The capital and largest city in the state of Oklahoma is a major metropolitan area, a center of the agriculture and livestock industries, and a growing destination for information technology companies.

Tourists in Oklahoma City will enjoy the landscape of the surrounding sandstone hills, the eclectic downtown area, and the growing array of entertainment options. If Oklahoma City is a part of your next US trip, it may surprise you. But to prevent any unwanted surprises to your bank account, make sure to purchase visitors medical insurance or travel insurance before you set off. 

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in Oklahoma City – FAQs

Visitors medical insurance is short-term health insurance for visitors to the USA from abroad, such as international tourists, or family members visiting their loved ones living in the US. It is necessary to have because healthcare in the US is very expensive. If you get sick or injured while visiting Oklahoma City or anywhere else in the USA, you may not be able to afford treatment without it.

Do I need visitors medical insurance for Oklahoma City?

Visitors medical insurance is not legally required for tourists in the United States. But that doesn’t mean you should go without it. Here, a single trip to the hospital has the potential to bankrupt you if you forgo insurance coverage, and the domestic health insurance from your home country is unlikely to be accepted or sufficient. Visitors medical insurance provides essential protection for your health, and for your bank account.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City has world-class hospitals and excellent medical care available, but it is not free, or even cheap. In fact, USA healthcare is among the most expensive in the world. In order to get the care that you need for an unexpected sickness or injury that occurs during your USA trip, get visitors medical insurance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Oklahoma City – FAQs

No one likes to consider cancelling a long-planned trip, but unexpected things can happen. If you find yourself suddenly forced to call off your travel plans to Oklahoma City, you’ll be glad to have the protection that trip cancellation insurance can offer.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Oklahoma City travel?

If you suddenly get sick, have a family or professional emergency, or a loved one passes away, you may not be able to travel. While this is unfortunate, it can also be expensive if you’ve already paid for a flight, hotel room, and other expenses. Most of these charges are nonrefundable, meaning you’ll be paying for the trip whether you take it or not.

You can alleviate this worry with trip cancellation insurance. If you have no choice but to cancel your Oklahoma City trip for a covered reason, your travel insurance plan can reimburse you for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses. This allows you to plan a trip with confidence.

What can be covered by trip cancellation insurance for Oklahoma City?

In addition to the aforementioned trip cancellation coverage, a travel insurance plan for your Oklahoma City trip can cover instances related to:

However, not all plans are created equal. Take some time to look at various travel insurance plans on this website. Note their differences, compare them side-by-side, and purchase the best travel insurance coverage for your trip and your budget.

Oklahoma City’s Most Popular Places for Travel

When you think of Oklahoma, you may picture open range, cattle, and endless horizons. And while Oklahoma certainly has those things, Oklahoma City (OKC) is a thriving urban area with a lot more to see and do than you might expect. Here are some top suggestions.

Oklahoma City Zoo

See wildlife from around the world at this top-rated zoo and botanical garden. Situated on 130 acres, the OKC Zoo is home to nearly 2,000 animals, and is open all but two days of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas). It makes for a great day trip within the city, especially if you have children along.

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

This sobering memorial pays tribute to the victims, survivors, and first responders who were involved in the tragic 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in American history. It is located on the former site of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building, which was destroyed during the attack. It features powerful exhibits, tranquil grounds, and serves as an excellent place to pause and reflect on the strength of the human spirit.

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

A trip to Oklahoma wouldn’t be complete without delving into the area’s history. This museum offers over 28,000 artifacts and pieces of art related to American Indian and American cowboy culture, not to mention early rodeo memorabilia, and informative collections depicting the American West of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.


Located just east of Downtown OKC is Bricktown, a former warehouse area that has since become the city’s largest entertainment district. Much has been done to preserve Bricktown’s original warehouse feel, but today it’s packed with over 50 city blocks of dining, shopping, and residential developments to suit every taste. The centerpiece of the district is the Bricktown Canal, a navigable waterway offering boat tours and peaceful water views.

Frontier City

If you’re looking for the perfect family outing in OKC, look no further than Frontier City. This Western-themed amusement park opened in 1958, and features a variety of roller coasters, thrill rides, and family-friendly attractions. During the summer, several water park rides open as well, helping you keep cool during those hot Oklahoma days.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is considered a generally safe city to visit, with a crime rate that is on par with other major American cities. There are certainly some areas that should be avoided, but visitors can feel secure by sticking mostly to tourist areas and following these guidelines.

Severe Storms

In the spring and early summer, the Oklahoma City area can see violent severe weather that includes severe thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes. Parts of Oklahoma City have been struck by tornadoes on numerous occasions, including major events in 1999 and 2013. However, the city has an excellent severe weather alert system. Just pay attention to local media and law enforcement, and follow their advice to stay safe.

Searing Heat

Oklahoma City can see extremely warm temperatures during the summer, with an average of more than 10 days each year with a high temperature exceeding 100°F (38°C). On particularly warm days, try to limit your outdoor activities to early mornings and late evenings, drink plenty of water, and take frequent breaks.

Petty Crime

While you can enjoy your time in OKC mostly stress-free, the possibility of encountering a pickpocket or purse-snatcher certainly exists. Take care to secure your valuables when you’re out and about. Leave unnecessary items for the day securely locked in your hotel room.

Getting Around

While Oklahoma City does have a bus system and small streetcar line, not to mention water taxis on the Bricktown Canal, you still will need to rely on a rented car or rideshare service to get around. Even in urban areas, OKC is one of the least walkable cities in the US, so be sure to add local transportation costs to your trip budget.

Best Time to Visit

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, spring and early fall are typically the most pleasant times in Oklahoma City. However, as mentioned, keep an eye on the weather forecast. In the spring especially, storms can bubble up quite quickly.

Before You Travel to Oklahoma City – Do This

  • Pack appropriately for the weather forecast – OKC can experience extreme heat and even snow, all depending upon when you visit.
  • Book a rental car ahead of time – Public transportation options are limited, and you may not want to depend upon rideshare services to get around.
  • Buy visitors medical insurance or travel insurance – You can’t predict travel mishaps, but you can be prepared for when they happen if you have the right insurance coverage.

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