Visit the heart of Cambodia on your next vacation to experience a blend of Khmer culture and modern amenities. Phnom Penh will amaze you with its colors, tastes, and vibrancy! To enjoy your time in Phnom Penh to its fullest, be sure to first purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Phnom Penh Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs 

Travel insurance should be on the top of your Cambodia vacation to-do list. 

Here’s why:

Do I need travel medical insurance for Phnom Penh?

Cambodia has ended the travel medical insurance mandate that was in place during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and insurance is now optional unless otherwise dictated by your visa.

However, while the mandate may have gone away, the need for travel medical insurance has not. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for Phnom Penh?

An accident or infection could derail your trip and force you to spend days in the hospital. 

Not to mention the burden of finding private healthcare in Phnom Penh is bound to be high and stressful. If you don’t speak the local language, that will make your search all the more difficult. 

Thankfully, with travel medical insurance, you can rest assured of finding quality healthcare. You can also access consultations and care in the language of your choice. Buy travel medical insurance for Phnom Penh to be financially secure on your trip.

Phnom Penh Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Every international holiday comes with a slew of flights, connecting transport, hotel reservations, tour bookings, etc. What happens if you have to cancel your trip?

In most cases, all of the money you’ve spent on the aforementioned bookings would be lost. These charges are prepaid, and usually nonrefundable. The only option to protect yourself from paying for a trip you cannot take is with trip cancellation insurance

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Phnom Penh?

If you get sick right before you’re set to fly to Cambodia, you may have no choice but to cancel. The same can be said if you have a sudden family emergency, or if global travel is shut down once again. 

With trip cancellation insurance, you are protected against the financial burden of an unintended cancellation. If you must cancel your travel plans due to a reason that’s covered by the policy, your travel insurance plan can help you get reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable expenses. 

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Phnom Penh?

Through trip cancellation is the primary component of most travel insurance plans, they can provide coverage for more than just cancellation. When shopping for a plan, consider the following coverages:

Buying trip cancellation insurance is the best way to ensure that travel mishaps don’t turn into travel nightmares.  

Things to Do for Travelers in Phnom Penh

Wander through the National Museum 

Phnom Penh’s National Museum is a rich repository of Southeast Asian art and history. It is home to over 5,000 paintings, sculptures, artifacts, and scrolls dating back to the Angkor periods. History and architecture buffs will enjoy spending a whole day here. 

Visit the Royal Palace 

Who can say no to a tour through an actual palace? The Royal Palace is the residence of King Sihamoni, and it sits at the center of the city. It has dozens of temples, luxurious rooms, and amazing architecture. We suggest taking a guided tour to learn the history behind each installation and section of the palace. 

Marvel at the Silver Pagoda

Situated quite close to the Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda is a recognizable symbol of Phnom Penh. The pagoda is built on expansive land and has five fascinating stupas. You can also visit the shrines of King Norodom and Kind Udung, two of Cambodia’s bravest and most popular kings. 

Shop at the Russian Market

The Russian Market is somewhat of a melting pot. From thousands of souvenirs, street food, handicrafts, electronic goods, and even designer clothes — you can find everything here. The market comes alive with activity every evening. Why not spend a few hours filling your shopping bags with local souvenirs?

Experience authentic Cambodian cuisine 

Embark on the Phnom Penh Food Tour. It is a mind-blowing experience full of delicious meals, traditional recipes, and secret ingredients. For about $70, you can taste the city’s street food (safely), visit out-of-the-way restaurants, and dine on fantastic Khmer fare. 

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Phnom Penh

Best time to visit 

Like the rest of Cambodia, Phnom Penh has a warm and humid climate all year round. The winter is the best time to visit to avoid the heat. The temperature is a pleasant 20°C (68°F) from November to February, and the humidity is lower. However, always be prepared for rainfall.  

Risk of diseases and infections 

Phnom Penh's tap water is not fit for direct consumption. Always have bottled water at your disposal. Contaminated water can cause diseases like cholera, dysentery, and jaundice, and you certainly don’t want to spend your vacation recuperating in a hospital bed. 

Be picky with street food. You should consume it only if you believe the preparation area to be adequately hygienic and clean. 

Petty crimes 

While Phnom Penh is a relatively safe place for tourists and solo travelers, we recommend always being on your guard for petty crime. Pickpockets and bag-snatchers are common at crowded tourist attractions. Always secure your bags around you, and keep your phone hidden. 

Getting around the city 

Tuk-tuks are the most common and economical means of traveling within the city. You will find at least a dozen of them driving around and looking for rides at any time of the day. An average ride costs around $3-$5.  

Make sure that you negotiate the price with the driver beforehand to avoid getting ripped off. 

Road safety 

Phnom Penh's traffic is chaotic, unregulated, and can seem dangerous by western standards. The roads are lined with potholes, and the sidewalks stop out of nowhere. Be extra careful while walking or driving, especially if you are traveling by two-wheeler. 

Before You Travel to Phnom Penh - Do This

  • Check entry regulations. Visa requirements can change without prior notice. Make sure that you follow the latest guidelines after confirming them from official sources. 
  • Prepare a first-aid kit. Pack a travel-sized first aid kit consisting of medicines for common ailments, antiseptics, antibiotics, bandages, and gauze.
  • Get insurance. Do your research, and select the most appropriate travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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