Bustling with bars and cafes, world-class festivals, malls, boutiques, and natural adventure, Perth is a modern Australian metropolis that shouldn't be missed by travelers. Just don't forget travel medical insurance or travel insurance before you go.

Perth Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Medical emergencies can arise anytime. In the middle of the night while you are resting in your hotel room, planning all the places you'll see in Perth the next day, or in the middle of the day while you are having a grand time sightseeing. It could be something as simple as a twisted ankle or stomach ailment, but it's impossible to rule out the possibility of something more serious. Whatever the case, treatment at a private healthcare facility can be costly. Be sure to protect your finances with travel medical insurance.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Perth?

Proper health insurance is just as important on an international trip as it is in your home country. While it is true that Australia has public healthcare through Medicaid, it only covers residents of certain countries, and only in specific situations. For instance, short-term visa holders are exempt from Medicaid coverage, as is any resident not from a country that shares a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia. Even then, the agreement only covers treatment for true emergencies at pubic healthcare facilities.

If you need timely treatment, it may be necessary to seek private healthcare, which can be expensive. Since your domestic health insurance most likely won't provide adequate coverage in Australia, you would be financially responsible for any treatment costs you incur at these facilities. To ensure you can receive the necessary care with less worry about the bill, it's essential to have travel medical insurance.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Perth?

In many cases, the cost of having travel medical insurance is less than 10% of the total cost of your trip. Now, consider the cost of private treatment, which can be many times more. Additionally, if you were to require emergency medical evacuation, you could find yourself facing a bill that easily exceeds $25,000. Are you prepared to pay that full amount yourself? Get travel medical insurance so you can be covered. It can allow you to enjoy your vacation with less worry about unexpected costs.

Perth Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQ

When you've planned your trip carefully, it might seem like nothing can stop you. You've paid for everything in advance, booked your flights early, and locked down reservations at your dream hotel. What could possibly stop you?

In reality, there are many things that can prevent even a well-planned trip from going forward, through no fault of your own. Family emergencies, health issues, global travel restrictions, and natural disasters can all occur with little warning, leaving you unable to take off. While it's impossible to prevent these things from happening, it is possible to protect your wallet in case they do with trip cancellation insurance.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Perth?

Remember all of those travel expenses you paid for in advance? Your airline tickets, hotel, tour reservations, etc. were all paid for long before your trip. If your trip were to get canceled, you'd want your money back. Unfortunately, many of these prepaid expenses can charge big penalties for cancellation, and in some cases, they don't offer refunds at all.

Your trip cancellation insurance plan can help relieve you of this financial burden. It can allow you to be reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses when your trip must be canceled for a covered reason. It allows you to make travel plans with confidence, even if uncertainty strikes.

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Perth?

The exact situations covered by your travel insurance plan will vary depending on the plan you choose. Most will offer coverage for trip cancellation, but their coverage can go beyond that. Do your research and compare the different travel insurance plans available to you. While you're at it, explore these coverage options:

Things to Do for Travelers in Perth

The capital of Western Australia is an isolated city, but that certainly doesn't mean that it should be passed up by tourists. From natural riches to manmade wonders, there is a lot to see and do. Don't have time for everything? Here are some things that you should definitely not miss when in Perth.

Explore the Beautiful Beaches

You can choose from plenty of beaches in and around Perth to have a fulfilling time. Cottesloe is the most popular beach, and Port Beach and City Beach are other child-friendly and fun options.

Visit the Perth Zoo

Your trip to Perth won't be considered complete unless you have enjoyed the company of Australian wildlife. The Perth Zoo is the best and safest way to do that. The zoo has exhibits of different ecosystems that you can explore as well.

Go to the Art Gallery of Western Australia

Art enthusiasts can have the time of their life at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, located in the Perth Cultural Centre. The gallery features art from several artists of international fame like Hans Heysen and Frederick McCubbin. The extensive collection includes art by Australian and international artists from 1829 through the present.

See the Bell Tower

While it might look like an alien rocket, the Bell Tower at the Barrack Square is the world's largest musical instrument. The Bell Tower houses original 14th-century bells from Saint Martin. Inside, you can learn more about the ancient art of bell-ringing and the history of bells. On the sixth floor is an open observation deck where you can experience 360-degree views of the city and the Swan River.

Have fun at the Swan River

The Swan River is the perfect place for outdoor fun in Perth. Biking or hiking along the trails, swimming, kayaking, fishing, a little picnic, or sailing; there are lots of activities to do here. You can also go for a day tour cruise to Swan Valley. It is the oldest grape-growing region in Western Australia, and you can taste fresh, local produce there.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Perth

Perth is generally safe for international travelers. However, as when traveling anywhere, you want to be aware of possible risks. Do not travel after dark alone, and do some research on areas you will be visiting prior to travel.

Adventure accidents

When indulging in any kind of adventure sports, make sure to follow all guidelines. When near the ocean, read the signs on the shore, and stay aware of changing currents.


Pickpocketing in Perth is similar to that of any popular tourist area. Just be aware, and keep your items close at hand at all times.

Nature and weather information

Australia is susceptible to weather events like summer storms and even bushfires. Keep an eye on the local news to be aware of current weather conditions.

Wildlife Concerns

You can spot kangaroos in Perth, and encounters with them can happen anywhere. If you see wildlife crossing the road while traveling, it is best to let them pass first. In case of any incident involving local wildlife, always contact the authorities.

Before You Travel to Perth - Do This

  • Pack well. When you're exploring Perth, you'll need a generous supply of sunscreen with a high SPF. A hat, loose-fitting clothes, and a bottle of water should also be carried to keep you hydrated and safe from the sun.
  • Keep your paperwork safe. Your visa, travel insurance, ID, cash and cards should be kept in a safe pouch or purse that you can always keep close. Also, you can get photocopies or digital versions of important documents made as backups.
  • Get the right insurance. Compare travel medical insurance or travel insurance plans, and purchase insurance that provides the right coverage for your needs.

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