There is an old saying in Punjabi that, when translated into English, goes something like “if you haven’t seen Lahore, you haven’t lived.” 

Self-congratulatory? Yes. True? Well, yes. 

Islamabad is Pakistan’s administrative capital. Karachi is the economic hub. But Lahore is where Pakistan’s heart lies. It is the cultural capital of the country. The city has an array of attractions steeped in traditional Islamic culture. With its overwhelming spirit of camaraderie, Lahore will win you over. Do spend some days here and soak in the city’s old-world charm and hospitality; just make sure to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance before you go. 

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Lahore – FAQs

Amidst all the enjoyment of your Lahore trip, an ailment or accident might strike you. There are quality medical facilities available in Lahore. But you may have to spend a hefty sum to receive treatment. Hence, you should get travel medical insurance. This can protect you monetarily.

Do I need Travel Medical Insurance to Visit Lahore?

Yes. All international visitors to Pakistan must have travel medical insurance that will cover COVID-19 for the duration of their stay in the country. 

Why Buy Travel Medical Insurance Before Traveling to Lahore?

Any kind of health-related emergency can cause financial trouble in a foreign country. You will not be able to rely on your domestic health insurance to pay for treatment. This could leave you in a precarious situation if you were to get sick or injured. To avoid the hassle and financial stress, purchase Lahore travel medical insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Lahore – FAQs

You may think that a well-planned trip is unlikely to be cancelled. This is the same thought many other would-be travelers have had, only for their travel plans to be dashed by an unexpected situation. To shield your finances from the hefty cost of cancelling an international trip, trip cancellation insurance is a must.

Why Should I Get Trip Cancellation Insurance for My Lahore Travel?

Think about all of the things you must pay for in advance before traveling abroad: Airline tickets, hotel reservations, event tickets, tour bookings; the list goes on. These prepaid expenses are almost always nonrefundable. That means that if you cannot take your trip due to a sudden illness, personal or family emergency, travel lockdown, etc., you would be out all of that money. 

With trip cancellation insurance, you can be reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses if you are forced to cancel your trip for a covered reason. It takes a degree of risk out of booking an international trip. 

What Should I Look for in My Lahore Trip Cancellation Insurance?

Obviously, the major component of your travel insurance policy should be trip cancellation coverage. However, many other mishaps can occur while traveling. You should purchase a policy that provides a level of coverage for the following that you are comfortable with:

Want a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to cancelling your trip? Consider looking into cancel for any reason travel insurance

Lahore’s Most Popular Places for Travel

Lahore is a mirror of Pakistan’s Islamic culture. It also has remnants of the colonial past of the country. And it is a foodie’s paradise. With such a diverse mix of attractions, Lahore will get you completely hooked for the entire duration of your stay.

Lahore Fort

This massive Mughal-era fort will inspire you to spend several hours exploring it in full. The fort contains many enthralling palaces, museums, and gardens. You will be awed by the exquisite architecture that is a perfect blend of Persian and Hindu styles. The time here will be well spent in getting to know more about the rulers of Pakistan through the ages.

Lahore Museum

This museum was built during the British era. It is a grand building with stunning architecture that is a throwback to the Mughal days. Take a trip to prehistoric Pakistan as you see numerous artifacts dating back to ancient times. There are also many Indus Valley relics to be seen. After you are done here, relax a while in the gardens outside.

Badshahi Mosque

This grand mosque was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb almost 350 years ago. Besides the jaw-dropping red sandstone architecture, the mosque is notable for its sheer size. Almost 40,000 worshippers can pray here at a time. Also to be seen here are items used by the Prophet Muhammad and his family members.

Anarkali Bazaar

Time seems to have stood still in the “old” section of this market. Shops here sell a range of traditional clothes and memorabilia, just like they have been doing for centuries. Take meandering walks all over the market. Get your hands on some mementos. Grab a quick bite at one of the many small eateries. And let the sights and sounds of traditional Pakistani shopping wash over you. 

Fort Road Food Street

This stretch of road is a delight for food aficionados from all corners of the world. Come here on an empty stomach and savor the best of Lahori and Mughlai cuisine. Some of the notable eateries here are Haveli Restaurant, Andaaz, Shahi Baithak, etc. More gastronomically adventurous tourists can try out the roadside eateries. They sell a range of the most delectable mutton, chicken, and fish dishes, both fried and grilled.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Lahore

Compared to other Pakistani cities, Lahore is a much safer travel destination for international tourists. The locals are warm and friendly. But at the same time, it’s better to not let your guard down. Do observe some basic safety protocols while vacationing in Lahore.

Threats from Terror Attacks

Terror groups have long been a headache for Pakistan. They are known to strike indiscriminately. Though they have been less active in Lahore as compared to other locations in the country. Still, be alert about anything untoward in public places. Stick to the areas that are manned by security personnel.

Pickpockets and Muggers

Pickpockets are found in fairly large numbers. Be on your guard in the crowded tourist spots. Don’t carry too much cash or valuables with you. And keep whatever you have in a money belt and not in a wallet. Stay away from desolate areas of the city, especially at night. You can stay safe from muggers that way.

Avoid Drinking Tap Water

The hygiene level of tap water is low in Lahore. Avoid it all costs unless you want to invite diarrhea. Stick to only bottled mineral water. Also, avoid consuming water from streams or rivulets in case you head away from the city.

Watch What You Eat

You will be indulging in street food, for sure. And hole-in-the-wall eateries often offer tastier grub than their fancy counterparts. But be careful about certain food items, like salads. These are usually prepared early in the day and washed with tap water. Consuming it can lead to serious stomach ailments. Avoid cut fruits for the same reason. Buy fruits whole and wash them with mineral water before consumption.

Be Careful about Clicking Photos

Control the shutterbug in you. Don’t click photos of government or defense establishments, dams, bridges, etc. It can land you in legal trouble. Also, be mindful when photographing locals, especially women. Pakistan is a conservative country. Ask for permission before clicking their photos.

Before You Travel to Lahore – Do This

  • You are traveling to a country that has a conservative outlook. So, don’t pack tank tops and sleeveless garments. You need to avoid wearing clothes that reveal your body. Carry loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable and cover you from head to foot.
  • It’s against the laws of the land to carry alcohol and pork into the country. And while non-Muslim residents are allowed to consume alcohol in Pakistan, be discreet about it. And watch your drink. Becoming intoxicated in public can land you in jail.
  • Remember that mishaps can happen anywhere. It’s best to be prepared for any eventuality with travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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