To make your trip to Minneapolis hassle-free, prioritize your safety and financial stability by purchasing Minneapolis, Minnesota visitors insurance or travel insurance. Though you can't eliminate all the risks of international travel, you can protect your finances in case something unexpected occurs.

Visitors Insurance for Travelers in Minneapolis - FAQs

As is the case throughout the US, healthcare in Minneapolis is world-class. However, it is also extremely expensive. There's a good chance your domestic health insurance will not be sufficient here, so if you were to become hurt or ill, you would want to ensure you have proper medical coverage with visitors insurance.

Why buy visitors insurance before traveling to Minneapolis?

It's true that Minneapolis can be brutally cold in the winter. If your rental car were to break down and leave you stranded, exposure to the cold without proper clothing could lead to serious medical issues like frostbite and hypothermia. Even if you're planning to visit during warmer months, accidents can occur even when sightseeing or relaxing in your hotel. Injuries and illnesses are unpredictable, which is why it's so important to be prepared for them with proper insurance.

Finding quality medical care in Minneapolis won't be an issue, but there is the issue of cost. Even a short hospital visit can cost thousands in the US. If you're admitted to the hospital for a long period of time, you could find yourself opening bills that wreak havoc on your finances for years. When you need medical attention, the focus should be on recovering, not how to pay the bill. To make sure you have financial coverage for medical treatment in Minneapolis, get visitors insurance.

What should I look for in my Minneapolis visitors insurance?

Also, remember that if you're traveling to Minneapolis on a J visa as an exchange visitor, compliant insurance must meet specific requirements. This includes coverage of at least $100,000 per incident, $50,000 in emergency medical evacuation coverage, and $25,000 in coverage for repatriation of remains.

When you compare it against the potential financial risks, the cost of insurance is relatively low. Buy a visitors insurance plan that provides the coverage you need to have while in Minneapolis.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Minneapolis - FAQs

If you've paid for your airfare, event tickets, hotel reservations, etc. in advance, an emergency requiring you to cancel your trip can burn a big hole in your pocket. To help reduce the chance of financial losses due to a canceled trip, invest in trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Minneapolis travel?

Sometimes, circumstances that are outside our control require us to change our plans. This can be a hassle no matter what those plans are, but it can become even more so when there's an international trip involved. If you were to get sick or have a family emergency right before a trip abroad, it may not be possible for you to travel. Likewise, severe weather or global health concerns could make your vacation impossible.

It's likely that you're going to have to pay for your airline tickets, hotel, etc. in advance. If your trip has to be canceled, these prepaid expenses are oftentimes nonrefundable, or they charge significant cancellation fees. Trip cancellation insurance can help you get reimbursed for these expenses, allowing you to make international travel plans with more peace of mind.

What should I look for in my Minneapolis trip cancellation insurance?

In addition to trip cancellation coverage, there are numerous other benefits offered by travel insurance plans that you may find useful during your trip. Some of these benefits can include:

There can be many uncertainties when traveling internationally. When you have the right travel insurance plan to fit your needs, you can enjoy your trip with less stress about the unexpected.

Minneapolis's Most Popular Places for Travel

Though many people might just imagine cold and snowy winters when they think of Minneapolis, there's a lot more to this Midwestern city. You can enjoy lakes, art galleries, theaters, casinos, and the biggest shopping mall in the United States. Whether you're interested in a vacation that's relaxing or adventurous, you can find it in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Minneapolis Institute of Art is a government-funded fine arts museum that is free to visit. It has a collection of world-famous works of art and world history that spans over 20,000 years. It is the perfect outing if you're an art enthusiast or want a peaceful day out with your family.

First Avenue & 7th St Entry

First Avenue & 7th St Entry are two music venues housed in the same landmark building. 7th St Entry is the smaller venue (capacity 250) attached to the historic First Avenue. If you want to witness local bands, 7th St Entry is a must-visit.

Paradise Charter Cruise

Do you enjoy the calming effect of water? If so, Paradise Charter Cruise offers boat cruises, scenic tours, and private charters on Lake Minnetonka and the Mississippi River. Consider enjoying a late brunch here, or dine inexpensively during happy hour (try the pizza).

Mystic Lake

If you're looking for a night out, Mystic Lake is the place to go to. You can go to the casino to gamble, hit the spas to relax, or you can catch one of the shows. There are concerts, comedy shows, and exclusive deal nights. Additionally, there are seven different restaurants to choose from.

Mill City Farmers Market

Mill City Farmers Market is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs. It features items from local farmers and artisans. It is open on the weekends throughout summer and the second Saturday of each month in the winter. You can pick from a variety of handcrafted jewelry, clothing, crafts and samples of food.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Minneapolis


Minneapolis experiences more snowfall than most states in the US, with December being its snowiest month. Although July is the hottest month, the average temperature is 81°F; cooler than most states. The best months to visit are June, July, and August.


Minneapolis has an inexpensive and convenient public transit system. You can download the Metro Transit application and pay around $2.00 to travel longer distances, and just $0.50 for a few blocks. Look for "Free Ride" buses along Hennepin Avenue to enjoy transportation from downtown Minneapolis to Washington Avenue for no charge.

Be "Minnesota Nice"

Minnesotans are known for their kindness. If you want to fit in and experience the culture, being kind and welcoming is always appreciated.


Although Minneapolis is a safe city, it pays to be cautious in any unfamiliar location. Never leave valuables unattended in a parked car, and keep an eye on your wallet or purse in popular tourist locations.

Before You Travel to Minneapolis - Do This

To get the most out of your trip, we advise you to consider these suggestions.

  • Pack comfortable shoes. Some of the amenities in Minneapolis can be spread out. If you're using public transit to get around, there's a good chance you will be doing some walking.
  • Dress for the weather, especially in winter. From November through February, Minneapolis can be very cold and snowy. Pack insulated boots, winter coat and gloves, a hat, and plenty of layers if you're visiting during this time.
  • Be a prepared traveler. While you can't predict everything that might occur while you're visiting Minneapolis, you do have a way to control how those things can affect your finances. Get visitors insurance or travel insurance.

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