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Gateway Arch National Park Travel Insurance

Gateway Arch National Park Travel Insurance

Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis, Missouri is an architectural miracle. Formerly known as Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, the monument was renovated in 2018. The arch was built to commemorate the Louisiana Purchase, the Dred Scott case, and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Take a riverboat cruise or helicopter to get a full view of this majestic structure. It is one of the most-loved national parks in the United States. Plan to spend at least five hours at Gateway Arch National Park.

There are a lot of eateries and places to stay near the park. Book your passes in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. As you plan your trip, remember to add a visitors medical insurance or travel insurance plan. This can save you from paying hefty charges in case of any travel or medical emergency.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in Gateway Arch National Park - FAQs

Medical insurance is essential when traveling to an international destination. Your home medical insurance will not cover any medical bills outside your home country, so if an accident occurs or you fall sick, you would need to obtain medical care to recover. To save yourself from the stress of medical bills from care, be sure to buy a visitors medical insurance plan before you leave for your trip.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Gateway Arch National Park?

No one can predict when an injury or ailment might occur that would require medical care. The U.S. offers good but expensive medical facilities. If you do not have a proper insurance plan then you might end up paying hefty medical bills. Buy visitors medical insurance to enjoy your trip worry-free.

What should I look for in my Gateway Arch National Park travel medical insurance?

A visitors medical insurance should be chosen carefully. Buy the one that covers emergency room charges, medical bills, injuries, and accidents. With all the trekking you could be doing, if you have a pre-existing condition, it would be smart to avail a plan with coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions should it flare up. You can also look for coverage for emergency medical evacuation should you need to be relocated to another medical facility for adequate care.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Gateway Arch National Park - FAQs

An unwanted circumstance can ruin your entire trip, no matter how much planning you put into it. Not only is cancelling your trip early disappointing, but losing money for your prepaid expenses would only make it worse. There is a solution to holding on to your money though. Buy a trip cancellation insurance to get cancellation costs reimbursed.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Gateway Arch National Park travel?

Trip cancellation insurance in Gateway Arch National Park is essential. It can prevent you from paying any cancellation costs including flights, stays, and tours, provided the trip is canceled due to a reason listed in the certificate wording. There are some commonly approved reasons for cancellation, such as work emergencies, weather-related delays or cancellations, and getting sick before the trip. But read the policy before purchase to know which reasons are approved as the coverage can vary from plan to plan.

What should I look for in my Gateway Arch National Park trip cancellation insurance?

A trip cancellation insurance plan is helpful when traveling to any destination away from your home. You should buy a plan that provides coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption for a covered reason, trip delay coverage, missed connection coverage, and coverage for lost or stolen baggage.

Things To Do In Gateway Arch National Park

The 60th national park of the United States is very different from other national parks. Visit this monument to connect with the history of the place, appreciate architecture, and enjoy a stunning view of the city. You’ll need at least a full day to enjoy some of the experiences we’ve shortlisted for you.

Ride to the top

Take a tram or escalator to get to the top of this 630-foot-high (about 192-meter-high) arch. It took seven years to complete the world’s largest man-made arch. On a clear day, enjoy 30-mile (over 48-kilometer) views of the city’s skyline and Mississippi River.

New museum

Visit this history exhibit to know the history of the early pioneer days. One of its kind, the new museum has six sections. You would walk through it to take a tram. Arrive an hour before boarding your tram to enjoy the museum.

Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse celebrates the history of two ordinary Americans who fought in court for civil rights. The two cases include Dred Scott v. Sandford, for African Americans’ equality, and Virginia Minor v. Happersett, for women’s rights. It is a short walk through the new trail network at the park.

Helicopter ride

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Mississippi River and the city of St. Louis. You can take a ride from April to November. There is no need to make any reservation. Buy your tickets at the helipad, which is located at the riverfront.

Riverboat cruise

Enjoy some stunning skyline views while cruising on the Mississippi River. Relax and enjoy the best of Great Arch and St. Louis downtown. You can choose from several packages offering dinner, sightseeing, and specialty tours.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Gateway Arch National Park

Gateway Arch National Park is a must-visit when traveling to St. Louis. Plan a trip with your friends and family to revel in this wonderful location. Check our key guidelines for your trip to Gateway Arch National Park:


Gateway Arch National Park’s witnesses most visitors in summers, so the waiting line gets longer and more crowded. The best time to visit the park is in winter. Temperature mostly does not drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius), keeping the weather mild.

Book tickets in advance

Book your tickets at least a day before your visit. There are several types of tickets available based on the activities you choose. Read the inclusions carefully before buying.

Monument to the Dream

The documentary is about the architect Eero Saarinen's inspiration to build this beautiful structure. Spend around 35 minutes viewing this award-winning film.

Medical facilities

Be prepared for any mishaps when traveling internationally. Missouri offers good but expensive medical facilities. Buying medical insurance before your visit is a smart decision.

Security checks

Security check at the national park includes scanning through a metal detector. Make sure you are not carrying anything that can be taken away.

Before You Travel To Gateway Arch National Park - Do This

Gateway Arch National Park is a must-go when visiting Missouri. A pre-travel checklist, like below, will help you plan better.

  • Manage time: keep a day for seeing Gateway Arch National Park. Spend time exploring museums and the visiting center. Do not arrive exactly before your tram time.
  • Pack essentials: a tour to the top of Gateway Arch National Park is around 45 minutes to 60 minutes long. After your ticket is punched, you cannot move out of the line. Make sure you have some essentials like medicines, snacks, and water handy. Also, do not forget your camera since the view from the top is breathtaking.
  • Travel insurance: travel insurance is a great investment when visiting another state or country. Enter basic information about you and your travelers, review the plans you can choose from, and pick the plan that works best.

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