The Republic of Uganda is a country in East-Central Africa, in the Nile Basin. It also lies in the African Lakes Region and has varied climatic conditions round the year. The people of Uganda were originally hunter-gatherers. Later, the Bantu people also migrated to the region.

English and Swahili are the official languages of Uganda, although Luganda, a central African language, is also widely spoken. Other tongues spoken in the country are Luo, Lango, and Rukiga, among others. Uganda has had violent phases from time to time, with guerilla wars being pretty common at one point in history.

A visit to Uganda will give you a closer look at the diverse wildlife, culture, and social customs of East-Central African people. It is a great country to travel to if you want to know about African languages and dialects. But before you leave, you should buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance as a safety net against any unexpected accidents, illnesses, or injuries that might occur.

Uganda Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Travel medical insurance will provide coverage against medical expenses if you are injured or fall sick in Uganda.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Uganda?

Travel medical insurance is not compulsory before you arrive in Uganda. However, if you have it, you will not have to pay out-of-pocket in case of an emergency.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Uganda?

Uganda is a safe country to travel to, and yet the chances of infections and diseases are moderately high. Poor road conditions also lead to terrible accidents.

Uganda travel medical insurance will cover the cost of medical emergencies if you are sick or you meet with an accident. Although you will undergo physical discomfort, at least you won’t have to incur unnecessary medical expenses.

Uganda Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

With trip cancellation insurance, cancellations during your trip, like hotel bookings, flights, or sightseeing tours, can be taken care of by the insurance provider if you have to cancel for a reason covered under the policy. Be sure to read the fine print so you know what reasons for cancellation are (and aren’t) included.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Uganda?

Uganda trip cancellation insurance will provide coverage if your tour operator in Uganda cancels your entire trip, or part of it. Likewise, if there are flight delays or cancellations, or there is sudden political unrest or a disease outbreak, bookings for travelers might be canceled. In such cases, there would be no need for you to pay and the insurance company might cover the costs. You can get reimbursed for your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if your trip gets called off for a covered reason.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Uganda?

Uganda trip cancellation Insurance can cover the following:

  • Loss of baggage
  • Lake Victoria and other riverboat cruise cancellations
  • Hotel booking cancellation
  • Jungle safari cancellation
  • Car rental cancellations
  • City walk cancellations
  • Flight delays and cancellations

Things to Do for Travelers in Uganda

Do not miss out on these experiences when you are in Uganda.

  • Spotting Gorillas at Bwindi Forest: The Bwindi forest is so dense that it is considered impenetrable. And it is the home of the mighty mountain gorillas. You can have a closer look at them during a safari, and around 300 gorillas live here. Bwindi’s hillsides are covered with ancient rainforests dating back to prehistoric times. It harbors one of the most diverse ecological systems on the planet.
  • Visiting the source of River Nile: The Nile is the longest river in the world, and visiting its source will give you a rush of adrenaline. For that, you need to travel to a place called Jinja, which you may visit while touring Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake. You will come across many fishing villages and travel through all kinds of ecosystems.
  • Exploring the Kasumi Tombs: These tombs are located in the capital city of Kampala. The place once had expansive palace grounds containing 35 buildings. Inside, you will find the tombs of all the ancient Ugandan kings. There are also many artifacts preserved from ancient and medieval times. A guided tour will enlighten you about fascinating and ancient Ugandan burial rituals.
  • Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel: Apart from Lake Victoria, this is another splendid waterway on which to take a boat cruise. It goes right through the Queen Elizabeth National Park and offers a different perspective on the wildlife of the region. As you sail along the banks, you will see hippos, zebras, elephants, and buffaloes grazing in the distance, along with many species of birds.
  • Viewing Rock Paintings at Nyero: Africa is full of ancient caves, and the rock paintings in the caves of Nyero attract historians and researchers from far and wide. You have to travel to the town of Kumi to access the caves. There are separate rock shelters depicting paintings of birds, canoes, and scenes from social life.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Uganda

Here are some of the things to watch out for on your trip to Uganda.

  • Flash floods: Flash floods in Uganda are common during monsoon season. There are innumerable lakes in the region, small and large, along with the mighty Nile flowing close by. There are sudden floods that are impossible to contain, and they can cause food scarcity in the region from time to time.
  • Infectious diseases: Like most other African countries, Uganda is prone to outbreaks of Yellow fever, and there have been heavy outbreaks in the past. Ebola outbreaks have also been reported in the recent past, along with the black plague. It is very important to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness to avoid the risk of contamination.
  • Terrorism: There have been terror activities in Uganda by the Al-Shabaab group and Al-Qaida East Africa. Bombings and grenade blasts in public places have led to the loss of lives and property. The Ugandan Government’s support of the African Union Mission in Somalia is the main reason behind the dissent.
  • Road Accidents: According to WHO, Uganda has one of the highest rates of traffic accidents and related fatalities in the world. Poor road conditions, along with poor traffic sense of the locals, lead to the majority of accidents. Avoid driving yourself on the treacherous roads and leave the driving to an experienced, local driver. Never travel at night if you can help it.
  • “Boda Boda” Drivers: “Boda Boda” is the name given to reckless motorcycle drivers in Uganda who often snatch and grab objects from pedestrians while driving away at full speed. You are too startled to follow, and by the time you realize what’s happened, they are already gone. At times, there are two riders on a bike—one driving and the other grabbing. They also pose a threat to women’s safety in the region.

Before You Travel to Uganda…

  • Make sure you are inoculated for yellow fever, Ebola, chickenpox, plague, malaria, and typhoid, among others. Find out if you need vaccinations for any other illnesses.
  • Stay updated regarding recent acts of terrorism, and read the news about the local government’s activities to gauge if there are chances of political unrest.
  • Only rent from registered and licensed rental agencies with experienced drivers. Avoid approaching any random car rental or taxi on arrival, because most of the time, the cars are in poor shape and are hardly maintained well.
  • Find out about weather conditions in Uganda at the time of your intended journey. The country has intense summers and severe monsoons, resulting in floods. Try to plan within a window of favorable weather conditions as much as possible.

Get Uganda travel insurance before you arrive in the country. Enter some basic trip information, compare your options side by side, and pick the plan that best fits the needs of your itinerary and your budget.

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