Shenzhen Travel Insurance

This southern Chinese metropolis connects Hong Kong to China's mainland. Half a century ago, Shenzhen was little more than a fishing village. But today it attracts travelers from around the world as the world's leading futuristic city. Explore the stunning architecture, spectacular theme parks, hiking trails, and vast shopping malls when you're traveling to Shenzhen.

Before you travel to Shenzhen, be sure to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance. A suitable insurance plan can give you financial coverage for any emergency that might befall you while you're traveling.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Shenzhen - FAQs

With large malls and amusement parks, Shenzhen is well-known for shopping and entertainment. It's a perfect destination for your next trip. While you may not like to think about it, you could get sick or suffer an accident while in Shenzhen. It just makes sense to be prudent and buy travel medical insurance.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Shenzhen?

Medical facilities in Shenzhen are expensive. If you have an accident or fall sick, the treatment could result in large bills. But with travel medical insurance you won't have to worry about those hefty hospital bills. It can provide financial coverage for treatment and access to the best medical facilities in Shenzhen.

What should I look for in my Shenzhen travel medical insurance?

Along with financial coverage for medical treatment, travel medical insurance may also offer benefits including coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation to your home country if required. There is even coverage available for certain outdoor activities such as motor scooter riding or hiking and mountaineering, to name a few.

You never know what kind of medical emergencies might befall you abroad. Make sure to buy travel medical insurance so you can be covered.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Shenzhen - FAQs

When planning a trip, tourists tend to book flights and hotels in advance. It's true that it saves you from last-minute hassles. But if something unexpected comes up you might need to cancel your trip. The hotels and airlines charge hefty cancellation fees when you cancel a booking. This could knock down your refunded amount to near-zero, which could lead to significant financial losses. Things are different, of course, when you have travel insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Shenzhen trip?

If due to some unforeseeable reason you need to cancel or reschedule your trip, your trip cancellation insurance plan will come in handy. Your trip cancellation plan can reimburse you for prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs. This way you can plan your trip without worrying about the financial setbacks of the cancellation.

What should I look for in my Shenzhen trip cancellation insurance?

When you have to cancel your flight or hotel booking, your travel insurance can bear the brunt of the hefty cancellation charges. Your trip cancellation insurance can also provide coverage for instances such as flight delays or loss of baggage.

Make sure you're aware of the conditions under which you can file a claim. You'll find the guidelines regarding it in your insurance policy. To understand all that can be covered by your travel insurance, read the policy wording carefully. You can also consult this guide for detailed answers to any questions you may have.

Top Tourist Destinations in Shenzhen

Window of The World

This theme park features around 130 miniature replicas of famous landmarks. Here you'll find replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Rome's Colosseum, and many others. The mini-globe also offers impressive light shows, dance shows, and delicious food. If you're traveling with kids, this place is an excellent way to keep them entertained all day.

Dafen Oil Painting Village

This art workshop was set up as an artists' colony in the late 20th century. Today, Dafen is the largest producer of replica oil paintings in the world. Take a stroll through the streets of this village and immerse yourself in the works of great artists. You can also get a self-portrait done or request a freshly painted piece by your favorite artist.

Shenzhen Museum

Visit Shenzhen Museum to get a better understanding of the events which lead to the current boom in the city. It houses exhibits from the Qing and Republican periods in Shenzhen. From incredible finds unearthed during the construction of modern Shenzhen to bronze artifacts from the Shu Kingdom and Shang Dynasty, it has a lot to display.

Wutong Mountain

Hike Wutong Mountain to get a breathtaking view of the glistening harbor and Hong Kong. You can find trails for any level of experience here. Most of them start at Wutong Village. Wutong Mountain is a popular destination for the locals too. So, expect the company of friendly young families and fellow hikers. Bring comfortable shoes with you when you go hiking Wutong Mountain, and drink plenty of water during the six-mile ascent.

Luohu Commercial City

You can't enjoy the spirit of Shenzhen without a shopping experience, and Luohu Commercial City is the best place for that. With hundreds of sellers jostling for your attention, you'll see quality designer bags, premium tailor-made suits, and impressive souvenirs. Visit this place during the weekdays as it gets crowded on weekends, and don't forget to bargain to get a good deal.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Shenzhen

Weather Conditions

The best time to visit Shenzhen is between October and December. During this time the weather is cool and pleasant. Winter in Shenzhen is mild. Snowfall is rare, but fog is common. If you're visiting Shenzhen during summer (June to early October) prepare for soaring heat and high humidity. Wear comfortable clothes such as shorts or skirts. To protect yourself from the sun, apply sunscreen, and wear sunglasses and a hat.

Getting Around the City

The best way to travel around the city is via the metro. It's reliable, clean, and pocket-friendly. If you're staying in Shenzhen for a few days, buy Shenzhen Tong, a reusable contactless stored-value smartcard. Cycling is also popular in Shenzhen. As the traffic isn't as heavy as other metropolitan cities, you can easily pedal your way around the city.

The city has two types of taxis: blue electric taxis and red or green fuel taxis. Traveling in blue taxis is eco-friendly and cheap. But you'll have trouble finding drivers who speak English. Show them the address of your destination written in Chinese characters if you can't explain in Mandarin.

Safety Concerns

Shenzhen is relatively safe by Western standards. Here are some tips which can help ensure your safety when you're traveling in Shenzhen:

  • Avoid getting into unlicensed taxis. Check for the license on a plastic cardholder on the dashboard of the cab.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings when traveling in crowded places. Pickpocketing is common in popular tourist stops.
  • Ask your hotel for a card with the hotel's name and address in Chinese characters. The card will come in handy if you get lost.
  • Exchange your money only in a bank with trustworthy exchange officers. Check the notes properly to avoid being given fraudulent currency.

Medical Concerns

The most common health concern when you're traveling in Shenzhen is an upset stomach, or some type of possible food poisoning. Eat freshly cooked food, and drink plenty of bottled water. Due to scorching heat in summer, you might get dehydrated easily. Try also drinking herbal tea during summer, as it is popular around Shenzhen. You might develop altitude sickness while hiking the mountains. If you experience shortness of breath, rest or descend to a lower altitude.

Before You Travel to Shenzhen - Do This

  • Pack a light jacket if you're traveling during the winter season. For summer, pack comfortable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Download applications such as Baidu Maps and WeChat. Most of the shops in Shenzhen accept payment via WeChat, and Baidu Maps offers detailed maps of the city.
  • Buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance that's suitable for you and your travel companions. With a good insurance plan, you can travel and enjoy what Shenzhen has to offer to you with peace of mind.

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