One of the major cities in Gujarat and western India, Ahmedabad is named after one of its first rulers, Ahmed Shah. 

The city preserves ancient Mugal heritage, but doesn’t feel less of a modern metropolis than the bigger cities in India. There are museums, shops, and local restaurants, all of which will make you pine for Ahmedabad long after you have been there. 

To make the most of your time in Ahmedabad, it pays to be prepared. Purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance so you are a prepared traveler. 

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Ahmedabad - FAQs

Don’t let medical emergencies empty your entire wallet when you are abroad. Stay financially protected with travel medical insurance

Do I need travel medical insurance for Ahmedabad?

Travel medical insurance is not legally required for visitors, but it is not something you should go without. If you were to get sick or injured during your trip without travel medical insurance coverage, you would be solely financially responsible for paying any and all treatment costs out of your own pocket. To prevent being put in this unenviable situation, travel medical insurance is well worth its modest cost. 

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Ahmedabad?

Medical emergencies can arise even when you do everything in your control to avoid them, and they bring in grave financial troubles. 

So, prepare for what you cannot avoid. Buy travel medical insurance for your Ahmedabad trip and stay safe from the financial implications of medical mishaps when abroad.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Ahmedabad - FAQs

If you have to cancel your visit to Ahmedabad, it would not just disappoint you. There could be serious financial consequences. The money you have spent on airfare, hotels, tour bookings, etc. could all go to waste. That is, unless you have trip cancellation insurance

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Ahmedabad travel?

Most of the big-ticket expenses involved in taking an international trip must be prepaid, and they’re usually nonrefundable. If you cannot take your trip, you will not receive your money back. Trip cancellation insurance protects you by allowing you to receive reimbursement for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses if you must cancel your trip due to a reason that’s covered by the policy. 

Use this site to compare your options and read documents carefully before investing.

What should I look for in my Ahmedabad trip cancellation insurance?

Your Ahmedabad trip cancellation insurance policy should have the following features:

To get coverage for the maximum number of reasons for cancellation, get a Cancel-For-Any-Reason (CFAR) add-on. 

Ahmedabad’s Most Popular Places for Travel

History, culture, food, shopping, riverside fun, temples, and architecture…

No matter what your ideal activity is to do on vacation, Ahmedabad has it. The city welcomes you with open arms. Come and explore the gems of Gujarat. 

Kankaria Lake and Nagina Wadi

The developed waterfront on Kankaria Lake is a one-stop destination for entertainment for all types of travelers. A waterpark, zoo, toy train, food stalls, are all here. In the middle of the Kankaria area is Nagina Wadi, a garden-themed entertainment zone. Kankaria is the perfect place to spend the day, especially with family. 

Sabarmati Riverfront

The Sabarmati River divides the city of Ahmedabad into two halves. The riverfront is where you can enjoy zip lining and boating, or you can spend some time walking or cycling along the river and take in the mesmerizing view. 

Neelkanth Patang Restaurant

Located near the Nehru Bridge, Neelkanth Patang restaurant serves Chinese, Indian, and Continental food. But, what makes it truly special is that it is a revolving restaurant. Make your bookings at least two days in advance to watch the stunning scenes of the city while revolving and having a hearty meal.

Science City

Travelers with kids, or those with an inclination towards science should definitely visit Science City. It has an IMAX 3D theatre, an amphitheater, an exhibition hall, a Hall of Space, a Hall of Science, and even thrill rides.

Jhulta Minar

The Jhulta Minar is not an ordinary architectural wonder. It is beautiful, but that isn’t the most fascinating thing about the place. When one of the minarets is shaken, the vibrations are felt in the other one as well. But, the space between the two doesn’t show any signs of vibrations. It is a must-see architectural mystery that deserves a place on your bucket list. 

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the safest cities in India. The alcohol ban and frequent police patrolling make it safe even for solo travelers, and those traveling late at night.

However, make sure you stay aware of possible dangers and annoyances to avert them and have a safe and stress-free trip. 

Pickpockets Prevail

Busy markets, public transport, and popular tourist destinations are home to petty thieves and pickpockets. Avoid flashing valuables and keep your possessions close.

Transportation Troubles

Ahmedabad is a well-connected city. However, local buses can be crowded and often run late. To avoid the hassle, hail taxis.

Scheming Scammers

Scammers are present in Ahmedabad, just like in any other tourist city. Make sure you count your change and negotiate prices in advance. 

Alcohol Ban

Gujarat is a dry state, which means alcohol is banned. Don’t buy alcohol from black marketers and illegal traders or else you can land in trouble. If you wish to drink while in Ahmedabad or elsewhere in Gujarat, you’d need a one-month permit. After that, you can get alcohol from government-authorized liquor shops.

Before You Travel to Ahmedabad - Do This

  • Summers in Ahmedabad are hot. The temperature can go up to 118°F (48°C), so pack clothes that’ll keep you cool, as well as sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and a refillable water bottle.
  • Keep all your paperwork, cash, and cards in a safe pouch. Get photocopies of the documents, and if possible, leave a set of copies at home or with someone you trust. 
  • Buy insurance. Protect yourself from the uncertainties of international travel with the right travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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