Douala Travel Insurance

Does Cameroon remind you of only soccer and not much else? Well then, here’s your chance to learn more about it. Plan a trip to Douala. It is Cameroon’s largest city, besides being its commercial capital. It is a spiffy, modern metropolis that also has Central Africa’s largest port.

What’s there to see in a commercial city, you might be wondering? Well, there’s more to Douala than glistening office buildings and a highly developed infrastructure. Think of museums, beaches, food, parks — Douala has it all. For sure, you won’t regret the time you would spend in Douala.

To ensure your trip to Douala is unforgettable for all the right reasons, it pays to go prepared. Purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance before you go, and enjoy the peace of mind. 

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Douala – FAQs

You never know when you might be struck by an ailment while you are vacationing. But you would need to have access to medical care in the event of such an emergency. And top-quality medical care is costly in Douala. So, it is better that you buy travel medical insurance.

Why Buy Travel Medical Insurance Before Traveling to Douala?

Buy travel medical insurance before your trip to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about the financial consequences should you need medical care while in Douala. With travel medical insurance, you can receive the treatment you need for a predictable cost, helping you prepare for the unexpected. 

What Should I Look for in My Douala Travel Medical Insurance?

The policy should cover the key causes that might necessitate medical care while on vacation. This includes any new illness or injury. It is also recommended that you purchase a policy that can cover emergency medical evacuation

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Douala – FAQs

Trip cancellation insurance can protect you from the financial losses that a suddenly canceled trip brings along with it. It allows you to recoup your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses if you need to cancel your trip for a reason that is covered by the policy. 

Why Should I Get Trip Cancellation Insurance for My Douala Travel?

Airline tickets, hotel rooms, and tour bookings for Douala are expensive. You would not want to lose out on this nonrefundable money if you cannot take your trip. Trip cancellation insurance provides essential financial protection in case of the unexpected. 

What Should I Look for in My Douala Trip Cancellation Insurance?

Your trip cancellation insurance should cover the major causes of trip cancellation, but the coverage can go beyond that. Select a travel insurance plan that offers the following coverages:

Douala’s Most Popular Places for Travel

The history of Douala goes back more than five centuries. Along with its attractions, Douala is also a base location for conducting excursions into the Cameroon countryside. Read on to know about the exciting sights and sounds of this bustling metropolis.


About a three-hour drive from Douala, Kribi has an array of natural attractions to woo the traveler. The beautiful waterfalls and white sand beaches offer ample scope for a relaxing time. The guide here would also offer interesting info on the town’s history. And before you leave, don’t forget to savor the delectable fresh fish dishes here.

Parcours Vita

This wonderful park is a favorite haunt of many. Looking for some physical activity like cycling, jogging, or hiking? Or simply some relaxing walks amidst the lap of nature? Parcours Vita offers ample opportunities for both categories. Recharge yourself by spending some quality time in the company of Cameroon’s flora.


This is a day trip from Douala. And it’s just two hours away by road. Relax at the black sand beach here while enjoying some unforgettable views of Mount Cameroon. Move around the town to view authentic Cameroonian lifestyle from up close. There’s also a wildlife center here that seeks to treat and rehabilitate rescued apes like gorillas and chimpanzees.

Marche des Fleurs

Getting souvenirs and memorabilia from your vacation is almost an integral part of the itinerary. And the perfect place for it on this trip is the Marche des Fleurs. Offering an array of eye-catching artwork, Marche des Fleurs is the go-to place to pick up traditional Cameroonian artifacts and handicrafts. 

Something for the Tastebuds

Your Douala trip won’t be complete without some gastronomic indulgence. And some truly delicious local food awaits you at the Saga Africa Restaurant in Douala. Stuff yourself to your heart’s content here with exotic seafood and meat dishes. Looking to hit some cool nightspots? The Ibrid Lounge Bar and the Senso Lounge are among the top picks for that. Savor some relaxing drinks here and also shake a leg on the dance floor.  

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Douala

Douala is not a hub of criminal activities. So as a tourist, you will be fairly safe here. But having said that, don’t let your guard down fully. Do observe some basic safety protocols.

Mind Your Wallet

Be aware of pickpockets in busy locations at all times of the day. Keep your valuables in a money belt. And do not carry too much cash/jewelry on your person. 

Road Hogs

The drivers here are not the best when it comes to following traffic protocols. The drivers are often reckless. So, be very careful when crossing the roads, especially at night. If you plan to drive around, stay wary of livestock. Animals can cross the roads without warning.

Avoid Protest Gatherings

These are fairly common in all of Cameroon. And often, these flare up into violent demonstrations. So, stay away from such gatherings. Leave any location where such a crowd has assembled. And also, it would be a wise idea to not discuss politics with any local person, even if you have struck up a friendship with them.

Stick to Mineral Water

The water quality in Douala is not considered potable for visitors. Don’t take chances. Drink only bottled mineral water, even in top-end hotels and bars. That way, you can stay protected from traveler’s diarrhea and related diseases.

Natural Hazards

Cameroon is prone to hazards like landslides, earthquakes, floods, and volcanoes. While all of these might not exist in Douala, they might affect you if you choose to explore the surrounding locations. Always stay updated about the prevailing weather conditions and updates. 

Before You Travel to Douala – Do This

  • Malaria is a widely occurring disease in the country. Carry sufficient mosquito repellent with you.
  • Carry a portable water purifier with you in case bottled mineral water is unavailable at certain times during your trip.
  • Standards of dressing in Cameroon are conservative, by and large. So, pack appropriate clothing.
  • Insurance is essential. Do your research, and buy appropriate travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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