The small European island nation of Malta is a popular tourist destination, and for good reason. With limestone cliffs overlooking rocky coastlines that meet the azure sea, Malta welcomes you to explore its prehistoric caves, underwater wrecks and crags, ancient temples, and so much more.

The adventurer in you will enjoy exploring while hiking in the fossil-filled cliffs and mountains. Care for snorkeling and diving? There are options aplenty in Malta. Or if you are looking only for some relaxation, place yourself on the beach and enjoy the sights and sounds.

With so many fun activities available in Malta, you'll want to make sure you're protected. Get travel medical insurance or travel insurance to help safeguard your finances, so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Malta– FAQs

You can get sick or injured anywhere. Unfamiliar surroundings and new activities can further add to the risk. If you require medical attention while vacationing in Malta, you'll want to take advantage of the best care available, which can be expensive. In order to receive necessary medical treatment with less out-of-pocket expense, get travel medical insurance.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Malta?

Insurance is highly suggested for all visitors to Malta. However, for residents of certain countries, it is a requirement. Malta is part of the Schengen Agreement. Therefore, if you require a Schengen visa to travel there, you must also have compliant health insurance.

This requirement does not apply to residents of Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand and other nations who are allowed to visit Malta visa-free up to 90 days. But this does not mean they should forgo insurance. The cost of medical treatment in Malta can be very high, and most domestic health insurance plans will not provide suitable coverage. To protect your budget from high out-of-pocket medical expenses, travel medical insurance is essential.

What Should I Look for in My Malta Medical Insurance?

For applicants of Schengen visas, travel medical insurance for Malta must provide a minimum of €30,000 in medical benefits, and provide coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.

It is also important to buy travel medical insurance that will provide coverage for the specific activities you plan to enjoy in Malta. With sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing being popular in Malta, you'll want to make sure your plan will provide coverage if you want to participate in them.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Malta – FAQs

Sudden emergencies or illnesses can cause trips to be canceled at the last minute. As disappointing as this can be, it can also result in you losing money due to nonrefundable travel expenses and cancellation fees. To reduce your financial burden in case your trip can't go forward as planned, trip cancellation insurance is important to have.

Why Should I Get Trip Cancellation Insurance for My Malta Travel?

Your airline tickets, destination hotel and event tickets for an international trip are usually paid for in advance, and they are often nonrefundable. Those that do offer refunds can hit you with expensive cancellation fees. Trip cancellation insurance for Malta is there to allow you the opportunity to be reimbursed for these prepaid expenses when your trip has to be canceled for a reason that's covered by the policy.

You may think the chances of your trip being canceled are slim. However, think about the last time you got sick or injured. Did you have weeks of advanced warning? Most likely not. Now, imagine if it had happened right before you were getting ready to leave for an international trip. When you combine this with the risks of flight cancellations, family emergencies and natural disasters, trip cancellation insurance just makes sense.

What Should I Look for in My Malta Trip Cancellation Insurance?

Trip cancellation coverage is an important aspect of most travel insurance plans, but the coverage may go beyond that. Travel insurance offers a variety of coverage options to suit different needs and budgets. Read through the plans available to you carefully, and consider coverage for:

Malta's Most Popular Cities for Travel

Malta's rich and ancient cultural heritage is reflected in every city and town that dots the country's landscape. Bursting with history, the Maltese countryside and its quaint towns are a delight for the senses. Read on to learn more about what you can explore here.


Also known as Fortress City, Malta's capital Valletta is the European Union's smallest capital and also the continent's southernmost capital. The entry point to Malta for most international tourists, Valletta is filled with Baroque architecture, palaces, forts, museums, and lots of restaurants offering authentic Maltese cuisine. You can also take the ferry from here to the fortified cities of Cospicua, Senglea, and Birgu.


The northeastern coastal town of Sliema is buzzing with tourists and locals alike. The 10-kilometer Sliema Front is the town's main attraction. This promenade is filled with cafes, bars, and Roman baths along the coastline. Sliema has a rich history, too. Visit Fort Tigne, a unique polygonal fort, Stella Maris Church, and Fort Manoel. All of these structures were constructed several centuries ago and are top draws for history buffs.

St Paul's Bay

This large Maltese town has a rich history. At over 6,000 years old, St Paul's Bay is full of megalithic temples, ancient and medieval ruins, and old tombs. It also has Malta's oldest watchtower, named Wignacourt Tower. St Paul's Bay played a role in World War II as well by serving as a place for weary soldiers to rest. Visit this town to soak up the sun while admiring its heritage.

St Julian's

Looking for some nightlife after all the sightseeing? Then you can't miss St Julian's. Filled with bars and restaurants of every hue, this little town comes alive at night. Indulge in some delicious local cuisine, wash it down with your favorite drink, and dance the night away in the numerous nightclubs.


Home to multicolored fishing boats plying the Mediterranean, Marsaxlokk is a sight to behold. There are numerous restaurants and vendors selling fresh seafood to enjoy. After lunch, pay a visit to Fort Tas-Silg, Fort St Lucian, and the Marsaxlokk Church. You can also take a stroll in Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park, or simply relax on the several beaches in the vicinity.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Malta

Malta's crime rate is significantly lower than that of many larger EU countries. However, it always pays to keep a few tips in mind while visiting.

Petty crime

While not a serious threat, pickpockets do operate in the crowded parts of Valletta and other towns. Keep a close watch on your wallet and other belongings in such places.

Road safety

If you'd prefer to rent a car to get around Malta, it is a popular option. However, be aware that roads outside the main cities can be less maintained than you might be used to, so drive carefully. Also, remember that in Malta cars drive on the left side of the road.

Weather concerns

While the summer months might look enticing because of all that beach activity, Malta can be quite hot if you are not accustomed to that type of temperature. You need to drink lots of water (the bottled variety is recommended) and be sure to wear sunscreen.

Sea hazards

While shark attacks are rare in Maltese waters, undercurrents are a real threat. Be sure to watch for any beach warnings indicated by flags on the beach, and do not swim in areas where warnings for either ocean conditions or marine life are posted.

Before you Travel to Malta – Do This

  • Pack for the weather. Malta is warm in the summertime, so appropriate clothing is necessary. Also, pack plenty of beachwear and sunblock if you're planning to spend time near the water.
  • British travelers may be able to access free hospital treatment due to a reciprocal agreement between the governments of Malta and the United Kingdom. A British passport is necessary, and restrictions may apply, so be sure to do your research.
  • Buy insurance. Your trip to Malta is a big investment. Be sure to protect it with travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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