Detroit goes by many names: The Motor City, Hockeytown, Motown, Detroit Rock City, and Paris of the Midwest. But what makes it unique is its rich history and bright future. Detroit is located on the United States/Canada border, and is one of the most populated cities in Michigan. Whether you want to explore the great Ambassador Bridge, Windsor Tunnel, 987-acre Belle Isle Park, or enjoy the local wildlife, Detroit is a great destination.

When visiting Detroit, be prepared for any unexpected injuries or illnesses by obtaining visitors insurance or travel insurance.

Visitors Insurance for Travelers in Detroit - FAQs

Protecting your health should be a top priority whenever you're traveling internationally. Thankfully, Detroit has wonderful hospitals and medical facilities should you need them. However, they are not inexpensive. If you require medical care while in Detroit, don't expect to just present your domestic health insurance card and have it taken care of. Your domestic insurance will likely not provide sufficient coverage in the USA. If you get sick or injured without proper insurance, you could be stuck with a massive bill. To avoid this, be prepared with visitors insurance.

Why buy visitors insurance before traveling to Detroit?

Even the most careful travelers are not immune from illnesses and injuries. A sudden bout of the flu, a broken ankle, or something more serious can befall you no matter how many precautions you take. Without medical insurance, any one of these issues could result in a bill that could damage your finances for years. Visitors insurance can allow you to enjoy your trip with less worry, since you'll know you have coverage should a medical issue arise.

What should I look for in my Detroit travel medical insurance?

Make sure your insurance provides coverage for the entire duration of your stay, and can cover any adventurous activities you plan to participate in. In addition, consider these coverage options:

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Detroit - FAQs

Once you've purchased your tickets, booked your hotels and packed your bags, it can feel like nothing can stop you from an exciting trip abroad. However, sometimes life has other plans, and there can be situations that prevent you from traveling after all. This can be disappointing, and if you've paid for a lot of your travel expenses ahead of time, it can also be costly. To protect your budget in case of a canceled trip, be sure to have trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Detroit travel?

When it comes to arranging travel plans, it's often necessary to do things in advance. You may have to reserve your hotel and buy your airline tickets far ahead of time to get a good price. If an injury, family emergency or other unavoidable situation were to require you to cancel your trip, you'd then be stuck with travel bookings you couldn't use.

In many cases, the tickets and reservations you paid for in advance cannot be refunded, or they charge cancellation fees for refunds, negatively impacting the amount you can get back. With trip cancellation insurance, you have a way to get refunded for these expenses. For a relatively small investment, trip cancellation insurance can go a long way to protect your finances in the event that your trip can't go forward as planned.

What should I look for in my Detroit trip cancellation insurance?

Your travel insurance can go beyond just trip cancellation coverage. Once your trip begins, your policy can provide many useful benefits. Depending on the plan you choose, these benefits can include:

Before purchasing travel insurance, be sure to read the fine print. This way you'll have a thorough understanding of what is covered and what it excluded from coverage.Book in Advance

Detroit's Most Popular Places to visit

Detroit Institute of Arts

Abbreviated as DIA, the Detroit Institute of Arts is regarded as the "temple of art." It houses around 100 galleries with 66,000 works, including paintings from some of the oldest civilizations. Tourists can see artworks like The Thinker, Detroit Industry, Self-Portrait by Vincent van Gogh, The Window by Henri Matisse, etc. DIA is not just a museum; it hosts several free events and has the Detroit Film Theater, which features films and theatrical productions throughout the year.

Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle is a 987-acre island park featuring the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory. It is surrounded by Nature Zoo, with unique rat snake, turtle, and deer species, plus Dossin Great Lakes Museum and picnic areas. Other major attractions include auto racing events, James Scott Memorial Fountain, and Dossin Great Lakes Museum.

Eastern Market

When visiting Detroit, relish the food and drinks from 250+ independent vendors at the Eastern Market. It is a hub for eclectic groups of shoppers and foodies, where food-lovers wait for hours in line to enjoy different cuisines. Here, Saturdays are renowned for live bands, open-air stalls of produce, fresh-cut flowers, and grass-fed meat. Sundays are perfect for shopping for vintage clothing and antique furniture.

Comerica Park

If you're visiting Detroit between April and September, you may get a chance to catch a Detroit Tigers baseball game at Comerica Park. This 40,000-seat open-air ballpark is situated in the heart of downtown with wonderful city views. Even if you aren't a baseball fan, you can spend a few hours at the park enjoying local food and beer, exploring the concourses, and soaking up the atmosphere during a game.

Motown Museum

This museum presents the exceptional Motown legacy, making it a must-visit destination for music lovers. Here, you can tour the carefully preserved studio where some of music's biggest hits were recorded, and see memorabilia from stars such as Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin.

Historic Fort Wayne

Built starting in 1842, historic Fort Wayne is a 96-acre site just half a mile from the shores of Ontario, Canada. The site features original limestone military barracks built in 1848, and regularly hosts reenactments of the American Civil War. You can also attend flea markets, youth sports and civic events while there.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Detroit

When to Visit?

The best time for you to enjoy the festivities that Detroit has to offer is from May to September. The weather this time of year is warm and encourages visitors to go out and explore the city. During fall and spring, the temperature is moderate, filling the city with beautiful fall colors. Winters in Detroit are quite cold, so be sure to bring a heavy coat if visiting from November to March.

What to Eat?

Detroit has year-round attractions, keeping the city busy with fun, and that includes the local food. The top five local food items that should try while visiting Detroit include the Coney dog, Detroit-style pizza, Boston cooler, Zip Sauce, and double-baked rye bread.


Detroit features a convenient rail system that allows you to enjoy inexpensive transportation to visit your favorite attractions. You can also rent a car or use other public transportation if you would like. Bus service offers a comfortable way to visit city locations, including museums and zoos.

Nightlife in Detroit

Detroit is famous for its bars, casinos, and nightlife. Some of the more popular locations include ‘The Handle Bar, The Detroit Rolling Pub, The Michigan Peddler, Baker's Keyboard Lounge, and The Mercury Burger Bar.

Before You Travel to Detroit, Do This

  • Search for local delicacies. Make sure you don't miss the iconic food offered by Detroit. Square deep-dish pizza, Asian corned beef, and world-famous hotdogs should be on your list.
  • Rent a bike. Detroit is surprisingly bicycle-friendly, with ample bike lanes and manageable traffic. Renting a bicycle is a great way to explore Detroit
  • Buy insurance. Stay prepared for unexpected situations before or during your vacation with visitors insurance or travel insurance.

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