St John’s is the capital of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the easternmost city in all of North America. Originally a fishing village, St John’s has developed into a thriving city of 110,000 and a major tourist destination in Atlantic Canada. 

If you’re ready to experience a part of Canada you may not have seen before, St John’s could be the place. Discover this charming city, and purchase the travel medical insurance or travel insurance you need to protect you. 

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers visiting St John’s – FAQs

A fun vacation can turn into a trying time when an illness or injury strikes. You need medical treatment, but it’s not as simple as it is at home. To help you navigate the process of receiving and paying for necessary medical treatment abroad, make sure to have travel medical insurance.

Do I need travel medical insurance for St John’s?

There isn’t a legal requirement to have travel medical insurance if you’re visiting St John’s, but you still absolutely need it. The domestic health insurance you use back home is unlikely to be of much help here, and you don’t want to be stuck paying for hospital treatment out of your pocket. Travel medical insurance can help shield you from this. 

Why buy travel medical insurance before visiting St John’s?

Medical care in a foreign country can be prohibitively expensive if you don’t have insurance coverage. Consider the fact that certain parts of Newfoundland and Labrador are quite isolated. A serious accident or sudden health issue may require emergency medical evacuation, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You certainly don’t want to pay this money out of your own bank account, so make sure to have travel medical insurance that can cover it.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers visiting St John’s – FAQs

Picture being all set to take off to St John’s when a sudden nor’easter causes cancellation of all flights for days on end. You might get a voucher from the airline, but what about the pricey hotel you already booked that won’t refund you? Situations like these are why you need trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance before traveling to St John’s?

You can’t predict the future, so you certainly can’t predict getting sick, a sudden death in the family, or a natural disaster that forces you to cancel your travel plans. The trouble is most prepaid travel expenses are nonrefundable. 

Fortunately, you can plan for the unexpected with trip cancellation insurance. It can reimburse you for your prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses when you have to cancel your trip for a reason that’s covered by the travel insurance plan you’ve purchased. 

What can be covered by trip cancellation insurance for St John’s?

While trip cancellation coverage can help protect you before your trip starts, there are other benefits to travel insurance that can save you significantly once your trip begins. These commonly include travel delay coverage, trip interruption coverage, lost baggage protection, and other ancillary benefits.

However, don’t assume that all travel insurance plans are the same. Make sure you compare several different plans before making a purchase. 

St John’s Most Popular Activities

Historic Downtown St John’s

Center your trip to St John’s around the historic downtown area to have access to a bit of everything. The historic low-rise buildings play host to a variety of restaurants, boutiques and nightlife, with bands playing most every night of the week. 

Visit Cabot Tower

Constructed in 1898 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of European explorers discovering Newfoundland, Cabot Tower is famous for another specific reason. It was the site that received the very first transatlantic wireless message, sent in 1901 from Cornwall, England. In addition to the historical significance of this 50-foot tower, it also offers fantastic views of the St John’s cityscape.

Get Outside at Pippy Park

This 3,400-acre urban park is the center of outdoor recreation in St John’s. It’s a great place to take a hike, go camping, or hit the links at one of the two golf courses. Another unique attraction of Pippy Park is the Fluvarium. Unlike an aquarium, the Fluvarium allows you to view aquatic life that’s not in captivity. The viewing areas give you an underwater glimpse into the natural river.

Catch a Hockey Game

Just as in the rest of Canada, hockey is a popular sport in St John’s. Head down to the Mary Brown’s Centre to see the Newfoundland Growlers play a professional minor league hockey game. Some of the players you see on the ice today could go on to play in the NHL someday, as the Growlers are an affiliate team of the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Get Some Culture at The Rooms

Offering an art gallery and the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Rooms is a full-featured cultural center with indoor and outdoor exhibits, over 7,000 works of art, dioramas of the region’s native flora and fauna, and wonderful views of the surrounding area from atop Signal Hill. 

Key Guidelines for Travelers visiting St John’s

When to Visit

Being so far north, St John’s is never going to be an especially warm destination. However, the warmest and driest months are usually May, June, and July. Expect temperatures to allow for short sleeves during the day, but still pack a jacket for cool mornings and windy nights. Should you choose to visit in the winter, keep in mind that the temperature in St John’s rarely gets above freezing.

Local Transportation

Many visitors to St John’s choose to rent a car, as traffic is relatively calm compared to larger cities. If driving yourself isn’t an option, the most popular way to see the sights is by taxi. There is also a local bus service called Metrobus which serves St John’s and the surrounding areas.

Crime and Safety

St. John’s is considered as safe as most other locations in Canada, and considerably safer than the majority of the neighboring United States. Just follow these tips:

  • Always lock the doors of your rental car and hotel room or short-term rental when you leave.
  • Do not leave valuables visible in your car while you’re away from it.
  • Don’t walk alone at night in unfamiliar and/or desolate areas.

Before You Visit St John’s – Do This

  • Check the weather. St John’s can be quite cool even during the height of summer. You’ll want to make sure you pack appropriately.
  • Research the area before booking. St John’s has areas that are quiet, and areas with boisterous nightlife. You’ll be happiest getting a hotel in an area that suits your travel style.
  • Protect yourself from unplanned events with travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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