Phoenix is the capital of the American state of Arizona. Located in the Sonoran Desert, the greenest and wettest desert, Phoenix offers a unique experience for visitors.

Whether you want to hike, shop, explore art and culture or revel in the natural beauty, Phoenix has it all. A modern metropolitan region, Phoenix is warm (literally), welcoming and wonderful. A tourist's paradise indeed.

Before traveling to the area known as the Valley of the Sun, it's important to make sure your finances are protected from unexpected charges. Buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance and put your mind at ease.

Phoenix Visitors Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

The Valley of the Sun can get hot - really hot. Too much exposure could lead to heat exhaustion and land you in the hospital. Likewise, a simple tumble off a hiking trail could result in an injury. To make sure you can be covered for the cost of medical treatment in the U.S., it's essential to purchase visitors medical insurance.

Do I need visitors medical insurance for Phoenix?

In a place like Phoenix, it's only natural to want to get out and explore. If the heat and sun prove too much for you, or perhaps if the decadent Southwest cuisine doesn't agree with your stomach, you'll be glad to have visitors medical insurance. Remember, although U.S. healthcare is excellent, the cost of treatment is extremely high. You don't want to be stuck with no coverage and a huge medical bill to pay.

If you're traveling to Phoenix as an exchange visitor on a J visa, remember that the U.S. Department of state requires you to have medical insurance with at least $100,000 per incident coverage, $50,000 in emergency medical evacuation coverage, and $25,000 in coverage for repatriation of remains.

Why buy visitors medical insurance for Phoenix?

Finding excellent healthcare facilities won't be an issue when you are in Phoenix. But paying for the treatment you receive won't be cheap. Buy visitors medical insurance to make sure you can be covered against high medical costs while in Phoenix.

Phoenix Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

There are plenty of reasons that might require you to cancel your Phoenix vacation plans. Don't let the financial burden of cancellations add to your worries. Buy trip cancellation insurance before you travel to Phoenix so you can be reimbursed for nonrefundable costs should the need arise.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Phoenix?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport handles over 1,200 flights each day. At an airport this busy, flights can be canceled or delayed from time to time, throwing a big wrench in your travel plans.

Other than canceled flights, unfavorable weather, medical issues or a family emergency may force you to cancel your trip entirely.

Without Phoenix travel insurance, you'll have to face losing the money you've already spent on things like airline tickets and hotel reservations. Protect yourself from the financial hit of nonrefundable bookings by purchasing travel insurance.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Phoenix?

Planning a trip takes a lot of time, effort, and monetary investment. Flight tickets, accommodations, and tours have to be booked in advance. And these bookings require upfront payments. If you have to cancel your trip due to reasons outside your control, your trip cancellation insurance can offer reimbursement for these prepaid, nonrefundable expenses.

In addition to trip cancellation coverage, trip cancellation insurance can offer coverage including:

Most insurance plans cover third-party cancellations. Some policies also offer coverage for cancellations from your end. However, note that the reasons for cancellation should be listed in the policy, so be sure to read the fine print before you make a purchase.

Things to Do for Travelers in Phoenix

Phoenix has 170 golf courses. There are six lakes within a 75-minute drive. Over 200 green spaces and parks offer perfect picnic spots. There are more than 50 miles of equestrian, biking, and hiking trails. Plus, you'll find plenty of museums to suit all types of interests.

Every part of Phoenix has something fun for visitors. Whether you choose to shop in Scottsdale, party in Tempe, or hike up Camelback Mountain, you'll have a memorable time in Phoenix.

You could spend a lifetime exploring all this city has to offer, but if your time here is short, don't miss these opportunities:

Take a Morning Hike Up Camelback Mountain

Avoid the midday heat by starting a little early. Hike all the way up to Camelback Mountain to get a bird's eye view of the city.

Shop in Scottsdale

Shops, cafes, restaurants - Scottsdale has a lot to keep you entertained. If you are in the mood for some luxury shopping, head straight to Scottsdale Fashion Square, one of the biggest shopping malls in the U.S.

Visit the Desert Botanical Garden

Deserts and botanical gardens don't seem to go together. But the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is 140 acres of pure bliss for any plant lover. Explore the native Arizonian flora, including thousands of species of flowers, trees, and cacti.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Downtown Phoenix has a splendid nightlife scene. Live music, comedy, and dance clubs are numerous in the area. Ask the locals for recommendations for bars and clubs, and enjoy a fun night.

Go Museum Hopping

Phoenix has more museums than you might be able to visit on your trip. But the Heard Museum, showcasing Native American art, should surely be on your list. The Rosson House is another historical museum that you might want to check out.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Phoenix

Phoenix is generally considered a safe city for tourists. However, no city is without its share of dangers and annoyances. Here's what you should be prepared for when in Phoenix:

Climate Concerns

The arid climate of Phoenix can be harsh for those who aren't used to the heat. In the hot summer months, the temperature stays well above 100°F. Try to plan your outdoor excursions for early in the day, pack generous amounts of sunscreen, and be sure to bring enough water.

Traffic Troubles

Phoenix is a large, automobile-centric city. As such, traffic is a real concern. Renting a car is a great way to get around, but be sure to drive safely, follow all traffic laws, and always wear your seatbelt.

Adventure Risks

The greater Phoenix area is an amazing place for hiking, but it's not without its risks. Daytime temperatures can be extremely high, so hike early in the morning. The desert environment is quite arid, so adequate hydration is a must, and it's highly suggested to utilize an experienced guide for longer treks.

Pollution Problems

The combination of the arid climate, valley location and large population in Phoenix can lead to air pollution problems. Be especially cautious of this if you have respiratory issues, and keep an eye on local news reports to stay informed about pollution and smog alerts.

Prickly Plants

Many of the plants that grow in and around Phoenix are cacti with prickly spines. A simple brush against one of these plants can be quite painful, and could even cause injury. Please exercise caution.

Before You Travel to Phoenix - Do This

Phoenix is not just the capital of Arizona, it's also the heart of the Valley of the Sun. Before you set out to explore this fantastic destination, here's what you should do:

  • Plan your itinerary. Phoenix is a desert destination that's hot for most of the year. If you want to avoid the midday heat, you can plan indoor activities during the day. Save the outdoor adventures for early mornings and evenings.
  • Pack carefully. Sunscreen, refillable water bottles, and loose and light clothing are a must. If you have respiratory issues, make sure you pack masks and other medical equipment that you might need.
  • Buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance. If you are an international traveler, your local policy provider may not cover you abroad. If you are traveling from within the US, it is important to consider the coverage offered by your health and Medicare plans. Look at options for travel insurance to fill in the holes in your coverage.

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