Escape the hustle-and-bustle of Manila in vibrant Quezon City, which offers ample things for you to do during your stay in the Philippines. Home to historical landmarks highlighting enticing cultural heritage, it is the largest and the most populous city in Metro Manila.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and explore all that Quezon City has to offer, take the first step, and learn about the importance of travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Quezon City Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

A travel medical insurance plan can ensure protection from the financial burden that may impact you in case of a health mishap abroad. Buying a travel insurance plan is how you can secure your peace of mind.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Quezon City? 

Travel medical insurance is no longer a requirement for visitors to the Philippines who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, but it is still recommended. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for Quezon City? 

From typhoons to active fault lines and pandemics, the potential risks make buying a travel medical insurance plan the sensible choice for your trip to Quezon City. Without insurance, you would be solely responsible for the cost of any medical treatment you need during your trip to Quezon City and the Philippines. 

Quezon City Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

A trip cancellation insurance plan for your trip to Quezon City can help ensure that you don’t lose a large amount of money in case you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen reasons that are covered by the policy. 

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Quezon City?

When you book a trip to Quezon City, you’ll need to pay for your flight, hotel, and other major expenses upfront. These prepaid expenses are typically nonrefundable. If you get sick, have a professional or family emergency, or travel becomes impossible due to weather conditions or a pandemic, you could stand to lose all of the money you’ve paid for your trip.

Trip cancellation insurance can protect you from this. If your trip must be cancelled for a covered reason, your policy can help you receive reimbursement for your prepaid, nonrefundable expenses. This allows you to book an international trip with less worry about unexpected events. 

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Quezon City?

A trip cancellation insurance plan covers trip cancellation, but depending upon the plan you choose, the coverage can go beyond that. Shop a variety of travel insurance plans on this website, and ensure that the one you choose offers coverages such as these:

But what if you simply want to cancel your trip for a reason not covered by any standard travel insurance policy? Luckily, you have options. Explore cancel for any reason travel insurance for additional flexibility. 

Things To Do for Travelers in Quezon City

Quezon City is the hub of trendy music, food, and art in the Philippines. It is home to beautiful churches and vibrant natural preserves. One cannot truly experience the Philippines without visiting Quezon City. Read on to learn a few of the many things that you can do in Quezon City to make your trip more enjoyable.

Visit the Quezon City Memorial Circle

The Quezon City Memorial Circle stands in the middle of a roundabout as a souvenir of Quezon City’s time as the nation’s capital. An elliptical national park and a shrine, it consists of a mausoleum in the center. The mausoleum contains the remains of Manuel L Quezon, the second President of the Philippines, and his wife, First Lady Aurora Quezon.

The park that surrounds the shrine is lush with greenery, making it a great spot for joggers and bikers. The monument is lit up with colorful lights, and a fountain adds to its charm. The park also consists of eateries, so you can take a break to have a bite here.

Go shopping at the largest solar-powered mall in Southeast Asia

The largest solar-powered mall in Southeast Asia is also one of the first ones built in Metro Manila. The SM City North EDSA is the jump-off point to various areas in Quezon City and is easily accessible. The mall offers restaurants, food courts, shopping marts, exclusive local finds, movie screenings, and sometimes the Sunday mass too.

You can also visit the Trinoma Mall for specialty shops, retail brands, and restaurants. It is located right across from the SM City North EDSA.

Take a break from city life and spend time with nature

Quezon City offers you an escape from busy city life while being a developed urban center at the same time.

Visit La Mesa Eco Park and relax in lush green surroundings. With beautiful walkways and water pools, it is a five-hectare park on the outskirts of the city. It holds the last remaining rainforest in Metro Manila.

Another place you shouldn’t miss is the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center. Often referred to as the “true sanctuary” in the city, it has a zoological and botanical garden along with a man-made lagoon for boating.

Visit the historic churches

The churches in Quezon City add to its heritage. Churches like the Santo Domingo Church are hundreds of years old. These churches also have tributary statues, adding to their heritage.

The San Pedro Bautista Church is the second oldest church in the country. It is located in San Francisco del Monte and is of great significance to Catholics.

Explore the art and culture of Quezon City

Quezon City is home to unique art galleries and museums. Sining Kamalig Art Gallery is one of the best in the city and features contemporary pieces by local and international artists. If you wish to see the most notable works of Filipino artists, head to the Vargas Museum.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Quezon City

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the risks of travel. Before you land in Quezon City, know these risks. 

Vulnerability to Dengue

Quezon City has some highly condensed areas serving as housing areas for informal settlers. This makes the city vulnerable to diseases like dengue. The city records over 5,000 dengue cases each year, but the risk largely resides in congested areas, and the majority of areas are safer. 

Excessive Flooding

Quezon City has five river systems – 44 tributaries – that make more than 70 areas prone to flooding. With flooding, water-borne and insect-borne infections are likely to increase. However, this is limited to the monsoon months.

Earthquake Risks

The Marikina Valley Fault System runs through the city’s eastern portion. It is identified as one of the country’s most active faults. Over 15,000 families are vulnerable to earthquakes in the city.

Congested Areas

Since the City has high-density areas, it records around 900 fire-related incidents per year. Most of these incidents take place during the summer. So, pick a clear and open area for your stay and avoid the chances of such adversities.

Safety Concerns

Violent crimes are possible in the Philippines. Pickpocketing and bag-snatching are not uncommon. Take care to leave your valuables in your hotel safe, and carry your money securely in a money belt instead of a wallet. 

Before You Travel to Quezon City - Do This

Plan your trip

Quezon City offers a lot to its visitors. There is a lot to see in a limited time. Plan ahead and time your trip so that you don’t miss out on what’s of most value to you. If you’re planning to visit art galleries or museums, buy your tickets in advance.

Review Your Accommodation

Before your trip, book a hotel or guesthouse. Pick an accommodation that provides you with all basic amenities with no hidden charges. Typically, you should check the neighborhood of your accommodation and ensure that it is well-connected to the main areas of the city.

Know your insurance needs

Understand the risks and buy adequate travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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