Amsterdam Travel Insurance

Amsterdam has something to offer to all kinds of personalities. The city thrives with entertainment throughout the year. The Netherlands' capital offers activities for every weather. No matter when or why you are visiting Amsterdam, be sure to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance before you go to protect your wallet from any unforeseen injuries or accidents during the trip.

Amsterdam Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Amsterdam's healthcare services are among the best in the world. The hospitals are trained to use the newest technology. The various medical facilities are available for both public and private insurance holders. However, healthcare can be expensive, especially without the proper coverage, which is why you should purchase travel medical insurance before you head off to Amsterdam.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Amsterdam?

All those traveling to Amsterdam on a Schengen visa need travel medical insurance. Even if the visa requirement does not apply to you, buying health insurance is still the smart choice. Healthcare in Amsterdam is not financially reasonable, and travel medical insurance can secure your finances should a surprise injury or illness strike.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Amsterdam?

Adventure in Amsterdam is extreme and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Travel medical insurance can give you financial security in case of an accident. Insurance can cover your emergency medical costs for minor to major injuries. Not only that, but travel medical insurance can also cover emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, the return of mortal remains, and more. You can also extend your plan's duration of coverage if you decide to stay in Amsterdam longer than planned.

Travel comes with risks. Take the appropriate precautions and buy travel medical insurance for a stress-free adventure.

Amsterdam Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

There are many unpredictable incidents that could interfere in your travel. This would put you in a place of heavy financial loss. Trip cancellation insurance acts as a financial shield in case your plans do not work out. International travelers can choose from dozens of policies. There are comparison tools to find the best policy at a reasonable price. Find the plan that works best for you, and then be sure to buy trip cancellation insurance.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Amsterdam?

Trip cancellation insurance can reimburse you for your prepaid, non-refundable travel expenditures if you have to cancel for a reason covered within the policy. You can read your policy's certificate wording for a full explanation of what reasons would (or wouldn't) be covered. The most common or likely reasons for trip cancellation—like falling ill before departure, the illness or death of an immediate relative, work-related emergencies, and more—are usually covered under a standard plan.

What all is covered under travel insurance for Amsterdam?

A general travel insurance policy can cover unexpected incidents beyond trip cancellation. These include trip interruption coverage for a covered reason, trip delay coverage, missed connection coverage, baggage loss coverage, and more.

Buy travel insurance to ensure financial security during your adventure in Amsterdam.

Things to Do for Travelers in Amsterdam

This eclectic city has a lot to offer, from canal tours to memorable meals. Each part of the city has something new to showcase. Many say Amsterdam is an experience beyond belief.

Soak in Amsterdam's Culture

Amsterdam has a ton of museums with ancient artifacts that will blow your mind. The Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum showcase thousands of art pieces. Rembrandt's painting "The Night Watch" hangs on the walls of Rijksmuseum. Similarly, Stedelijk houses Piet Mondrian's 1930 painting "Composition No. IV". The Van Gogh museum, located in line with the above two museums, features most of his art pieces. It showcases "The Bedroom" and "The Potato Eaters" by Van Gogh. The museum also houses "Tulip Fields Near the Hague" by French painter Claude Monet. You can also tour Anne Frank's home and learn about the determination of a little girl during war.

A Dinner to Remember at Vuurtoreneiland

Take a boat from Amsterdam to a nearby island called Vuurtoreneiland. This name translates to Lighthouse Island. The restaurant located here serves local produce meals. Everything on the menu is traditionally cooked with no electricity, and the whole area is lit up with candles and lanterns. This experience is one of a kind.

Stroll Through Europe's Biggest Flea Market

IJ-Hallen flea market, located at T.T. Neveritaweg, gathers over 750 sellers once a month. Take a short ferry ride from Amsterdam Central to this treasure trove. This secondhand market sells everything from clothes to antiques. Carry extra change to make your bargaining deals easier. The warehouse tends to get cold, so carry a jacket. If you want to bag the good stuff, get there early in the morning to have the first pick. The vendors slash their prices by afternoon like a clearance sale.

Catch a Live Performance at Paradiso

Paradiso is a nightclub set up inside a renovated former church from the 19th century. The building went from a squatter house to a concert arena and has featured artists like Pink Floyd. Paradiso boasts of its packed schedules with concerts happening throughout the year.

Tour the Waters of This Vibrant City

You have two options: Either sail through the city's canal network, or go to Amsterdamse Bos. There are various places that offer canal tours. Kajakadoo offers kayak rentals or boat rides through Amsterdam's canal system. The canal tours are usually crowded, and you get to see the main city. If you travel to the city limits, you will find the Amsterdam forest. You can row on the Bosbaan Canal and witness the lush greenery. There is a petting zoo, ice cream, and a cheese shop to keep you entertained throughout the day. You can rent either a bike, canoe, kayak, or pedal boat at this facility.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Amsterdam

Health Risks

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has a huge population. The city has been the center of many outbreaks over the years. Amsterdam has witnessed outbreaks of the Zika virus, Hepatitis, and the H1N2 Influenza Virus.

Petty Crime

Like most cities, Amsterdam is rife with pickpockets. The targeted areas are the museum district and crowded areas.

The Red-Light District

Amsterdam has a dangerous side to it with gang wars. The red-light district run by gangs is the main danger of the city. Gang violence is common in this area.

Water Accidents

The city has various water activities, and drowning is a real risk. There are reports of accidental drowning. Most are unpredictable accidents, and a few are due to negligence.

Fake Police

Beware of fake law enforcement officers looking to make a quick buck. The city has reported cases of tourists being deceived by fake police officers.

Before You Travel to Amsterdam - Do This

Before you visit Amsterdam, here are things that you should keep in mind:

There are a few important points to verify before you purchase your travel insurance. If you take any prescription medications, be sure you have an ample supply to last the duration of your trip.

Don't just pick the first plan you click on. Take the time to compare the pricing and coverage of several different travel insurance or travel medical insurance policies, and then pick the plan that best matches the needs of this particular trip.

Adventure sport accidents are not covered under general travel insurance policies. If your trip involves any hazardous sports, you will need to purchase an add-on plan designed to cover riskier-than-average activities.

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