Located in central China, the sprawling city of Xi'an is the capital of the Shaanxi Province. Formerly named Chang'an, the city was the seat of power for many dynasties such as the Qin, Tang, Han and Zhou. The city also marks the eastern silk route, once the most prominent trading route in China.

If Chinese culture, history and art fascinate you, you will truly enjoy Xi'an. It will mesmerize you with its historical sites and reveal to you the unexplored side of China. Before you travel, give this guide a thorough read to discover all about things to do, tips, tricks and information about purchasing travel insurance or travel medical insurance plans.

Xi'an Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Traveling to Xi'an may be the trip of a lifetime, but it's also a big investment. If you suffer a medical emergency during your travels, you could get stuck with a large bill for your treatment. An important piece of your trip-planning puzzle should be investing in travel medical insurance to protect you in case things don't go to plan.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Xi'an?

Legally, not in most cases. Logically, yes. It is not legally mandatory to buy a travel medical insurance plan before traveling to China. However, buying one means that you can take advantage the best available treatment during an emergency without having to worry about the money.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Xi'an?

  • Illness and injuries don't go on holiday just because you do. A travel medical insurance plan can cover your medical treatment charges should the need arise.
  • It's likely you'll explore the streets of the city on foot. Any ordinary evening could end in dehydration, fatigue or unexpected accidents. To be a smart and secure traveler, you'll want a dependable insurance plan.
  • If you become injured or ill while abroad, a travel medical insurance plan can cover the charges for emergency medical evacuation or repatriation to your home country.

When you travel to a foreign land, you say yes to uncertainty. Financial loss does not have to be a part of the deal. Buy a travel medical insurance plan so that you can enjoy a carefree vacation.

Xi'an Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Before your trip to Xi'an, it's good to make a checklist. You'll want to ensure you've packed the right clothing and medications, created an itinerary, and confirmed all of your bookings and reservations. An important part of that checklist should be trip cancellation insurance to prevent you from losing a lot of money if your travel plans must change.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Xi'an?

Several emergencies could occur which might lead you to cancel your trip. You or one of your travel companions could fall sick, you may have a workplace emergency, or the weather may make travel impossible. If you have a trip cancellation insurance plan, you can be protected from big losses due to nonrefundable reservations.

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Xi'an?

Travel insurance can offer coverage such as:

It is impossible to eliminate all risks. Instead, buy a travel insurance plan. Be sure to study your plan's certificate wording carefully. It will include a full list of eligible cancellation reasons.

Things to Do for Travelers in Xi'an

Marvel at the Terracotta Army

The terracotta warriors at the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang are one of the most interesting and popular attractions of Xi'an. These sculptures dating back to 221 B.C. are perfect examples of ancient Chinese craftwork and true marvels to witness.

Visit the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

True to its name, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the largest pagodas in Xi'an and will amaze you with its enormous size and grandeur. It is surrounded by statues, murals, gardens, fountains and shaded areas. It is the best place to sit and enjoy the peaceful ambiance during the summer months.

Visit the Drum Tower of Xi'an

One of the most captivating things you must include in your Xi'an itinerary is the Bell Tower. During the daytime, you can wander around the bustling market in the tower area and eat something delicious. In the evening, you can witness the most gorgeous sunset in Xi'an from the tower's balcony.

Get a Taste of Royalty at Daming Palace

After passing through the grand Danfeng Gate, you can make your way to the beautiful Daming Palace. This vast open area was the home of China's Tang Dynasty. The palace is now a ruin with an expansive surrounding garden where you can explore and feel the beauty of this centuries-old place. There is also a representation of what the actual palace used to look like.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Xi'an

Avoid Illegal Taxis

At taxi stands and stations, drivers of black, or illegal taxis will offer you alternative transportation for a cheaper price. It is best to avoid these taxis as there are no guarantees of their safety. You can utilize the services of a tour company for your transportation in Xi'an.

Illegal Guides at Tourist Spots

Illegal guides may offer you bafflingly low prices. However, later they will take you to souvenir shops and make your purchase low-quality, yet expensive trinkets. If you are hiring a guide, make sure they display their certificate or guide license.

Food Poisoning

Chinese cuisine is varied and may include several types of animal protein. As a visitor, it may be difficult for your stomach to adjust to the authentic Chinese food in Xi'an. To be on the safe side, avoid questionable street-side vendors or bizarre dishes.

Beware of Pickpockets at the Bell Tower and Other Areas

The underground tunnel of the Bell Tower, the streets of the Muslim Quarter, and the Drum Tower are common areas for petty thieves. Keep your personal belongings close at hand.

Don't Fall for Fake Antiques

While visiting a city like Xi'an, many travelers like to buy antique souvenirs. Certain antique shops in Xi'an sell fake pieces. Visitors may not be able to distinguish counterfeit copies from the real thing, so don't go antique shopping without an expert to accompany you.

Before You Travel to Xi'an - Do This

You are almost ready to travel to Xi'an. Before you go, consider these final suggestions:

  1. Wear modest clothing and conduct yourself in a respectful manner.
  2. Carry enough cash. It is the preferred payment method in Xi'an.
  3. Before traveling, make sure that you buy travel medical insurance or trip cancellation insurance so that you can enjoy a safe and carefree trip to Xi'an.

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