The historical city of Kyiv and its civilization goes a long way back in history, to at least 500 AD. Today, it’s a city that’s active, contemporary, and rich in culture. Heritage meets modernity here, and this creates a wonderful experience for tourists.

Located by the Dnieper River, Kyiv welcomes international tourists with its fascinating architecture and vibrant street life. The local people are tourist-friendly and are happy to be of assistance. Spend a few days here, as you will cherish the experience. To have less stress about potential issues during your trip to Kyiv, make it a point to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance before you set off. 

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Kyiv – FAQs

You might need to access treatment facilities in Kyiv while vacationing. You can find top-class services here, but the catch is that it can cost you a substantial sum of money. Travel medical insurance can save you from this financial predicament.

Do I Need Travel Medical Insurance to Visit Kyiv?

Ukraine has mandated that all travelers entering the country should have a travel health insurance policy. Additionally, the company providing this insurance should have operations in Ukraine.

Why Buy Travel Medical Insurance Before Traveling to Kyiv?

Even without a mandate, it makes sense to buy travel medical insurance before you travel. A mishap while vacationing abroad might necessitate hospitalization or medical evacuation, and none of these come cheap. So, buy travel medical insurance before you travel. 

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Kyiv – FAQs

Traveling internationally involves a significant financial outlay in the form of airfare, hotel bookings, ground transportation, and more. Most of these expenses must be paid for ahead of time, and they are nonrefundable. You need to have trip cancellation insurance to protect this travel investment. 

Why Should I Get Trip Cancellation Insurance for My Kyiv Travel?

If you are forced to cancel your trip due to personal health reasons, a family emergency, global health concerns, or numerous other reasons, you will want an avenue to receive reimbursement for your prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs. Trip cancellation insurance can provide this, so long as the trip is cancelled for a covered reason.

It should be noted that as most are aware, Ukraine has been at war with Russia since early 2022. Trip cancellation insurance plans nearly always have exclusions for acts of war. This means that war is not a valid reason for trip cancellation, and thus would not be covered by trip cancellation insurance. If you decide to travel to Ukraine during these turbulent times, make sure you understand the financial and personal risk of doing so. 

What Can be Covered by Kyiv Trip Cancellation Insurance?

In addition to coverage for trip cancellation due to a covered reason, most travel insurance can also include the following coverages:

Due to the volatile nature of the ongoing Russian conflict with Ukraine and the aforementioned travel insurance exclusions related to war, it is highly recommended that you purchase cancel for any reason coverage prior to your trip to Kyiv or any other part of Ukraine.  

Kyiv’s Most Popular Places for Travel

Over the last eight centuries, Kyiv has seen many dark days. It has faced invasions from marauders, ranging from the Mongols to the Nazis. It has staved off some, but has still suffered. However, it has always bounced back. This indomitable spirit and positive attitude of the people will also rub off on you. There are lots of places to explore in this beautiful city. 

St. Sophia’s Cathedral

One of Ukraine’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this church is almost a thousand years old. It is replete with beautiful architecture and golden domes at the top. The interiors of the cathedral are filled with eye-catching mosaics and ancient frescos. You can catch wonderful views of the city from atop the bell tower.

Mariyinsky Palace

This is the official residence of the Ukrainian president. The building is an example of Ukraine’s architectural heritage. The pale blue exteriors are as attractive as the artworks inside, created by renowned Ukrainian artists. Once you have checked out the cultural treasures inside, spend some time in the beautifully landscaped gardens outside of the palace.

Pechersk Lavra

This is a delightful and often bewildering collection of bell towers, churches, and a subterranean cave system. The underground portions are the oldest parts of the complex, as they date back to the 11th century. You can catch a glimpse of mummified monks, and feel free to do some exploration in the caves with only candlelight to guide you. 

Once through with the caves, take a tour of the magnificent churches. Get ahold of a guide who speaks your native language, so that they can help you to understand the cultural nuances of the complex in more depth.

Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War

This museum is situated on the banks of the Dnieper River. It pays tribute to the almost 12,000 brave souls who laid down their lives while protecting their country’s honor in battle. The museum contains statues and a wealth of relics like uniforms, letters, pieces of artillery, and more. The relics number more than 30,000, so it may take you a few hours to fully explore this poignant memorial.

M.M. Hryshko National Botanical Garden

The garden is a perfect place to breathe some fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This garden welcomes you with more than 13,000 different varieties of flora, many of which have been sourced from afar. 

You could plan for a visit towards the end of springtime. An array of stunning lilac trees in full bloom will greet you. Have a picnic here and be in awe of the jaw-dropping views of the setting sun across the snaking Dnieper River.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Kyiv

Though Kyiv is typically a safe place to visit, the ongoing war with Russia has made visiting a risk. You can still enjoy yourself in this beautiful country if you are allowed entry, but you need to be aware of the safety hazards before you go. 

Ongoing Attacks

Ukraine regularly experiences rocket attacks and armed incursions due to the ongoing conflict. Though Kyiv is considered by some to be safer than other parts of the country, it can still be affected. Pay attention to travel advisories and local media at all times. Understand where you should go in the event of military action, and follow the direction of government officials. 

Be Careful Behind the Wheel

A self-driven trip is a great way to explore Kyiv and the adjoining countryside. But sadly, many local drivers don’t care much about traffic rules. Add to it badly-lit roads beyond the main thoroughfares and highways, and the combination can be dangerous. Stick to the main roads, follow directions carefully, and watch out for other drivers. 

Pickpockets and Muggers 

Keep a close watch on your wallet in crowded areas, as pickpockets choose such locations to do their job. It’s better to carry money belts, rather than wallets. Avoid the deserted city areas, especially after sunset. You might fall prey to muggers and even assault. Don’t flash any valuables in public.

Watch Out for Taxi Scammers

It’s best to book a taxi through the hotel where you are staying. You can also contact an authorized car rental agency. In both cases, you will know the fare payable before the trip. Flagging down a taxi on the road is not a good idea unless you agree upon the fare before you enter the taxi. Otherwise, you might have to pay an exorbitant fare at the end of the journey.

Water Safety

Don’t drink tap water. Period. Not even in upscale hotels and restaurants. It’s either mineral water or boiled water that is fit for consumption. In case you visit the outskirts of the city, avoid drinking water from lakes or springs, even if you see locals doing so.

Avoid Public Demonstrations

Demonstrations in Kyiv are not frequent, but they do occur. While a majority of them are peaceful, they might turn violent at the slightest provocation. Be on your guard against such situations. If you see people gathering for a possible demonstration or sit-in, leave the area immediately.

Before You Travel to Kyiv – Do This

  • Consider travel carefully, and understand that you could be traveling to an active warzone with no support from your country’s embassy.
  • Pack headscarves in your bags. You will need to keep your head covered when entering some cathedrals and churches.
  • Get a basic knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet. Almost every piece of signage in Kyiv uses this alphabet. It will be easier for you to read instructions with some knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Understand the exclusions as related to war, and purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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