St. Pierre and Miquelon are a small cluster of islands off the coast of Newfoundland. The archipelago is an overseas collectivity of France, and holds on dearly to its French heritage. St. Pierre is its largest island, and resembles French Normandy on a smaller scale.  

Visit this untouched destination for a truly out-of-the-way holiday. Experience authentic coastal life, try out the local wines, and eat some delicious local cuisine. St. Pierre is the perfect spot to simply kick back and relax. To ensure you can relax with maximum peace of mind, it’s important that you first purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

St. Pierre Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs 

Do I need travel medical insurance for St. Pierre?

Citizens of certain countries must apply for a visa with the designation "départements français d'Amérique" (DFA) in order to travel to St. Pierre, or any other areas of Overseas France in the Americas. If you require this visa, then you are also required to have valid travel medical insurance. 

Those who are exempt from the visa requirement are also exempt from insurance requirements. However, this does not mean you should forgo travel medical insurance coverage. In fact, there are many important reasons to have it. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for St. Pierre?

In an out-of-the-way destination like St. Pierre, taking care of your health is all the more critical. The islands don’t have the most comprehensive medical facilities, and patients often need to be transported to the Canadian mainland for treatment. 

If you experience an accident or health complication during your visit, the costs of care, transportation, medicines, and procedures could rack up quickly. Buying travel medical insurance for your holiday is the smartest way to manage your budget and help protect yourself from the financial burden of unexpected medical costs. Due to the somewhat limited medical care available in St. Pierre, it is recommended that you have coverage for emergency medical evacuation

St. Pierre Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for St. Pierre?

Booking a trip to a destination like St. Pierre requires ample planning, and a little faith. You’ll need to book your airline or cruise tickets ahead of time, reserve lodging for your trip, and make reservations for any activities you want to take part in. You’ll also need to depend on the weather and your personal health allowing the trip to happen. 

However, as we all know, travel is full of uncertainties. Sudden storms can make travel impossible, and illnesses and family emergencies can require you to stay home. If you are required to cancel your trip, what happens to all the money you’ve spent on travel arrangements? They are often nonrefundable, and usually have to be paid for well in advance. This is where trip cancellation insurance can be your savior. 

Trip cancellation insurance mitigates the monetary burden of canceled travel plans. If trip must be cancelled due to a policy-valid reason, you can file for reimbursement of your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses from the insurance company. 

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for St. Pierre?

The exact details of what is covered by trip cancellation insurance varies depending upon the plan you select. It is recommended that you thoroughly read the policy document before making a purchase. However, instances that are commonly covered by travel insurance include:

Buy trip cancellation insurance to ensure that these unpredictable circumstances don’t wreak havoc on your vacation budget. 

Things to Do for Travelers in St. Pierre

Walk across the island on Escapade Insulaire 

Escapade Insulaire is a set of nature trails crisscrossing the island. Get up close with the sandy beaches, explore the rocky shores, and weave through the forests. You can hike or bike your way through for the perfect island exploration trip. 

Go on a horseback expedition

How would it feel to charge down an empty beach on horseback as the sun rises over the ocean? Well, you can find out at St. Pierre's riding club! The club offers tours of the island on horseback, which is a definite hit with animal and nature enthusiasts. 

Set off from Anse à Pierre

The trail from Anse à Pierre towards Anse à Dinand is extremely popular with tourists. It passes through the island’s most fascinating greenery, traverses a few small hills, and covers hidden coves and trails along the way. 

Take a historical tour of the city 

St. Pierre has a blend of native Canadian and French culture. This reveals itself in captivating ways across the island’s architecture, fishing piers, churches, and government offices. 

Take a walking tour through the charming quarters of the city and learn about its complex past. 

Go island hopping in a sailboat

All aboard! Jet off from St. Pierre and sail to Micqulon, Grand Colombier, and Ile aux Marins for the experience of a lifetime. Slicing through the dark blue waters with only the pale sky above is an adrenaline rush like no other. 

Travel Risks for International Travelers in St. Pierre

Watch out for the weather  

While St. Pierre has its fair share of sunny beaches, it is no Caribbean paradise. Being so far up in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather on the island is a combination of windy and mildly chilly. The summer from April to July is warmer, and is the most popular time to visit. 

Always keep adequate sunscreen and a light jacket on hand, and pack plenty of warm clothing if you’re visiting outside of the popular summer season. 

Local holidays and timings

The island’s local stores operate like clockwork. Everything shuts down from 12:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. for lunch. Sundays are also holidays, even for restaurants and cafes. Plan your itinerary accordingly to ensure that you make the most of your time on St. Pierre. 

Risks of adventure activities 

The island is ideal to try out adventure activities galore. You can go sailing, surfing, diving, and swimming in the open waters. While participating in these activities, always follow safety precautions and instructions carefully. If you are renting equipment like a boat or diving gear, ensure that the service provider is a licensed operator. 

Getting around the islands

Most parts of the island are accessible by foot. Remember that there are dozens of small and large hills that could be quite tiring to cross. Tourists can also rent bikes or e-scooters to get around more easily.  

St. Pierre is the largest island in the archipelago and has the most shops, amenities, and hotels. There are daily ferries between islands, although their timings are subject to the weather. Ile aux Marins and Langlade are only inhabited during the summer. 

Medical facilities  

St. Pierre has the only proper hospital on the archipelago. However, it does not have the capacity for specialized care. In case of emergencies, patients are transported to larger facilities in Newfoundland. 

Before You Travel to St. Pierre - Do This

  • Pack the right clothing – St. Pierre can be warm and humid in the summer, but quite cold in the winter, and evenings can be on the cool side all year long. 
  • Secure your travel documents – Create online copies of your passport, visa, health insurance card and other personal documents that you can access in case the originals get lost. 
  • Purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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