The smallest state of Australia is also the most secluded destination in the country. If you prefer to walk the road less traveled, you won't regret visiting this windswept island. Located on the stormy Bass Strait, much of Tasmania's landmass is filled with national parks and World Heritage sites. Be ready for spectacular coastlines, rugged wilderness, and idyllic island getaways. With its unique landscape, Tasmania promises a vacation like no other.

Before you leave, make sure both you and your finances are protected with travel medical insurance or travel insurance. Insurance can help protect you from mishaps, illnesses and injuries.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Tasmania - FAQs

Most places in Tasmania are rural and remote. The risk of incurring unexpected medical expenses during your trip to this region is real. Sudden accidents, injury, or illness may catch you unaware any time during your travel. Travel medical insurance is your safety net against such mishaps. It can ensure you get the best healthcare facilities when required, without worrying about the costs.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Tasmania?

Certain countries have entered a Reciprocal Healthcare Benefits Agreement with Australia. Citizens of those countries are eligible for emergency medical treatment under Medicare. However, most short-term visa holders won't be eligible under this agreement irrespective of their nationalities.

Even if you can take advantage of this benefit, any treatment not considered an emergency will cost you dearly. Remember that you are traveling to a remote island. Healthcare facilities in Tasmania are excellent but expensive, and available only in the major cities. The government of Australia strongly advises visitors to get travel medical insurance prior to their visit.

What should I look for in my Tasmania travel medical insurance?

Your travel medical insurance should cover any unexpected medical treatments for the duration of your trip. Depending on the type of coverage you choose, it should cover at least the following grounds:

Buy travel medical insurance to avoid unnecessary healthcare expenses. Compare different policies online before choosing the one that best fits your needs.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Tasmania - FAQs

International vacations require extensive preparation, sometimes months in advance. And in spite of such meticulous planning, things can easily go wrong. Political unrest, medical emergencies, or natural disasters could stop you from making your trip. Protect your finances from such unwarranted mishaps. Get trip cancellation insurance before you fly to Tasmania.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Tasmania travel?

Trip cancellation insurance is designed to protect you from a range of travel-related perils. Do you need to cancel your trip at the last minute due to an accident or illness? Is one of your transit flights delayed, and now you have to make a new booking? Loss of baggage? Don't fret, your insurance can cover that and much more.

It makes so much sense to get trip cancellation insurance, especially when you are planning an expensive vacation abroad. There are many other scenarios like this where trip cancellation insurance will protect you from financial damages. You may be eligible to claim compensation in case any eligible circumstances lead to a change of plans.

What should I look for in my Tasmania trip cancellation insurance?

Depending on the type of coverage you choose, your Tasmania trip cancellation insurance will provide you compensation for a wide range of covered grounds.

Some trip cancellation insurance also provides flexibility to cancel your trip on any grounds that are not normally covered. Read the policy document to understand the inclusions.

Tasmania's Most Popular Cities for Travel

Hobart and the South - Bruny Island, Port Arthur

The capital city of Tasmania has historic charm coupled with the vibe of a bustling modern city. Picturesque waterways, outdoor markets, galleries and museums are some of the attractions you'll find here. Hobart is also the gateway to many exotic destinations nearby. Bruny Island is only a 40-minute drive and 20-minute ferry from Hobart. Historic Port Arthur lies just 100 kilometers to the southeast and is a 90-minute drive from the city center. The Arthur Highway offers a scenic drive through a breathtaking coastline and wild forests.

Launceston and the North - Cataract Gorge, Tamar Valley

Launceston is one of the oldest Australian cities and its cityscape is well preserved with colonial architecture. Art galleries, museums and century-old parks dot the city. Quaint historic villages and riverside towns can be found along the Tamar Valley Wine Route. Conveniently close to the city is the Cataract Gorge Reserve, offering hiking trails and rolling fields. The Tamar Island Wetland Centre is a 10-minute drive from the city. Pay a visit to enjoy spectacular lagoons, mudflats and an enriching ecosystem.

Central Tasmania - Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park

Located in the central highland area of Tasmania, this region is famous for its alpine lakes and jagged mountain peaks. Lake St Clair National park and Cradle Mountain are part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. There is no actual town at Cradle Mountain, but visitors have several accommodation options available here. You can choose from lodges or camping tents and even relax in a luxury spa. The valley contains many aboriginal historic sites and is a rich habitat of wildlife and vegetation.

Coles Bay, Freycinet, and the East Coast

The picturesque town of Coles Bay is the perfect base to explore the Freycinet National Park. This coastal town is surrounded by the stunning Hazard Mountains and overlooks the Great Oyster Bay. Freycinet National park is a short drive from the town and offers breathtaking views of Wineglass Bay. Go bushwalking, kayaking or swimming and feast on sumptuous local seafood and wine.

Flinders Island

Flinders is the largest island in the Furneaux Group of 52 islands and offers the ultimate escape from the frenetic city vibe. The island is spectacularly wild and rugged to its core. Virgin beaches, lazy scenic drives, rolling farmland and rugged pink mountain peaks promise an idyllic holiday getaway. Go fishing, camping or bushwalking, or go prospecting for Killiecrankie diamonds.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Tasmania

Tasmania has a low crime rate, but tourists can be targeted by petty thieves and pickpockets. It is advisable to be cautious about your belongings in tourist spots.

Snake and Insect bites

There are a lot of venomous snakes and insects in the wilderness. In case you are bitten, call 000 for an emergency. Carry insect repellent and wear protective gear to avoid stings and bites.

Bush Fires

There is a real threat of being caught in a bushfire in Tasmania, especially during dry summers. Check with local authorities to understand the scope of the threat. Get regular updates on weather conditions before heading out.


Always swim from patrolled beaches within the designated zones. Check with local news about currents and riptides before heading out.

Jack Jumper Ants

Jack Jumper ants have a nasty sting and unfortunately, come with the territory. If you are prone to insect bite allergies, take a non-drowsy antihistamine before going out to hike or camp. Seek emergency help in case of severe swelling or pain.

Driving Safety

Take care while driving on mountain roads. Watch out for sharp bends, ice, and wildlife. Be extra vigilant if you are driving around dawn or dusk, as wild animals are most active during that time.

Before You Travel to Tasmania - Do This

You are traveling to one of the most remote islands in the world. It is best to plan your trip meticulously in advance to avoid unnecessary hassles. While you are sure to enjoy the outdoors, take certain precautions to make your experience safe.

  • The island is bigger than most people anticipate. Take enough travel time into account when planning your itinerary. Although easily accessible, once you are out in the wild, be cautious. Don't take the wilderness for granted.
  • Carry travel essentials - sunblock, sunglasses, hats, hiking shoes, reusable water bottles, and an offline map. Given the remote location of the island, don't expect full-fledged network service from your cellphone.
  • You might not easily find drinking water in remote locations. Many areas have reported high lead content in the water. Always carry purification tablets or boil water when camping or hiking.

Many things can happen during your trip that could spell disaster for your finances. Buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance and protect yourself from any financial loss.

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