Ontario is the largest and most populated province in Canada. Full of adventure and natural wonders, it is covered with vast forests, expansive waterways and beautiful locations to explore. Whatever your tastes, there are plenty of opportunities to discover in Ontario.

Whether you want to indulge in a unique adventure or savor solitary moments in the countryside, Ontario is ideal. Before you travel to Ontario, give this guide a thorough read. It will let you know all about places to visit, things to do, tips, warnings, and important information about purchasing Ontario  travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Ontario Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

While preparing for a trip to Ontario, purchasing a travel medical insurance plan is crucial. It can be your safety net against unexpected medical bills.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Ontario?

While Ontario has some of the best hospitals and medical facilities in Canada, treatment can be extremely expensive for international visitors. Therefore, an essential part of planning your visit to Ontario should be purchasing travel medical insurance. If you were to get injured or become ill at any point during your trip, travel medical insurance can be the financial safety net that protects you from large medical bills.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Ontario?

The natural wonder of Ontario makes it an ideal setting for adventurous outdoor activities. If you were to get injured in a remote location and require emergency medical evacuation, proper insurance can protect you from astronomical medical costs.

Even a simple night out in the city can lead to slips and falls, food poisoning, allergic reactions or other illnesses. Having travel medical insurance allows you to vacation with the peace of mind of knowing you're covered in case of the unexpected.

Ontario Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Nobody wants to cancel a vacation they have been eagerly looking forward to. However, in case of an emergency, you might have no other choice. If you have Ontario trip cancellation insurance, also known as travel insurance, you can be protected against big financial losses from nonrefundable reservations.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Ontario?

Depending on when you travel, Ontario can be affected by weather events such as blizzards, thunderstorms and wildfires. Likewise, it's always possible that you could become ill or have a family emergency just prior to departure. In the event that you're unable to travel, you'll want an insurance plan that covers you for the tickets and reservations you've already paid for. This is where trip cancellation insurance comes in.

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Ontario?

To make sure you're covered, examine the travel insurance plans available for your trip to Ontario carefully. Choose a plan with the coverage that fits your needs the best.

Things to Do for Travelers in Ontario

Visit Niagara Falls

As one of the most visited places in Ontario, Niagara Falls attracts numerous travelers every year. This magnificent destination is made up of three sections of falls. The spectacular views overlooking the waterfalls and river are something that you cannot miss out on. A short car ride from Toronto is all it takes to reach Niagara Falls.

Take a Road Trip through the Wine Country of Ontario

With over 180 wineries, Ontario is a true treat for the palate. Visitors can go on guided tours of wineries, take vineyard walks and attend unique wine tastings. As you make your way through Prince Edward County, Niagara, Lake Erie and the North Shore on your road trip, be sure to make a stop at famous wineries such as Inniskillin and Stratus and sample the ice wine.

Board a Train to the Canyons

A ride on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train from Sault Ste. Marie north covers 114 miles of majestic landscapes and delivers you to the wonderful Agawa Canyon Park. After reaching the park, observe the unique granite formations, explore the waterfalls, and hike the Lookout Trail for an experience you're sure to cherish for a lifetime.

See the CN Tower in Toronto

Going up? The CN Tower in Toronto City is one of Canada's most well-known structures, standing prominently over the city's skyline. You can take a trip up to the top of this 553-meter tower to enjoy astounding views of Toronto and Lake Ontario. An elevator will take you to the restaurant and observation deck. This famous tower lights up at night with beautiful lights for all to enjoy.

Explore the Royal Ontario Museum

Being one of the premier museums in Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum offers the opportunity to explore a vast collection and learn about natural science, history, and culture all around the globe. Since expanding in 2007, the museum building now boasts a striking combination of classic and modern architecture.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Ontario

Extreme winters

During the winter months, Ontario and other provinces of Canada face extremely cold temperatures. Exposure to cold weather can lead to health risks like hypothermia and frostbite. If Environment Canada issues any advanced alert regarding extreme cold, take appropriate precautions with warm clothing, gloves, hat and boots.

Risks Faced by Hikers

In case you're planning to go for hike in the wilderness of Ontario, it is essential to invest in supplies like bear spray, a first-aid kit, hiking gear, and appropriate outdoor clothing. Also, you should always follow the marked trail to avoid hidden dangers.

Don't Arrive Without ETA

Before arriving in Ontario, you must get yourself an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The ETA costs around $7 CAD and can easily be obtained online.

Look After your Money

In big cities like Toronto, there are many crowded areas, so keep an eye on your belongings and valuables. Tourists can be targeted for pickpocketing and petty theft.

Be Cautious of Bears

The wilderness of Ontario and other Canadian provinces is the natural habitat of black bears and grizzly bears. They can come into your campsite, or even cross your path on the road when driving. Make sure you always carry bear spray and don't venture out in remote areas alone or without a guide.

Before You Travel to Ontario - Do This

You are almost ready to travel to Ontario. Before you set off on your journey, consider these suggestions.

  • Read up on the weather. Ontario can experience weather extremes that may be unlike anything you're used to. Look at weather forecasts and make sure you pack appropriate clothing.
  • Leave time for travel. Canada is a geographically massive country, so be sure your itinerary takes travel time into account.
  • Before you travel to Ontario, purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance so that you may enjoy a carefree vacation.

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