepted in the US, or it won't provide enough coverage. Without visitors insurance, treatment for an illness or injury during your Riverside trip will likely have to be paid entirely out of your own pocket. The price of this treatment can easily exceed your budget for the entire trip. To avoid paying a hefty price for necessary medical care, you need to be insured.

What should I look for in my Riverside visitors insurance?

Your visitors insurance should provide coverage for the entire duration of your stay, and offer coverage for whatever activities you plan to take part in. For example, if you want to go hiking in the mountains and canyons around Riverside, be sure your insurance covers it. Other things you should consider for coverage include:

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Riverside - FAQs

What if you were to get sick just before departure? What if your flight was canceled? If you're unable to take your trip, consider the money you've already spent on it. Would you have a way to get that money back? With trip cancellation insurance, you can have that option.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Riverside travel?

Think about the last time you had to cancel your plans to go to an event. If it happened at the last minute, you probably had no way to offload the tickets you'd purchased, so not only did you miss the show, you were also out all the money you'd spent on those tickets.

It can be the same situation with international travel, just on a larger scale. You'll likely need to pay for your airfare and hotel up front. If you need to cancel at the 11th hour, what about your prepaid bookings? You certainly don't want to pay for a trip you can't take, but many tickets and reservations are nonrefundable.

You can find a way around this with trip cancellation insurance. It can provide you with a way to be reimbursed for your nonrefundable, prepaid travel expenses when your trip has to be canceled for a reason covered by the policy.

What should I look for in my Riverside trip cancellation insurance?

While you'll most likely want trip cancellation coverage with your travel insurance, there are a host of other coverage options available as well. These can include:

Riverside's Most Popular Places for Travel

Mount Rubidoux

Designated as a city park, Mount Rubidoux is located just west of downtown Riverside. The mountains here offer historic parks and memorials, making it a recommended visit. The 161-acre park is covered with roads and hiking trails, making it a popular place for joggers, walkers and cyclists. However, be sure to visit during the day, as the park is closed at night.

March Field Air Museum

If you're an aviation lover or visiting with your family, stop by March Field Air Museum. You can enjoy various exhibits featuring aircraft from the first days of human flight through the present. Perhaps the most astonishing exhibit is called "Finding Vince Rogers," the tale of a young airman during World War II. Outside of the museum you'll find Firebase Romeo Charlie, which is a reproduction of what a forward operating location would have looked at during American war operations in Vietnam.

The Riverside Art Museum

Riverside Art Museum, a former YWCA facility, showcases a mix of collections of traditional and modern art from famous artists such as Robert Williams, Shag, James Gurney, and many more. It displays various local talent through its galleries and offers free family activities, film screenings, art classes, and several other activities.

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is a family park known for its scenic lake and 1920s mission revival design. Families can sit under palm trees, listen to the chirping birds, and enjoy golf, fishing, or yoga. Other things to explore include a public picnic area, rose park, and a pond.

UC Riverside Botanic Garden

A theme-based garden and home for more than 3,500 living plant species from all over the world, UC Riverside Botanic Garden covers almost 40 acres of land. There are different themes to the flora collections here including herbs, irises, lilacs, roses, and plants that attract butterflies.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Riverside

When to Visit?

Riverside is far enough from the ocean that the temperatures are not moderated as much as they are in coastal Los Angeles. The climate in Riverside is somewhat arid. Most of the rain falls in the winter, but temperatures are mild. Summers are usually hot and dry. The best time to visit is typically in the spring between March and June, or in October or November during the fall.


For getting around Riverside, visitors will find renting a car or using a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft to be the most convenient. There are two train stations in the city, allowing you to travel by rail to Los Angeles and beyond if desired. You can also utilize Riverside Transit Agency buses for an economical way to get around town.

Concerts and Shows

The city is famous for night shows and concerts. The Fox Performing Arts Center is a beautiful place for Broadway performances. Riverside also offers drive-in theaters that make for an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

What to Eat?

Riverside is famous for seafood. Various restaurants and diners offer traditional American fare along with Thai and Mexican cuisine. Street food like steak, pasta, fish, ramen, and burgers are also great options to indulge in.

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