Malawi is a landlocked country in southeast Africa. The country traces its roots to the Maravi kingdom, which once ruled this region in the 15th century.

The country is home to many ethnic groups such as Yao, Sena, Tonga, and Chewa, among others. People of the Bantu community live here, as well as many Asians and Europeans, making this country a melting pot of various cultures.

A trip to Malawi will give you the opportunity to witness the way of life of many African communities. A combination of stunning natural beauty and some great architecture, Malawi is worth a visit if you are looking forward to an exotic vacation. Before you take off for Malawi, be sure to buy travel insurance or travel medical insurance to protect yourself in case of any unforeseen accidents, illnesses, or injuries.

Malawi Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Medical insurance is meant to cover the cost of treatment should you fall sick or if you are injured during your stay in a foreign country.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Malawi?

While having travel medical insurance is not legally required while traveling to Malawi, buying a plan will safeguard you against medical expenses and ensure peace of mind.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Malawi?

Health hazards in African countries are very common, and you can fall sick during your visit to Malawi. You could also be injured during one of your trips as the terrain of the region is tricky and there are several wild animals here.

Malawi travel medical insurance can cover the cost of treatment if you suffer from sickness or injuries that are covered under the policy.

Malawi Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Opting for trip cancellation insurance for Malawi can provide adequate coverage if your rentals, bookings, or flights are canceled due to any reason listed in the policy.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Malawi?

You can avoid losing money with Malawi trip cancellation insurance. If your hotel bookings, flights, river cruise, or car rentals are canceled due to any covered reason, the insurance company can reimburse you for any prepaid, nonrefundable expenses you might have put down, according to the policy wording.

Even if your travel plans go haywire, at least there is a chance that you will not end up losing money.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Malawi?

Malawi trip cancellation insurance can cover the following:

  • Loss of baggage
  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • Trip cancellation for a covered reason
  • River cruise cancellations
  • Hiking trip and horse-riding expedition cancellation
  • Hotel booking cancellations

Things to Do for Travelers in Malawi

Malawi will amaze you with its sights and sounds. Here are some of the things you must try here.

  • Riding in Kande Horse Stables: Horse-riding in the Malawi country will leave you excited and rejuvenated at the same time. The guided horseback tours give you a chance to explore African rural areas and enjoy their untainted beauty. The stables are mostly family-owned, and the people are very warm. Come back to luxury guesthouses at the end of the day for complete relaxation.
  • Visit Lake Malawi: Lake Malawi covers one-third of the area of the country and is roughly the size of Belgium. The lake is home to a thriving ecosystem with diverse flora and fauna, especially fish and birds, making the lake and the surrounding landscape their home. Not only is it a great tourist spot, but it also provides sustenance to the locals, which is why they deeply respect the lake and its marine life.
  • Safari at Nkhotakota National Park: This is one of the five national reserves in Central Malawi. Numerous rivers flow through this 1,800-square-kilometer (around 695-square-mile) reserve, where alligators and crocodiles abound. You can also spot lions, elephants, and buffalo, along with various endangered species of birds. A jeep safari or a canoe ride is a splendid way to catch a glimpse of these animals in their natural habitats. Other similar reserves are located in Ntchisi, Kasungu, and Vwaza Marsh among others.
  • Shopping at Crafts Market: If you want to carry handmade local goods as souvenirs back home, then head to the crafts market at Lilongwe. Located outside Old Town, this market is famous for wood carvings and items made from colorful fabrics with indigenous motifs. Take your pick from bags, trinkets, figurines and key chains.
  • Beer Tasting at Carlsberg Brewery: This famous Danish beer brand opened its first brewery outside Denmark in 1968, in Malawi. Not only does it provide employment to the local population, but also the drinks produced here are counted among the best in the world. The famous brews are Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Classic, Carlsberg Light, and Carlsberg Elephant, among others. You can also buy bottles on your way out.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Malawi

While you enjoy the beauty of Malawi, keep an eye out for these risks.

  • Wildlife Attack: While there is no danger of an animal attack if you keep to the path, venturing into wildlife-prone terriories should be avoided. Popular tourist beaches are safe, but always check for crocodile warnings and signboards.
  • Mugging: While Malawi is one of the safest African countries, take basic precautions to aid personal safety. Travel in groups, especially after dark. Do not carry a lot of cash, expensive cameras, or watches.
  • Food- and Water-borne diseases: Make sure you get food and water only from licensed restaurants and good hotels.
  • Transport: Malawi might pose transport problems. Make sure you hire your rentals from licensed owners. Confirm that the rentals have all the documentation in order.

Before You Travel to Malawi…

  • Before arriving at Malawi, confirm that your booked rental will pick you up from the airport. Try not to board local taxis immediately, as many of them are unlicensed.
  • Make sure that the weather and geographical conditions are all right, but follow the local news, or else you could arrive during a flood.
  • Get immunized for diseases like yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, malaria, and hepatitis A and B. You should also avoid food from open shacks.
  • Make sure your visa and other travel documents are in place.
  • To enjoy complete peace of mind while traveling in Malawi, get travel insurance to cover you against any covered unforeseen expenses and emergencies.

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