One of the oldest cities in the United States, the capital city of of Virginia is filled with history. From its impressive monuments to its food and art districts, Richmond has a lot to offer to every traveler.

Learn how to make the most out of your trip to Richmond by reading this guide. It will tell you about things to do, tips to keep in mind, and information you should look into for protecting your finances with visitors insurance or travel insurance.

Visitors Insurance for Travelers in Richmond - FAQs

You can't predict the next time you'll get sick or suffer an injury. It can happen while you're in your own home, or while you're visiting another country. If a medical issue occurs during your trip to the United States, you'll likely discover a couple of things: Your domestic health insurance may not be accepted, and healthcare in the U.S. is extremely expensive. Requiring medical care far from home can be stressful enough. Don't let a large medical bill add to that stress. Get visitors insurance that can cover you during your trip, so you can receive necessary medical care with less concern about the cost.

Why buy visitors insurance before traveling to Richmond?

During a vacation abroad, you'll probably do lots of new things. You may dine on different food than you're used to, try new activities, or spend a lot of time in a climate that's hotter or colder than what you're accustomed to. Any one of these things can put you at greater risk of getting sick or hurt. At U.S. hospitals, something as simple as a broken finger can cost well over $1,000 to treat, and the costs just go up from there. Without adequate insurance, a single missed stairstep could result in a bill that damages your budget for years. For a comparatively small investment in visitors insurance, you can avoid this situation.

What should I look for in my Richmond visitors insurance?

Find a visitors insurance plan that fits your travel needs. It should provide coverage for any new illnesses or injuries for the entire duration of your stay, as well as coverage for acute onset of preexisting conditions, if necessary. When shopping for a plan, take these coverage details into consideration as well:

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Richmond - FAQs

An unexpected incident can ruin even the best-planned trips. If a sudden situation requires you to cancel your travel plans, it's important to have a way to be reimbursed for your prepaid travel expenses. You can have this option if you have trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Richmond travel?

When planning a trip to Richmond, you'll want to book a good hotel ahead of time, and make sure to purchase your airfare early to get a good deal. However, if you were to get sick, have a family emergency, or be faced with some other unavoidable situation right before departure, you may have to cancel your trip.

The trouble is, the money you've already spent on your hotel and airfare may not be refundable, or you'll be charged heavy cancellation fees. You'll want a way to recover this money if you aren't able to travel. Trip cancellation insurance can provide you with a way to be fully or partially reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses if your trip has to be canceled for a reason that's covered by your insurance policy.

What should I look for in my Richmond trip cancellation insurance?

Buy a travel insurance plan that takes into account any of the issues you could run into before or during your trip. This includes trip cancellation coverage, but the benefits can go beyond that, with coverage such as:

Read through the travel insurance plans available to you, and choose one that offers coverage that best fits your needs.

Richmond's Most Popular Places for Travel

Virginia State Capitol

Built in the classical style, the imposing State Capitol building was partially designed by U.S. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. The grounds and the building are spectacular and should not be missed. It is also a great spot to learn about the history of Virginia and the civil rights movement.


Maymont is a Victorian mansion that was donated to the city of Richmond by James and Sally Dooley, who lived there between 1893 to 1925. This 100-acre property is among the most popular sites in Richmond. It boasts a carriage collection, a petting zoo, and beautiful Japanese gardens.


Carytown is an eclectic neighborhood with colorful buildings and artsy stores. Some of the best-known restaurants in Richmond are located in this area, including the Galaxy Diner. You will find many antique shops, restaurants, and fashion stores here to keep you busy for hours.

Belle Isle

One of the largest islands on the James River, Belle Isle is a historic site. It served as a prison for Union soldiers during the American Civil War. Today, it offers many activities for visitors such as bike trails, rock climbing, fishing, birdwatching, and much more.

Hollywood Cemetery

Although it has nothing to do with Hollywood, California, this Cemetery is among the most popular attractions in Richmond. It is a historic spot where two U.S. Presidents, James Monroe and John Tyler, were laid to rest. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the rolling hills and lush foliage here, you can also learn about spooky local legends.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Richmond

When to visit

The best time to be in Richmond is during the spring season. The sun is shining and the city is at its most colorful, with several annual festivals being hosted. April and May are the most popular months to plan a trip. Summers are not especially hot, but the humidity can be uncomfortable. October is another lovely month to visit, allowing you to experience all the fall colors of the trees.

Getting around

To have the maximum flexibility, the best way to get around Richmond is by renting a car. The city is reasonably simple to navigate, and parking spaces are easy to find. Bicycles are another popular option to visit attractions, and there are several local bicycle tours you can sign up for. Public buses stop at many popular tourist sites, and make for another economical option.


Richmond is recognized as one of the top cities in the U.S. for dining by national publications. Though a variety of fare is available, be sure to try classic staples of the American South such as fried chicken, pecan pie, and country ham. Visit the Shockoe Bottom area for some of the finest restaurants.


Though crime does occur in Richmond, most of it takes place in areas of town that are away from where tourists visit. However, as with any city, it pays to be cautious. Keep your wallet or purse close at hand in crowded areas, do not walk alone late at night, and never leave valuable items in a parked car.

Before You Travel to Richmond - Do This

  • Pick the right hotel. Richmond has a lot of lodging options available, but it's recommended to choose a hotel that's close to most tourist attractions. It can be worth spending a little extra to be close to the things you want to see.
  • Back up your documents. Make digital copies of your passport, visa, drivers license, etc. that you can access easily in case the originals get lost.
  • Save yourself from unnecessary financial stress. Purchase visitors insurance or travel insurance.

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