British Columbia is rich in natural beauty. The serene rainforests, glaciated mountains and vast ocean are bound to breathe life back into you. Nature's bounties are in abundance here. Make sure your camera is charged at all times because the spectacular views will have you clicking away. Nature, culture, and technology coexist in this exciting Canadian province.

A trip to British Columbia (BC) is sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. To enjoy your time in British Columbia and Vancouver to the fullest, purchasing British Columbia  travel insurance or travel medical insurance is essential so you can explore without worry.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in British Columbia - FAQs

A trip to British Columbia doesn’t come without risks. Accidents and illnesses aren’t put on hold just because you’re on vacation. In case you do fall severely ill or need medical attention, travel medical insurance is essential to protect your health and finances.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to British Columbia?

British Columbia boasts an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy, and is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Whether you’re in the Great Outdoors or just exploring the city, medical emergencies are always a possibility. Travel medical insurance can help protect you from large hospital bills should the unforeseen happen.

What should I look for in my British Columbia travel medical insurance?

Make sure your BC travel medical insurance covers all the activities that you want to participate in. It should also cover the cost of transportation to a medical facility, treatment of injuries, and emergency evacuation among others. Read what the policy offers carefully and pick one that best suits your needs.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in British Columbia - FAQs

You can be prepared for any uncertainty that you’re anxious about if you buy trip cancellation insurance. Your flight could get canceled, or a family member could suddenly pass away. Don’t leave the cost of cancellations up to destiny. Be a wise traveler and ensure minimal financial loss in the event that you have to cancel your trip.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my British Columbia travel?

You cannot always foresee what might go wrong when you plan to travel. If you have to cancel your trip for personal reasons or third-party cancellations, you can ensure you don’t lose your money. The frustration of a huge loss can be avoided with trip cancellation insurance.

What should I look for in my British Columbia trip cancellation insurance?

British Columbia travel insurance insurance can cover the death of a close family member, flight/cruise cancellations, political unrest, natural disasters, and sudden accidents/injuries. It all depends on the package you choose. To ensure your own peace of mind, buy travel insurance and enjoy your vacation.

British Columbia’s Most Popular Cities for Travel


Vancouver is a modern city that bustles in the heart of nature. Protected by mountains, greenery, and the sea, it exemplifies that advancement isn’t always at the cost of the environment. You don’t have to go far from the main city to find wilderness. You can spend your time hiking, kayaking, and feeling one with nature, or you can cycle around Stanley Park, try the food in Chinatown and enjoy city life.


Whistler is very popular as a skiing and mountain biking destination. It is known for co-hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. Other than the beautiful snowcapped peaks, you will also find volcanic mountains, blue lakes and wild rivers. The short, 90-minute drive here from Vancouver is nearly as picturesque as the destination itself.


The capital of British Columbia boasts of endless opportunities for outdoor activities, but also displays enchanting architecture. Once you’ve exhausted the central parts of Victoria and viewed all the magnificent buildings, you can bask in its surrounding natural beauty.


Known for its world-class salmon, Tofino is a town that thrives on surfing and all things beach-related. You can spend your time kayaking, beachcombing, fishing, or watching whales. Be sure to try the variety of food here made with fresh, local produce. If you enjoy hiking, the rocky trails around could make for a perfect day out.


The “adventure capital” of Canada, Squamish is an underrated destination that’s chock full of fun things to do. It is the perfect setting for outdoor enthusiasts. Take a hike, learn rock-climbing, go rafting or watch birds. There are so many options to choose from.

Key Guidelines For Travelers in British Columbia

It is important to learn about the place you’re planning to visit. It will prepare you for all sorts of situations. Do your research, be vigilant and keep the following in mind for your British Columbia travel:

  • It’s thrilling to spot wildlife in their natural habitat, and British Columbia is endowed with a rich variety of it. However, keep your distance and do not feed the animals. Doing so could put both you and the animal in danger.
  • It is best to avoid exposure to foreign bugs and germs in a new country. Since British Columbia is replete with forests and mountains, use bug-repellent and wear clothes that cover your skin. If you are bit or stung and fall sick, be sure to get yourself checked immediately.
  • The rules pertaining to driving are very strict. The law requires that seatbelts be worn at all times and the driver not be in use of a mobile phone. It is a criminal offense to drink and drive. If you are planning to drive on your vacation, be cautious. Getting in trouble with the law or in an accident in a foreign country is far from ideal.
  • There is always a chance that the sudden change in water and weather will not agree with your body. British Columbia does have some extreme terrain that you might not be used to. Stock up on some of your go-to medicines for common illnesses. Eat healthy food and learn emergency numbers in case you need help.

Before You Travel to British Columbia - Do This:

  • Buy adequate insurance coverage. Learn about the insurance coverage plan that best suits your trip to British Columbia or Vancouver. Make sure the insurance you buy addresses all your concerns for the trip. Travel smart and avoid financial losses.
  • Buy a first-aid kit. A basic kit can come in handy if you’re in the wild and suffer a minor injury or need immediate care while waiting for help to arrive. Figure out how to effectively use it beforehand too.
  • Put your bills on autopay. A call to your bank to set this up will ensure one less thing to worry about while you’re away. All your bills will get paid and you will come back to a peaceful financial situation.

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