Ranked among the top ten national parks in America by U.S. News, the Arches National Park is home to the world's largest concentration of natural sandstone arches. It promises captivating sites, scenic wonders, and unparalleled landscapes.

This grand national park spans about 76,000 acres (over 30,750 hectares). Home to more than 2,000 arches, it attracts around 1.5 million tourists every year. Wondering how to make the best of your trip to the Arches National Park? Read on to find out.

Before booking your tickets to this outlandish national park, insure yourself against any unseemly incidents. Buy visitors medical insurance or travel insurance to reduce the burden on your pocket in the event of an emergency.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers Visiting Arches National Park - FAQs

Visiting this park will be a delight, but a surprise injury or illness can ruin it. For any injury or illness, you would need to seek medical care, and this will come with large medical bills. A visitors medical insurance plan is a must to have whenever one is traveling. It is an intelligent and prudent decision to make to protect yourself financially from ruin due to an emergency.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Arches National Park?

In the Arches National Park, one can partake in several adventurous activities. But such fun adventures come with their own risk. There is always the risk of some injury or accident, and this would require medical treatment. Purchasing a visitors medical insurance before your trip would keep your finances safe from these risks.

What should I look for in my Arches National Park visitors medical insurance?

Your visitors medical insurance plan should be able to financially protect you from injuries that you might acquire while partaking in adventure sports. It should be able to pay for your emergency medical expenses. Good benefits to look for in the plan include coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions if anyone traveling has a condition that could flare up, and coverage for emergency medical evacuation in case a traveler requires transportation to a nearby medical facility for adequate treatment.

Remember to travel smart and buy visitors medical insurance to avoid any sort of financial burden in the event of an accident.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers Visiting Arches National Park - FAQs

While traveling, one never knows when a booking might get canceled. Be it a plane ticket or a hotel reservation - unexpected cancellations can cause dismay due to financial losses. There is a way to preserve your finances should the worst occur. Protection for your wallet comes in the form of trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Arches National Park travel?

Arches National Park is a wonderful location to travel to and visit. But any unprecedented cancellations, or even a change in your own plans can cause financial stress. Don't let such worries distract you from wonders such as Delicate Arch and Balanced Rock. Coverage can vary between plans, so be sure to read different policies to know what reasons are covered and help you pick the best plan for you and your trip. Commonly stated that are approved in trip cancellation plans include weather-related cancellations and delays, flight cancellations and delays, and falling sick before the trip.

What should I look for in my Arches National Park trip cancellation insurance?

Most comprehensive trip cancellation insurance plans can insure you in the case of trip cancellation for a covered reason, trip interruption for a covered reason, flight cancellation, and even travel delay.

Buy travel insurance to make sure that emergencies are accounted for. Don't take any risks when it comes to travel.

Things To Do For Your Arches National Park Travel

Auto Touring

View the fascinating geological features of the park from the comfort of a car. Drive through the paved roads and enjoy the many different types of arches in the park. The most popular trailheads include the Delicate Arch and Devils Garden. Drive through The Windows Section to see some of the longest arches in the park.

Horseback Riding

Saddle up! There's nothing more exciting than exploring the red-rock, deserted terrain of the Arches National Park on horseback. Experiencing this is a must for anyone who is a fan of cowboys and the Wild West. Some trails that you can explore on horseback are the Courthouse Wash and the Seven Mile Canyon.


Arches National Park is officially certified as an International Dark Sky Park. There is little to no light pollution in the regions surrounding Arches, which makes it a perfect destination to stargaze. Some of the places where you can enjoy stargazing in the Arches National Park include the Balanced Rock Picnic Area, Panorama Point, and Garden of Eden Viewpoint. Watch in awe as the night sky is lit up by thousands of stars.


The park's rough and rugged terrain make it perfect for adventure. Not only does the park offer long, strenuous trails for the experienced hiker, but also easy and moderate ones - such as the Nature Trail and the Double Arch Trail. Fiery Furnace and Park Avenue are other popular trails to explore.


If you're an adrenaline junkie, canyoneering in the Arches is the perfect activity for you. You can rappel down the sandstone walls of the canyons with the help of climbing gear. This makes for some excellent adventure sports. For this, one must first register for a permit. Some of the well-known route names are Lomatium, Bighorn, and Dragonfly.

Key Guidelines for Travelers To Arches National Park

Hot Weather

If you're planning a visit in the summer, expect high temperatures and direct sunlight. The park records many cases of dehydration, so stay stocked up on water and electrolytes. Eat plenty of food to give yourself the energy you need. Know your limits and avoid overexertion. Wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothes. Apply sunscreen to prevent sunburns.


While temperatures can reach up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit (over 38 degrees Celsius) in the summer, winter sees low temperatures and even snowfall at the Arches National Park. This may cause the roads to be closed for snow clearing. Hiking and trekking trails may close too, and the ones which stay open will pose a greater challenge for hikers. Carrying a hiking pole along with you will help.


In the Arches National Park, you can partake in hiking, backpacking, and canyoneering. For this, you will need the proper footwear. Wear sturdy shoes that offer traction meant for hiking and trekking. In the winter season, the snow might make the trails extra slippery. In such cases, consider traction devices such as anti-slip spikes and ice-cleats.

Extremes of Temperature

The Arches National Park is a vast expanse of red rocks and has the properties of a desert. Thus, it has a highly varying weather pattern. Day-time temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit (nearly 38 degrees Celsius), while night-time temperatures can reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit (about 15.5 degrees Celsius) in the same day. Packing only for the season you are planning your trip in will be a big mistake. Make sure you have winter clothes as well as summer clothes.

Flash Floods

This region is part of the Colorado Plateau, positioned in a “high desert”. That is to say, it is susceptible to wide fluctuations in climate. Thus, flash floods and lightning are not uncommon. These can be powerful and sudden. In such a case, return to your vehicle and stay there. Do not attempt to cross any flooded region and wait for the storm to pass.

Before You Travel to Arches National Park - Do This

  • Book guided commercial tours: if you're someone who delights in understanding how exactly the various geological formations of our Earth are formed, or someone who has a keen interest in knowing about the history of the place you're traveling to, pre-book the commercial tours that the park offers.
  • Get fit: Although easy hiking trails are available for tourists, the real fun lies in traversing the demanding trails in the park. Start exercising regularly and get fit a month or two before your visit.
  • Buy travel insurance: travel insurance is a no-brainer for the cautious traveler. Avoid risks and travel smart.

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