Kauai Travel Insurance

The 4th largest island of Hawaii, Kauai lives up to its moniker of "Garden Island" in more ways than one. The oldest island of Hawaii, Kauai is resplendent in all its emerald-green forests, sharp-edged cliffs, high mountains, and cascading waterfalls. While some parts of the island are not easily accessible, you will be in awe of the stunning sceneries that greet you.

Kauai gives you many options to indulge in many outdoor activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, or zip lining. Or if you prefer, you can simply relax and soak in the rich culture in the laid-back atmosphere of the island. Prior to leaving for Kauai and the many experiences it offers, be sure to buy visitors medical insurance or travel insurance to handle the expenses of any unwarranted accidents, illnesses, or injuries.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in Kauai – FAQs

Unforeseen mishaps while on a vacation can be quite a hassle. Apart from the physical pain, it also causes a substantial financial drain as U.S. medical treatment is known to be expensive. To alleviate this drain, opt for visitors medical insurance. This ensures peace of mind for you since your finances will be secured.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Kauai?

The medical facilities in Kauai are limited, and treatment and services would be expensive. A medical evacuation to the mainland would cost you even more. Without the proper insurance, these costs can all fall into your lap. That's why it makes sense to go for visitors medical insurance.

What should I look for in my Kauai visitors medical insurance?

Visitors medical insurance plans can offer protection from the charges of medical treatment when you are away from home. The plans should include coverage for any new illnesses or injuries you sustain, hospitalization charges, and coverage for any adventurous activities you plan to partake in. But in the end, do buy visitors medical insurance. This would allow you to enjoy your travel with a tension-free mind.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Kauai – FAQs

Many reasons beyond our control force us to cancel an upcoming trip. It's disappointing, and it also causes a substantial financial loss. However, trip cancellation insurance can alleviate this loss to a large extent. If the trip is canceled due to an approved reason in the plan, it can work to reimburse you for expenses you would lose due to the cancellation. As coverages can vary between plans, be sure to read the policy before buying to know what cancellation scenarios are covered.

What should I look for in my Kauai trip cancellation insurance?

Many insurance plans can cover the frequently-occurring reasons for trip cancellation like weather-related cancellations or delays, death of a family member, or work-related emergencies. You should choose a trip cancellation plan with benefits such as trip cancellation coverage for a covered reason, coverage for stolen or lost baggage, and missed connection coverage.

It is essential that you buy travel insurance to save yourself from the possible financial losses that a trip cancellation might cause you.

Kauai's Most Popular Places for Travel

With more than 60 beaches dotting its coasts, Kauai is a most inviting prospect for water sports and sea enthusiasts. Kauai is a mix of the sea, forests, plantations, and highlands. A treasure trove of thrilling and rewarding travel experiences await you on this lush green island.

Na Pali Coast from the Air

From thousands of feet above, get to see some of the most majestic sights in this part of the world. The stunningly beautiful Na Pali Coast with its azure blue waters would greet you while you are up in the sky. During the hour-long flight, the pilot would also serve as your guide through the geology and history of the area that lies beneath you that would make you appreciate the sights even more.

Waimea Canyon

The majestic Waimea Canyon is also known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Hawaii's volcanic past gave rise to this landscape ages ago. Hop on a half-day bus tour to this beautiful sight and enjoy fascinating sights like the Spouting Horn from up close. The area would give you a lot of scopes to do some exploring by walking around aimlessly while you revel at the sights around you.

Zip-line in Poipu

Zip-lining is when you soar from one point to another several hundred feet away while being suspended from a rope line and it is also available in Poipu. The verdant forest, gorges, and small cliffs rushing past you many feet below. It is a rush of pure adrenaline. Indulge in this activity in the pleasing locales of Poipu. The 2.5-hour tour will provide you with a literal bird's-eye view of the scenic landscape all around you.

Luau Kalamaku

This is a must for every tourist visiting the island. Apart from the beautiful scenery, you would get to experience traditional Hawaiian song and dance performances here by local artists. The Kilohana Plantation hosts the event. There is a dinner following the performances, consisting of lip-smacking Hawaiian cuisine, including roast pig and plenty of locally-grown fresh fruits. Take a ride on the plantation's own train and learn about the plantation's history.

Snorkel and Whale Watch

This unforgettable trip takes place on the South Shore of Kauai. It's a half-day trip where you can get up close to the beautiful marine residents here, including the dolphins, sea turtles, and humpback whales. The waters are crystal clear and the unhindered view of these creatures is a sight worth watching. The trained and experienced staff here would provide you with all the snorkeling equipment, and anyone over eight years of age can participate.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Kauai

When to Visit

The chosen time for most travelers to visit Kauai is between September and November or between April and June. The winter months, however, see the hotel rates and other charges increase significantly. So, if you are planning to make a budget trip, you might choose the fall or spring seasons.

Arriving There

Lihue Airport is the primary airport of Kauai. Some airlines do offer direct flights to Lihue, but a better option would be to fly down to Honolulu International Airport and take a short connecting flight to Kauai.

Getting Around in Kauai

Your best bet would be to rent a car. This way, you would have ample flexibility to explore the island as you wish. There are conducted tours available, but they will have limited stops and time constraints. The island interiors are accessible only by air, so you won't have a choice but to book a trip with a service provider. However, there are many awesome hiking trails on the island that you shouldn't miss at any cost.

Health and Safety

While the golden-hued beaches and the turquoise waters are most inviting, you would need to exercise some caution as well. Ocean conditions might change suddenly, so be on your guard when you go swimming. Swim only in those areas where lifeguards are present. If you have children with you, don't let them venture out into deep waters. Stay clear of Portuguese Men of War. This jellyfish-like marine animal's sting can be quite painful.

Before You Travel to Kauai - Do This

  • Do include a visit to the Makai Sushi Bar in the Kukuiula Market on the South Shore in your itinerary. Highly recommended by travelers and food bloggers, this place serves one of the best fish dishes on the island. Don't forget to try out their signature dish – the Gorilla Bowl.
  • Planning to rent a convertible while in Kauai to soak up the sun while you drive? Well, it might not be such a good idea, after all. Kauai is among the rainiest of all the Hawaiian Islands. So, you may want to opt for a compact sedan/SUV instead.
  • Be prepared to pay more for almost everything. The islands are remote and almost everything needs to be shipped or flown in. Having said that, the farmers' markets offer vegetables at much cheaper prices than the shops and departmental stores. The resort areas are also more expensive, so look for accommodation away from them if you are on a tight budget.

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