St. Lucia Travel Insurance

St. Lucia is a Caribbean island that abounds in natural beauty, sunny landscapes, and beaches.

Does this sound like every other Caribbean island?

St. Lucia has everything that any other Caribbean island would offer. Its specialty, however, is the drive-in volcano. Now, don’t expect lava to flow right in front of your eyes, as the volcano is dormant. But it sure makes it a special destination—the only one of its kind in the world.

Before leaving to explore the uniqueness of St. Lucia, be sure to buy travel insurance or travel medical insurance in case of any unexpected accidents, injuries, or illnesses that could occur during the trip.

St. Lucia Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

When you are on vacation, it is quite unwise to assume that medical emergencies will stay out of your way. No matter where you are, medical issues drain not just your energy, but also your bank balance. Especially when in St. Lucia, where you are without the coverage of your domestic policy and where healthcare can be expensive, having travel medical insurance would be a welcome help.

Do I need travel medical insurance for St. Lucia?

There are no legal requirements that mandate having travel medical insurance in St. Lucia, but you should purchase it. You can be certain that you will get prompt and sufficient emergency care. But it might cost you more than you would want to spend. Travel medical insurance for tourists in St. Lucia can help you mitigate those expenses.

Why buy travel medical insurance for St. Lucia?

If you go without a comprehensive medical insurance policy, be ready for hefty medical bills, medical evacuation charges, and repatriation costs. If you buy St. Lucia travel medical insurance, you can secure yourself from such expenses and have complete peace of mind, as well.

St. Lucia Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

What all will you worry about if your trip to St. Lucia gets canceled? We are sure you don’t want financial losses to be a part of that list. You missed a great vacation, and now your bank balance is at stake, too. Trip cancellation insurance can help make sure that doesn’t happen to you. You don’t need to handle the financial aspect of canceled trips. The insurance plan can cover that for you—as long as the reason for cancellation is covered in the policy.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for St. Lucia?

Flights get canceled all the time. It’s not too far-fetched to imagine that your flight to St. Lucia could get canceled. No matter how low the chances, it is better to stay insured instead of bearing the financial brunt. It is best to buy St. Lucia trip cancellation insurance for complete mental peace during your trip to St. Lucia.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for St. Lucia?

Trip cancellation can reimburse you for the prepaid, non-refundable expenses you put down before your trip, like airfare, hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, etc. You’re eligible for benefits if you have to cancel your trip for a reason explicitly listed in the certificate wording of your policy. Be sure to read the fine print of your plan before purchase to discover what circumstances would (and wouldn’t) be covered.

Things to Do for Travelers in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a paradise for honeymooners, but, is there anything that you can do here if you are not on a honeymoon?

Of course there is! St. Lucia has a diverse range of adventurous and fun activities for everyone. Here are our top picks:

Hike Gros Piton

The Pitons are two volcanic formulations and arguably the top tourist destination in St. Lucia. Just hire a guide, get your permits at the base, and get ready to hike. At the top of the hike, truly mesmerizing views will welcome you.

Swim in Toraille Waterfall

If swimming in a natural waterfall is on your bucket list, you can check it off right here. The sheer beauty of the cool waters and the music of the waterfall will make sure you enjoy your time here to the fullest.

Go on a Lushan Country Life Tour

This is a family-offered tour. If you are interested in learning about the history and culture of St. Lucia, it is the best option.

Kayak to Pigeon Island

For the water babies who are bored of lazing on the beach, you can book a kayak tour to Pigeon Island. On the island, you can swim, snorkel, hike, or simply relax after the adventure.

Go Jungle Biking

St. Lucia has a diverse terrain and offers a perfect trail for bikers. Whether you have never indulged in mountain biking or are a pro, it is the best way to explore the rainforest.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in St. Lucia

Rainforests, waterfalls, and volcanic mountains make St. Lucia a great travel destination. But for a safe journey, you should be aware of the risks that you are exposed to and practice caution.

The most probable risks include:


St. Lucia is often classified as being at high risk of Zika virus transmission. Chikungunya cases are also found, and it is best you avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. If you fall sick, be prepared to pay cash for your treatments, as that is what most doctors and hospitals expect.


While most visits conclude trouble-free, the possibility of crime cannot be completely ruled out. Petty opportunistic crime, luggage theft, sexual assault, and other violent crimes are possible. Avoid wandering out alone after dark, and practice general caution. Terrorist attacks haven’t happened in the recent past. But it is better you steer clear of anything that seems dubious.


The hurricane season is from June to November. Keep checking weather forecasts and government advisories for the latest updates.

Roads and Driving

Poor road conditions, wandering animals, and drivers stopping without notice can cause accidents. It is better to drive safely and maintain a proper distance from other vehicles on the road.

Safety Measures

Adventure-related accidents almost always pose a high risk to tourists. If you are indulging in any sort of adventure activity, inquire about the safety measures in place. Make sure your tour operator or guide has a first aid kit handy.

Before You Travel to St. Lucia...

Here are some things that you should do before visiting St. Lucia:

Get all your passports, visas, and other legal documents ready. Have photocopies of those documents and keep all of them safely in a pouch/bag that can be carried close all the time.

Bookmark the government advisory websites (both for your home country and for St. Lucia). Check them regularly for updates and follow safety protocol.

Understand the risks that you are most exposed to during your trip to St. Lucia. Buy St. Lucia travel insurance to cover them. Compare your options and shop around for policies that offer appropriate coverage and peace of mind.

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