The sprawling metropolis of Guatemala City lets you experience the social and political reality of Guatemala unlike any other tourist destination in the country. You can enjoy the performance of many local bands, and the picturesque and well-preserved colonial buildings are reminiscent of the Spanish Empire. 

Mayan culture and Spanish traditions influence the local cuisine. You can experience this unique flavor blend in both street food from the markets and in fine dining restaurants in the city.

A trip to Guatemala City is sure to be a treat for all of the senses. To allow you to enjoy your trip with less worry about the unexpected, be sure to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance for Guatemala City before you go. 

Guatemala City Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Your domestic medical insurance will not cover your health expenses in Guatemala City. Traveling to a new country makes you vulnerable to many new diseases and ailments, like traveler’s diarrhea. Travel medical insurance helps reimburse you for your medical expenses, so that you can secure treatment without financial worry.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Guatemala City? 

Travel medical insurance is not required to visit Guatemala. However, it is highly recommended that you get travel medical insurance for the duration of your stay. Your embassy will help not you with medical costs. We strongly recommend you to also make sure that you have coverage for medical evacuation overseas. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for Guatemala City? 

Public hospitals in Guatemala City may offer free consultancy, but do not offer free treatment. The public hospitals are often crowded and have shortages of proper equipment. In case of an emergency, you will have to visit a private hospital where treatment is very expensive.

Zika is also a prevalent disease. You need health insurance to secure quality treatment in private hospitals, as they might ask you to pay prior to the treatment. If you get severely ill, you might need to evacuate overseas, which is extremely expensive and can drain your bank account completely. 

Do not risk such a heavy financial burden, and buy travel medical insurance so that you can be prepared for the worst-case scenario. 

Guatemala City Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

There are various reasons why you might have to cancel your trip. In this situation, you risk losing all of your prepaid travel expenses. Trip cancellation insurance can reimburse your prepaid, nonrefundable travel and accommodation expenses, and can help prevent heavy financial loss. Depending on your plan, you can also have benefits such as compensation if your flight is delayed.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Guatemala City? 

There are four active volcanoes in Guatemala, and there is also a possibility of earthquakes. Hurricanes and tropical storms may occur from mid-May through November. In some of these situations, your destination becomes uninhabitable and your tickets could be canceled. 

Additionally, a personal emergency such as death or illness in your family might require you to cancel the trip. Trip cancellation insurance can reimburse your accommodation and travel expenses for which you had to prepay and are generally nonrefundable, so long as the cancellation was for a reason that’s covered by the policy. 

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Guatemala City? 

The exact coverage will depend on the plan you choose. So, do your research and choose a policy that provides the level of protection you’re comfortable with. 

Ensure your financial protection and buy travel insurance.

Things to Do for Travelers in Guatemala City

Palacio Nacional de la Cultura

The palace has some of the most fascinating architectural construction in the country. You can view a medley of architectural styles, from Spanish Renaissance to neoclassical. Hire a guide to accompany your visit. You can visit from Monday to Friday.

La Bodeguita del Centro

The hopping, vibrant scene at La Bodeguita del Centro is one of the best places for you to meet the locals. You can enjoy live music in this Bohemian hangout, and occasional poetry readings, films or forums. Entry is free from Tuesday to Thursday. 


Go to this bar for craft beers and cocktails. The bar is dedicated to author Julio Cortázar, as Rayuela is the name of one of his renowned novels. Connect to the author through a montage of photos, quotes, and trivia available at the bar.

Museo Miraflores

Catch any bus from the center going to Centro Comercial Tikal Futura to visit this museum between two shopping malls. You can view a display of objects found at Kaminaljuyú, and textiles and indigenous clothing from around the country.


Enjoy fine dining with excellent fusion dishes influenced by regions like Asia and Peru. You can also dine outdoors in the courtyard/lounge area. This is a must-visit for cocktail lovers. A bit of dry ice served with your cocktail will make your drink bubble, giving it a mystical effect.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Guatemala City

Concerns for Bringing Children

Guatemala City has a lot of child-friendly attractions to make it a worthwhile family vacation. However, family facilities are rare. Changing rooms and child seats are not easily available, so notify your rental car company in advance if you want these facilities. Sidewalks are level and wide, but can get crowded, so bring a baby carrier for your infant. 

Personal Safety

Guatemala is generally a conservative society. But while the capital is more accepting towards same-sex relationships, there are still areas of the city that may not be friendly towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. Therefore, please do your research and remain cautious. 

Petty Theft

Petty crime is certainly possible in Guatemala City, but it mostly comes in the form of pickpocketing and purse-snatching. To avoid being a victim, carry your valuables in a money belt, and leave nonessential items back in your hotel room safe. 

Tourist Scams

As with any city that draws tourists, Guatemala City is rife with scammers who will try to take advantage of unsuspecting visitors. This is most often done by taxi drivers who attempt to overcharge for a ride. Therefore, always agree on the price before getting into the taxi. Also, be careful when withdrawing money from ATMs or handling cash. Scammers may attempt to distract you while their unseen partner makes off with your cash. 

Avoid Public Transport

The public transit system in Guatemala City experiences a lot of petty crime. If you do decide to ride, keep your valuables secure at all times. To avoid the hassle, hail a taxi instead. 

Before You Travel to Guatemala City - Do This

  • Make an itinerary, so that you can make most of your stay.
  • Ensure that your suitcase has a lock to secure your valuables.
  • Before you book your tickets, hedge your financial risk by purchasing travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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