Cabo Verde Travel Insurance

The Republic of Cabo Verde, or Cape Verde, is an island country in the central Atlantic Ocean. It is an archipelago made up of ten volcanic islands situated off the coast of West Africa.

Each of the ten islands that make up the island nation has its own distinct charm and feel. You could chill at Praia da Varandinha beach or spot turtles at Ervatão Beach. Go diving and snorkeling on Sal island. And for the more adventurous among you, activities range from hiking to horseback riding to kite surfing to riding quad bikes through the desert.

Cabo Verde seems to have it all. The varied offerings should make this archipelago a must on your travel itinerary. It is a good idea to opt for travel insurance or travel medical insurance before you travel to Cabo Verde, given the opportunities for adventure sports and outdoor activities here.

Cabo Verde Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Cabo Verde offers basic medical care and facilities which can handle most common medical issues. Traveling with proper travel health insurance to cover the costs of any unexpected emergency medical treatment is a good practice.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Cabo Verde?

Health insurance is worth having for all international travelers. Travelers must ensure their insurance policy covers all medical situations, up to and including medical evacuation. Purchasing travel medical insurance coverage can make a crucial difference during an emergency.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Cabo Verde?

Cabo Verde travel medical insurance can safeguard travelers during emergencies and can provide several benefits:

  • Healthcare benefits if you fall prey to diseases or require intensive medical care during your trip
  • Financial safeguard in the event of accidents or injuries requiring advanced medical treatment
  • Health insurance coverage including emergency medical evacuation, as this service is expensive

Cabo Verde Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Travel insurance is an indispensable asset when traveling. It protects you from unforeseen circumstances and creates a safety net for your finances. Buy a Cabo Verde travel insurance plan to protect yourself from hefty cancellation costs that may take place if you have to make last-minute trip cancellations. This can also come into effect if a third party like the hotel or airlines cancels your bookings. The reason for any cancellation must be listed in the plan wording for coverage to be effective.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Cabo Verde?

Cabo Verde trip cancellation insurance can provide insurance coverage for the following situations:

  • Trip cancellation for a covered reason
  • Trip delay
  • Flight cancellation
  • Delayed departure
  • Hotel booking cancellations

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Cabo Verde?

Trip cancellation insurance for Cabo Verde works to get your money back if you cancel the trip due to a plan-approved reason. The insurance policy can also help you recover your money if any third party cancels your flight plans or hotel bookings. You can receive reimbursement for your prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses if you have to cancel for a reason explicitly listed in your policy’s certificate wording. Buy a travel insurance plan that covers trips and booking cancellations in Cabo Verde.

Travel insurance in Cabo Verde can provide insurance coverage for:

  • Trip cancellation or delay for a covered reason
  • Hotel booking cancellations
  • Trip interruption for a covered reason
  • Loss of belongings, baggage, passport, wallet, etc

Things to Do for Travelers in Cabo Verde

Vacations to Cabo Verde are sure to be rewarding and exciting experiences. You can enjoy a range of different vacation activities, from exploring islands to relaxing by the seaside. Soak up the beauty of the different beaches, and take part in water sports and outdoor pursuits when you feel like it.

Pico do Fogo

Looking for something adventurous? Head over to the island of Fogo, where you can trek near the summit of Pico do Fogo. It is the highest point in all Cabo Verde. The hike itself is a picturesque route, with a few villages and scenic surprises along the way. You will need to be fit and injury-free for this hike. Be aware that the elevation increase can be rough in hot weather.

Boa Vista

There are several great coastal spots to choose from, but among the finest are Praia de Cha and Santa Monica. These are the more popular tourist destinations in Cabo Verde. You can jump on a dune buggy and ride through the sands. The beaches also attract a lot of kitesurfing enthusiasts and beginners. Boa Vista also has a vibrant nightlife.

Santo Antão

As the second-largest island in Cape Verde, Santo Antão has a good combination of things to do. It’s much lusher and greener, and it offers a different experience from the likes of Boa Vista and Sal. The Delgadinho mountain ridge offers breath-taking views you won’t forget. Make sure you visit Xôxo and take the picturesque trails down to João Afonso between Lin d'Corvo. Some of the trails are longer and tougher, so be well prepared before you embark on these trails.

Pedra Lume Crater

Pedra de Lume is a village on the northeast part of the island of Sal. It is named for its salt evaporation ponds (salinas). The salinas are situated in the crater of an extinct volcano called the Pedra Lume Crater. The waters in the lake rise from deep in the earth rather than from the ocean. You can take a dip in these warm pools. They have a greater content of minerals than the Dead Sea. It’s great for your skin, and you won’t sink due to the high-water density.

Baía Das Gatas

Sao Vicente's coastline is stunning. Baía das Gatas is a village on the northeast part of the island. It is a peaceful retreat for travelers to relax and unwind. You can also attend the Festival de Baía das Gatas (or the Baía das Gatas Festival) and the Baía das Gatas Music Festival, nicknamed the Woodstock of Africa. The festivities take place on a full moon weekend in August.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Cabo Verde

Traveling to Cabo Verde is safe. There is nothing to worry about if you use common sense and show respect to the local culture and the law.

Being out and about in Cabo Verde

It is better to avoid being outside after dark. Solitary travelers should exercise more caution. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry and using expensive electronics.

Other risks

Cabo Verde has some natural dangers related both to the location and its geography. It is built upon a chain of volcanic islands. The island of Fogo still erupts occasionally, but volcanoes on the remaining islands appear to be inactive. Anyone seeking to indulge in water activities, swimming, or boating should take extra precautions with the riptides and rocky shorelines.

Arid weather

Cabo Verde struggles with a clean drinking water supply. It is a hot country, and drinking water reserves are scarce. Make sure to carry sunscreen and optimal clothing to protect you from the sun. Boil all water, carry water purification tablets, or use a water purification device and avoid drinking tap water directly.

Before You Travel to Cabo Verde…

Get vaccinated: routine vaccines against hepatitis A and B, measles, and typhoid should be enough. Cabo Verde has no infectious diseases, epidemics, or viruses that should be of concern. If you need prescription drugs with you, we recommend that you check in advance if you can carry them to Cabo Verde without issue.

Get insured: Cabo Verde travel insurance is invaluable to the traveler. Don’t forget to compare different travel insurance plans for tourists in Cabo Verde and buy the one that is best for you and your loved ones. It protects you from unforeseen circumstances and provides financial support during an emergency.

Language lesson: the islands' official language is Portuguese. It is used in most of the written communications, including newspapers. You’re also likely to hear Creole, which is commonly spoken in everyday conversation.

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