The Queen City of the South, Cebu flourishes as one of the oldest cities in the Philippines. Pristine white beaches, booming nightlife and preserved heritage await you. Your options here are endless. Enjoy the diverse nature of the city and indulge in its varied cultural exhibits and expressions. Many describe visiting Cebu City as a rejuvenating experience.

Your trip to Cebu City requires thorough planning. An important part of that plan should be to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance before you go. Consult this guide to learn some of the fun things you can experience in Cebu, as well as the information you need to get coverage.

Cebu City Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

While there is a public healthcare system in place in the Philippines, you may not find it suitable if you're a visitor from abroad. Public medical facilities can be crowded, and may not be able to provide the treatment you need. Private hospitals and clinics are available, but they can be extremely expensive.

In order to take advantage of the best healthcare in Cebu City with less worry about out-of-pocket expenses, it's highly recommended that you buy travel medical insurance.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Cebu City?

Travel medical insurance is no longer a requirement to visit Cebu City, or any other location in the Philippines. However, it is highly recommended for all visitors.

Besides, when you consider the relatively small cost of insurance in comparison to your trip budget, then contrast it with the large bills you could incur from a hospital trip without insurance, it just makes sense.

Consider also that not every medical condition may be treatable in Cebu City, and emergency medical evacuation could be necessary. The cost for medical evacuation can easily surpass $25,000. Do you really want to leave being stuck with that bill up to chance?

Why buy travel medical insurance for Cebu City?

It's unlikely that your domestic health insurance will provide adequate coverage while you're in Cebu City. Since accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, you'll want to have financial coverage. Travel medical insurance can help cover the costs of necessary medical treatment while traveling in the Philippines. This way, an unexpected illness, sickness or emergency won't leave you seeking treatment without recourse to pay for it.

Cebu City Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Imagine this: You wake up the morning of your trip abroad, only to see that your destination has been hit with a tropical storm. Or perhaps, the day of departure you start running a high fever. In either situation, traveling just isn't in the cards, and you may be forced to cancel your plans. Since you've already paid for your tickets and hotel reservations and they aren't refundable, how can you get your money back? Trip cancellation insurance can be the answer.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Cebu City?

Sometimes we have no choice but to cancel a trip unexpectedly. And since many travel bookings are nonrefundable or charge cancellation fees, we can be on the hook for a lot of money. Trip cancellation insurance can help you receive reimbursement for your prepaid bookings if your trip needs to be canceled for a covered reason. It's a valuable financial safety net for when things don't go as planned.

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Cebu City?

Your travel insurance coverage for Cebu City can vary depending on the plan you choose. Most plans will offer trip cancellation coverage for a covered reason, but other plans can even allow you to cancel for any reason. Depending on which plan suits you best, other coverage options may include:

A lot can happen when traveling internationally. To be as prepared as possible, choose insurance that offers the right coverage for you.

Things to Do for Travelers in Cebu City

Pick A Waterfall Journey

The Dao Waterfall offers an astounding day trip for tourists. Wade through jungle plants and shallow water. Reach the 50-meter waterfall that flows into a pristine pool. It's great for swimming as well.

Inambakan Falls takes you through caves with mesmerizing stone formations. There are five levels to reach the falls. Take your time to explore and reach this high waterfall forming a crystal blue pool.

The Foodie in Cebu City

Cebu City boasts the best Lechón in the Philippines, which is roasted pork. Rico's Lechón serves a roast that has received international recognition. CNT Lechón has three branches that serve steamy and tasty pork.

10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova has great food and views to accompany it. There are 10,000 LED white roses lined in two grass patches. Book a table in the evening and watch the beautiful glow. Its coffee and pastas are a must to try.

If it's a day to indulge, you can try Jollibee, the Filipino version of McDonald's. Their bestseller is the Pancake Breakfast Sandwich.

A Glimpse of the Past

Founded in 1565, the Basilica Del Santo Niño boasts remarkable architecture and is the oldest church in Cebu City. You can also visit the shrine of Lapu-Lapu, a native who freed the people from the Spanish monarchy.

Visit Sirao Pictorial Garden

This is a fun day activity for you and your travel companions. There are beautiful flower fields and sculptures. Apart from marveling at the garden's aesthetics, you can also visit a mini market. Vendors at the market sell fresh produce ranging from mangos to cooked corn.

Indulge in Endless Adventure

Cebu City hosts several thrilling outdoor activities like skydiving and snorkeling. The best adventures await you on the nearby islands. Skydive Greater Cebu organizes jumps at Bantayan Island. You'll get a comprehensive class for instructions. Then you'll be ready for a one-of-a-kind, adrenaline-pumping experience.

If you have not already planned to visit Mactan Island, then add it to the list. This nearby island has jaw-dropping views. Try snorkeling and explore the great unknown. You will find equipment and trainers at the beach.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Cebu City

Get Vaccinated

Cebu City has been subject to the spread of hepatitis and typhoid in the past. It's a good idea to visit your doctor and make sure you have all of the appropriate vaccinations before your trip. It should also be noted that if you aren't vaccinated for COVID-19, you'll be subject to a five-day quarantine in a government facility upon arrival in the Philippines, and then restricted to home quarantine until your 14th day in the country. Visitors who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 are not subject to these restrictions.  

Check Your Equipment

Cebu City is wonderful for adventure lovers, but it pays to check your equipment. Faulty harnesses or other equipment can increase the risks of injury, so inspect everything carefully.

Petty Crime

Though recognized as being quite safe, petty crimes can occur in Cebu City just like anywhere else. Pickpockets may be more common in popular tourist areas, so keep your valuable close at hand.

Weather Concerns

Cebu City's location in the Philippines puts it at risk of experiencing tropical storms. Foul weather can result in travel delays or flight cancellations. Keep advised of local weather forecasts before heading out.

Before You Travel to Cebu City - Do This

  • Dress for the weather. The temperature in Cebu City can reach 90°F during the hottest part of the day year-round. Pack light, comfortable clothing, and don't forget an umbrella or raincoat.
  • Budget for transportation. Much of Cebu City is not served by public transport, so you'll need to rely on taxis.
  • Protect your finances with travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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