The British Virgin Islands give you the best of both worlds. As you near the exquisite chain of islands, you look up to see high-rising, mesmerizing peaks. At the same time, you look below you and witness the beauty of the ocean and life underneath the surface.

No matter what you seek, be it solitude, an adrenaline rush, stress-relief, or just a fun vacation, the British Virgin Islands will not fail you. Surfing, swimming, scuba diving, sailing, are just some of the activities you can keep yourself occupied with.

Get your perfect tan at the British Virgin Islands. But among your travel preparations, be sure to purchase travel insurance and travel medical insurance to stay covered against any unexpected incidents.

The British Virgin Islands Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Traveling overseas is risky, especially for kids and older people. We may not acknowledge it at home, but the cost of medical care and evacuation while on vacation to luxurious destinations like the British Virgin Islands can be very high.

Why waste your vacation worrying about the possibility of a financial crisis due to health issues? Take care of such unprecedented expenses before your trip even begins.

Travel medical insurance in the British Virgin Islands can help cover all your emergency medical costs when you are enjoying your getaway. You may also get benefits.

British Virgin Islands Travel Insurance Requirements

The British Virgin Islands ended its mandatory travel insurance requirement on July 15, 2022. 

Although travel medical insurance is now optional to travel to the British Virgin Islands, it is still recommended for all visitors. You could still be affected by any number of illnesses or injuries while visiting the BVI, and would end up responsible for a pricey medical bill if you require treatment and don’t have coverage. Travel medical insurance for the British Virgin Islands can protect your pocketbook, and give you additional peace of mind. 

Why Buy Travel Medical Insurance for the British Virgin Islands?

There is only one medical center in all of the British Virgin Islands. The medical supplies there are limited. For any remotely complex procedure, you may have to be evacuated to the U.S. Such evacuation can lead to large medical bills. Injuries are always a possibility, so why not be prepared?

With travel medical insurance, you can cover your emergency medical treatment costs, medical evacuation costs in case you are to be transferred to better medical facilities somewhere, repatriation of remains costs in the worst-case scenario that you pass away, etc.

The British Virgin Islands Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Unless you can make peace with the idea of losing the large amount of money you have spent in booking your hotel, yacht, and activities, you should purchase trip cancellation insurance.

A vacation is an investment, and a rather large one at that. You must secure this investment by opting for insurance that could potentially reimburse you fully for all your non-refundable bookings if an unprecedented event causes you to cancel your trip.

Why Buy Trip Cancellation Insurance for the British Virgin Islands?

Trip cancellation insurance has the potential to reimburse almost 100% of your booking costs. A holiday to the British Virgin Islands entails a great number of outdoor activities that generally require advance reservations. Moreover, the essence of the trip is the yacht trip every traveler must embark on. Bookings for that require pre-payment, as well. Hotels must always be booked in advance.

In an event where your family member gets sick, your trip gets delayed, or you miss your flight, you will want to be reimbursed for the large amounts of money you paid before even reaching your destination. Right? You're eligible for trip cancellation benefits if you have to cancel your trip for a reason explicitly listed in your policy's certificate wording. Be sure to read your policy before purchase and get a thorough understanding of what it does—and doesn't—cover.

What all is covered under travel insurance for The British Virgin Islands?

Travel insurance for the British Virgin Islands is a must. Under such an insurance plan, you will receive benefits for situations like:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Trip interruption
  • Emergency medical evacuation / repatriation
  • Lost baggage
  • Personal identification replacement

Things to do for travelers in the British Virgin Islands

Located just east of Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands are the ideal destination for sunbathing, getting muddy, and sailing off with the wind. The sparkling sea line and irresistible beaches give you a lifetime of experiences.

Rent a Boat

Don't own a boat? Not a problem. There a ton of boating companies on the British Virgin Islands, renting out luxurious boats for long periods. A yachting trip around the island is a great way to kick off your trip. You can explore the island from the periphery, anchor down wherever you like, witness a beautiful sunset, and even participate in boating events.


