One of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe is Estonia’s capital, Tallinn. This is where you’ll see a mix of medieval and modern like nowhere else. It is a compact, walkable city with excellent public transport. This is perfect for those who like to wander off the beaten path. Plus, there are eateries, shopping districts, and museums that entertain, engage, and excite.

No matter what type of traveler you are, Tallinn has something in store for you. 

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Tallinn - FAQs

Medical emergencies can arise anytime and ruin your Tallinn trip. Care and caution can only reduce and not entirely eliminate the chances of illness and injury. With travel medical insurance, you can at least stay protected from the financial troubles that come along with medical emergencies.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Tallinn?

Estonia does not legally require you to have travel medical insurance in order to enter the country, but you still need to have it. Imagine becoming sick or injured abroad. You would not be able to rely on your domestic health insurance for coverage, and would thus be required to pay all of your treatment costs out of your own pocket. This is simply unaffordable for many. The only sensible option is to have travel medical insurance. 

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Tallinn?

An unexpected medical fiasco could cost you a major chunk of your travel budget. If you buy travel medical insurance, you can help protect yourself from the financial burden of healthcare when abroad. 

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Tallinn - FAQs

Don’t let cancelled trips drain your savings. Save yourself from paying for a trip that you aren’t taking with trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Tallinn travel?

Unexpected cancellations can lead to the loss of your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses. While you can always plan the trip again later, your lost money won’t come back. That is, unless you have a Tallinn trip cancellation insurance policy. 

With trip cancellation insurance, your insurer can reimburse you for the nonrefundable payments you made if you must cancel your trip for a covered reason. This way, you will be financially protected from the perils of a cancelled trip.

What should I look for in my Tallinn trip cancellation insurance?

Your Tallinn trip cancellation insurance will of course offer trip cancellation protection, but the coverage can extend beyond that. Compare several plans, and look for one that offers:

It’s your money. You should do whatever you can to protect it when planning an international trip. The best tool to do this is Tallinn travel insurance.

Tallinn’s Most Popular Places for Travel

Medieval architecture, cobblestoned streets, modern restaurants, a bubbling craft beer scene, and quirky museums make Tallinn a mesmerizing European capital. Don’t miss these places when you visit:

Old Town

Places that employ costumed workers usually feel touristy and contrived, but not the Old Town in Tallinn. The locals dressed in medieval clothing perfectly compliment the stunning architecture. You actually feel as if you have traveled back in time, which makes the free walking tours even more fun. 

Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform

Care for an Instagram-worthy view of Tallinn? Visit Toompea Hill, where you’ll find the Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform that offers an unobstructed view of the modern and medieval wonders in Tallinn. The platform is frequented by local musicians, so you’ll likely have background music while you enjoy the view. 

Craft Breweries

Estonia is the pack leader when it comes to the growing craft beer scene of the Baltic region. And what can be a better place to go hopping from one craft brewery to another than the capital? Don’t miss sipping and tasting some wonderful local craft brews when in town.

Telliskivi Creative City

Unlike the medieval side of Tallinn visible in the Old Town, Telliskivi Creative City is the heart of the hip side of Tallinn. Over 250 businesses call this art district their home, and you’ll have a tough time telling yourself to stop shopping when you are here. 

Seaplane Harbor Museum

The location of this museum is an attraction in itself. Housed in a seaplane hangar, the museum has over 200 artifacts. A submarine that you can board, and the oldest ship in Estonia remain the most popular attractions of the museum. 

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Tallinn

Tallinn has a low crime rate and is generally safe for travelers and locals alike. However, don’t expect a safe, hassle-free trip if you don’t stay equipped with caution and common sense. 

Reckless Drivers

Road accidents caused by reckless drivers are common in Tallinn, and you should be careful about walking down the streets in the city. Also, taxis tend to overcharge tourists, which makes public transport preferable. 

Pesky Pickpockets

Pickpockets tend to operate on public transport, in tourist hotspots, and places in the Old Town. Don’t let your valuables out of your sight, keep your belongings hidden, and don’t flash jewelry, electronics, cards, or cash. 

Occasional Weather Woes

Unexpected rains and flooding in some parts of the city might soak your plans if you aren’t prepared with appropriate wet weather gear. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and pay heed to the advice of local authorities, and pack some galoshes.

Scammers and Thieves

Just like any other tourist city, scams are common in Tallinn. Swipe your cards with care and always count your change. Also, stay cautious of offers of unwanted help, as it can be a trope to distract you and steal from you. 

Local Laws and Customs

Possession of drugs can land you in a legal trouble in Estonia. Also, refrain from public displays of affection to avoid unnecessary attention. 

Before You Travel to Tallinn - Do This

  • Be ready to wander. Walking across Tallinn is the best way to get to understand the true temperament of the city. So, pack your walking shoes and a small backpack to use while you set out to explore. 
  • Prepare for the Baltic summer. Even if you visit Estonia in the summer, carry enough rain gear. Baltic summers don’t mean eternal sunshine. Downpours are possible.
  • Buy insurance. Hoping for a perfect trip to Tallinn shouldn’t mean you don’t plan for the worst-case scenario. With Tallinn travel medical insurance or travel insurance, you can stay financially safe from the troubles that come when venturing abroad.

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