Austin is a huge favorite among tourists traveling to the U.S. From the scenic outdoors to live music, it has something to offer to everyone. This Texan city is proud of being called weird and eccentric. Music, food and culture are top attractions in Austin. It makes for a perfect holiday destination to relax and explore.

Before you travel to Austin, be sure to prepare for your trip. Plan well and buy visitors insurance or travel insurance so you can enjoy a fun vacation with less financial worry.

Visitors Insurance for Travelers in Austin - FAQs

Austin is a safe city to travel to, and it is quite popular among tourists. However, unforeseen incidents can occur during travel. Health expenses in the US are steep, and emergency expenditures can ruin your trip. It is better to prepare in advance with visitors insurance.

Why buy visitors insurance before traveling to Austin?

Something as simple as heatstroke or food poisoning could land you in the hospital. A medical emergency at any point during your trip can result in financial strain. With the famously high cost of healthcare in the US, being able to afford necessary treatment is not something you should leave to chance. While you can't totally prevent the possibility of getting sick or injured during your stay in Austin, you can control the amount it can affect your finances with visitors insurance.

What should I look for in my Austin visitors insurance?

Before purchasing visitors insurance, it's important to compare plans and do your research. Consider these coverage options:

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Austin - FAQs

Bad weather, family emergencies and health issues can be unpredictable, and they can cause major problems when you're getting ready to leave for an international trip. If you suddenly find you're unable to go on a trip you've planned, you'll want a way to receive reimbursement for your prepaid travel expenses. Trip cancellation insurance can provide you with a way to do exactly that.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Austin travel?

Much of your trip to Austin will likely be paid for in advance. You'll have to purchase airline tickets, book a hotel, and get tickets to any festivals or events you plan to attend ahead of time. If you have to cancel your trip, you may discover that many of these prepaid expenses are nonrefundable, or they charge cancellation fees. Trip cancellation insurance can provide you with a way to be refunded for these expenses if you trip has to be canceled for a covered reason, allowing you to make travel plans without the worry of uncertainty.

What should I look for in my Austin trip cancellation insurance?

Depending upon what you plan to do in Austin, find a travel insurance plan most suited to your needs. For instance, if you plan to attend a music festival, find an insurance plan that can cover the cancellation or rescheduling of the event. Other coverage options you may be able to consider include:

Each plan will have a policy document that explains the coverage it offers in detail. Be sure to read through the plan carefully before making a purchase.

Austin's Most Popular Places for Travel

Lady Bird Lake

If you love the outdoors, the best place in Austin to visit is Lady Bird Lake. This scenic lake offers a range of activities to pick from— hiking, biking, canoeing or kayaking. A simple walk around the lake is also a great way to explore.

Moody Theater

For lovers of music, there is no better city than Austin. In fact, it is called the Live Music Capital of the World! Moody Theater hosts many of the city's music festivals and performances including the iconic Austin City Limits.

Texas State Capitol

The seat of the government for the state of Texas, the Capitol is a historic landmark. Here you can learn about the political history of Texas. The majestic granite building and its grounds are a great place to enjoy the afternoon sun.

SoCo District

SoCo District, short for South Congress, is where you can experience the true vibe and culture of Austin. It has plenty of boutiques, thrift stores, and cafes where you can unwind, relax and shop.

Matt's El Rancho

What's travel without food? Austin is home to some of the best Tex-Mex restaurants. The cuisine is a major tourist attraction. Ranked among the top 100 independent restaurants in the world, Matt's El Rancho is a must-visit for its Tex-Mex staples.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Austin

When to Visit

Austin is a sunshine city with long, hot summers. Winters are short and mild. Spring and autumn are the best time to visit the city. Plan your travel between September and November, or March to May. If you plan on attending a music festival, check out the dates in advance.


Austin is a culturally rich and diverse city. It hosts many music, art and other kinds of festivals throughout the year. It takes pride in being eccentric and unique. Small and independent businesses give the city its singular character. The unofficial slogan "Keep Austin Weird" perfectly captures the eccentric nature of the city.


As far as crime is concerned, Austin is among the ten safest cities in the USA. However, it is necessary to be cautious. During the summer, the temperatures can soar. Heatstroke is common, so remember to drink a lot of water. Scorpions, snakes and coyotes can be found if you venture to the countryside, but are uncommon in the city.

Before You Travel to Austin - Do This

To have a smooth and happy trip to Austin, keep the following in mind:

  • Be mindful of the season when you are traveling. Summers in Austin can get quite hot, so remember that you'll need to keep yourself hydrated. Also, pack lightweight clothing.
  • Traffic in Austin can get extremely heavy. Take travel time into consideration when making your plans for the day.
  • Be a prepared traveler. Buy visitors insurance or travel insurance.

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