The British Virgin Islands are a great place to try the sport of kitesurfing. The good trade winds, calm waters, and large open spaces make the Islands the best location to try your hand at it. The islands have plenty of instructors to help you get started. Kitesurfing is a must for any traveler with a streak of adventure.

Street Food in Tortola

To make a vacation perfect, there has to be delicious food. Tortola is the busiest of the British Virgin Islands, and for good reason. The street food options are the very essence of Caribbean culture. The tiny food shacks line the markets and serve innumerable varieties of foods. The items range from home-cooked chicken, rice, and fish to so much more. The crowd may be huge, but the food is well worth the wait.

Try the Delicious Conch

Conchs are unique and valuable seafood. You must have seen conch shells as paperweights and decorative pieces. In the British Virgin Islands, you can savor the taste of fresh conch as fried food, a salad, or in a ceviche. To try the Islands' most iconic food, visit the northernmost of the Anegada Islands. You will spot the large conch mountains and learn how to harvest your own conch.

Sail on the Willy T

Willy T is a floating bar and restaurant. It is popular among tourists owing to its large and loud parties, pirate decor, and unbelievable food. This iconic spot is a must for people of all ages. The restaurant is most widely known for the fish tacos and the pirate shots. You also get the chance to jump off the top of the boat into the clear blue sea underneath. Don't miss out.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in the British Virgin Islands

Although the beauty of the Islands blinds us to the possibility of any dangers there, it is important to learn about the possible health issues you might encounter.

Scorpion Bites

A scorpion bite can cause dizziness, burning, numbness, difficulty swallowing, and seizures. In extreme cases, it may also lead to the inflammation of the pancreas, called pancreatitis. Scorpions are fairly common in the British Virgin Islands. Don't walk around barefoot if you can avoid it. Don't put your hands in deep dark holes or areas where you don't have clear visibility.

Lack of ATMs And Credit Card Machines

The islands are abundant in small shops and eateries. Hence, there is a shortage of ATMs. Most of the shops and stores deal only in cash and do not accept credit cards. Not being aware of this tends to put tourists in difficult situations due to a lack of cash. If you want a risk- and hassle-free trip, be sure to withdraw plenty of cash before you leave. However, be sure not to carry it all around with you—bring what you'll need for the day, and leave the rest in a secure place in your hotel.

Manmade Hazards

The British Virgin Islands are at risk of various natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. However, manmade hazards are much more prevalent. Exposure to dangerous chemical substances is frequent and causes various skin infections. Explosions and transportation accidents occur due to the nature of the terrain. Oil spills are by far the greatest threat to the British Virgin Islands.

Road Accidents

A wholesome vacation on the islands does not require you to rent a car. However, if you do decide to do so, you must be extremely wary of the other drivers. Residents of the British Virgin Islands tend to speed while driving. Such driving habits can lead to accidents, as tourists are new to the area and are not used to them.


Rabies, hepatitis A, and typhoid are some of the diseases that are often encountered in the British Virgin Islands. You must get the appropriate vaccinations before your trip. Rabies is present in the bats on the Islands. Typhoid and hepatitis A can be contracted through contaminated food or water.

Before You Travel to the British Virgin Islands - Do These

  • Carry Enough Cash: Most shops don't use credit card machines and those that do often lose signal due to the weather. ATMs are hard to come by. Be prepared with enough cash in hand.
  • Bring Your Own Snorkel Gear: If you already own snorkel gear, find a way to fit it into your suitcase. Renting the gear on the islands can be quite expensive. Don't miss out on the fun because of the high costs.
  • Purchase Travel Insurance: Islands tend to have unforeseen health risks that we are not aware of. Travel insurance will allow you to sit back and relax rather than worry about your financial conditions in cases of medical issues. Enter some basic information, compare a variety of plans side by side, and pick the one that best fits the needs of your trip.

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