From wine countries to Nordic spas, there is a lot to explore in this eastern province of Canada. Picture-perfect coastal villages, dramatic rocky seascapes, and delicious seafood are merely the beginning of what the region has to offer. There is so much to do and see in this region that travelers will find no lack of entertainment. However, before you leave, be sure to purchase travel medical insurance or a travel insurance as protection against unexpected accidents, injuries, illnesses, or travel issues.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Nova Scotia - FAQs

Nova Scotia is a land full of the promise of adventure. There's a lot of winter sports that you can indulge in here. However, injuries are common in such activities. Sudden adversities can ruin your entire experience. While you are dreaming of that perfect vacation, make sure you get proper travel medical insurance to prevent travel nightmares.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Nova Scotia?

It is a thrilling experience to go on an international vacation. But an unexpected accident, injury, or illness can spell a lot of trouble for your travel budget. Winter sports in Nova Scotia can be dangerous or even fatal. Although Nova Scotia has a fair share of premium healthcare institutions, they come at a steep price. Nothing can be worse than finding yourself without coverage and in need of medical attention in the midst of a trip.

What should I look for in my Nova Scotia travel medical insurance?

The benefits provided by your travel medical insurance will largely depend on the type of plan you choose. A basic plan should offer the following coverage:

However, there are some plans out there that offer more coverage. If you are looking to indulge in outdoor activities, perhaps it would be better to choose an add-on hazardous sports travel insurance rider designed to cover riskier-than-average activities. Buy travel medical insurance to avoid financial risks. Compare several policies to get the best fit for you.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Nova Scotia - FAQs

With a few unlucky breaks, the perfectly planned trip can quickly turn into a perfect nightmare. Last-minute mishaps and adversities can cause you to have to cancel your trip, escalating your financial burden to extreme levels. Leave the worry to the experts. Get trip cancellation insurance and protect your interests.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Nova Scotia travel?

Let's say you reached your transit airport late at night to find out the onward flight has been canceled. Or maybe one of your travel partners got sick just before the trip, and the dates need to be postponed. Your baggage might get lost in transit. A natural calamity can prevent you from reaching your destination.

Incidents like this could spell disaster for your finances. In all these scenarios, you have one true friend: your trip cancellation insurance. With proper coverage, you will be protected against many adverse scenarios as defined in your policy's certificate wording.

What should I look for in my Nova Scotia trip cancellation insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance can reimburse you the full amount of your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you have to cancel your trip for a reason covered by the policy. You can check for a full list of covered reasons in your plan's certificate wording. Be sure to read this fine print in advance for a better understanding of what would (or wouldn't) be covered. The coverage varies by plan, but the most common reasons for cancellation, like the ones listed above, are usually covered in most standard plans.

In addition to trip cancellation coverage, travel insurance can also provide benefits for:

Nova Scotia's Most Popular Cities for Travel


The capital city of Nova Scotia is the heartbeat of the province. Its lively urban and social scenes draw a young, vibrant crowd. Visit the Halifax Waterfront, stroll down the Citadel, or explore the many markets and cafes of the city. Take a short ride to Peggy's Cove to explore the beautiful seaside community. While there, don't forget to get your hands on some fresh lobsters.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this pretty little coastal town is greatly admired by tourists and travelers. It has one of the best-preserved British Colonial settlements and a magnificent 19th-century church. Visit Malone Bay, the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, and the mysterious Oak Island. Go camping in the Little Lake Family Campground, or explore the waterfront lined with shops, cafes, and floating docks.


It is the largest city in Cape Breton Island, known for its Celtic music and Gaelic culture. Flock to the hiking trails of Cape Breton, walk along the scenic Cabot Trail, or take an excursion to Baddeck. Visit local artisans' studios, and take a chance at the casino. If you still have time, ride a short distance to explore the historical Louisbourg Fortress.

Annapolis Royal

This quaint seaside village with a gorgeous mountainous backdrop is one of the largest National Historic Districts in Canada. Visit the Fort Anne National Historic Site, the royal Historic Gardens, and the Point Prim Lighthouse. Bike through the Harvest Moon Trail or take a Candlelight Graveyard Tour. If marine life calls you, book a cruise to go   whale-watching .


Along the shores of the Minas Basin lies the coastal town of Wolfville. It is the center of the state's burgeoning wine scene. Visit the Grand Pré Winery vineyard or admire the landscape of Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens. Or, a 40-minute drive up the coastline will bring you to beautiful Blomidon Provincial Park.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a relatively safe place to travel. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the country and is extremely safe for solo travelers.

  • Trust your instincts when visiting crowded tourist spots to prevent theft of valuables. It is always a good idea to avoid dark alleys at night. Theft from cars is common in larger cities, so avoid leaving valuables in your car.
  • Pack for winter, and pack in layers. Weather conditions can be extremely harsh here, it's good to be prepared accordingly.
  • Follow the driving rules of the country, which may be different than what you are used to back home. Remember that locals drive on the right side of the road here.
  • Take a trusted guide when wandering off to the wilderness. You might get lost, there are wild animals which can pose a threat, or you could incur an injury walking on the rocky terrain.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all indoor workplaces and public places. Also, if you do smoke, be aware that smoking in the car when a minor is present will cause penalties.

Before You Travel to Nova Scotia - Do This

While you are planning to visit Nova Scotia, remember to not do everything at once. There is a lot going on in this province. Understand that you probably won't be able to fit in everything into your tight schedule. To ensure a relaxed trip, it is essential to prioritize and plan your itinerary.

The region experiences severe weather. Tornadoes and hurricanes are common in summer, while winters are severe with heavy snowfall and ice. Keep track of official sources for weather alerts.

Winters are extreme and severe here. You could die of exposure to the cold. Take sufficient winter clothing, and be cautious of staying outdoors in sub-zero temperatures.

Plan your itinerary in detail. Traveling from one place to another can be more time-consuming than expected. Get offline maps, universal travel adapters, and a valid international driving license.

Don't let unexpected incidents ruin your travel plans. Buy travel insurance or travel medical insurance and protect yourself from petty hassles. Take the time to compare several plans and their benefits, and then select the one that best matches the needs of your itinerary, budget, and destination.

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