With historical reenactments at Gettysburg, picturesque national parks, and delicious cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has something for everybody. It is the perfect destination to visit with your family and friends. If you are a solo traveler, Pennsylvania is a great destination for you, as well.

Before traveling to Pennsylvania, invest in a visitors medical insurance or travel insurance plan so that any unexpected and expensive mishaps are taken care of more easily.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in Pennsylvania - FAQs

Healthcare is not something that comes cheap in the U.S., and Philadelphia is no exception. A minor accident or illness could cost you a fortune if you do not have a visitors medical insurance plan ready to step in and cover the incident.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania experiences extreme heat in summer and freezing cold in winter. Not many adjust well to the climate. Even the flu or simple dehydration might cost you a lot at a private hospital. To avoid such expenses, purchasing a visitors medical insurance plan is a wise choice.

What should I look for in my Pennsylvania visitors medical insurance?

  1. Does your visitors medical insurance plan have provisions for an acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions? If not, any unexpected emergency arising out of it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. Is your plan extendable? If you get delayed due to a medical emergency or an accident, your visitors medical insurance plan will not be of much use unless you can extend your coverage.
  3. Make sure your visitors medical insurance plan covers all the destinations you want to visit and activities to enjoy.
  4. Visitors medical insurance plans might seem expensive. This is only because they are directly proportional to the massive healthcare costs in the U.S. Do not opt for a cheap option unless it covers your needs. Choose carefully before you buy visitors medical insurance to prevent financial disaster.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Pennsylvania - FAQs

Lodging and travel expenses constitute the majority of your travel costs. If your booking for your hotel or flight gets canceled, you will be staring at hundreds of dollars down the drain. To prevent such losses, book a trip cancellation insurance plan.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Pennsylvania travel?

Pennsylvania's peak travel season lasts for only four months. The hotels and resorts are in heavy demand, and it can be nearly impossible for you to get another booking in case of cancellation. You might even have to cancel your whole trip. To avoid such huge financial catastrophes, be sure to purchase travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits.

What should I look for in my Pennsylvania trip cancellation insurance?

You can receive reimbursement for your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you end up having to cancel your trip for a reason explicitly listed in your policy's certificate wording. Be sure to review the fine print of the plan before purchase for a full understanding of what situations would or wouldn't be covered. The provisions vary by plan. However, most standard trip cancellation plans cover the most common reasons for cancellation like flight delays or cancellations; illness or death of yourself, a travel companion, or an immediate family member; a work emergency; getting called for jury duty; and more.

Pennsylvania's Most Popular Cities for Travel


A trip to Hershey is like taking a stroll through Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. You can see, buy and smell chocolate everywhere in this charming town. Learn all about the history of your favorite chocolates and their creator, Milton Hershey. Kids will love this tour since it's the perfect opportunity to spoil their sweet tooth with chocolate samples. Hershey Park and Hershey Gardens are also major spots to visit.


Lancaster is also known as the "Garden Spot of America". This picturesque rural town is a popular tourist destination due to its Amish farms and Dutch housings. It seems as if time stands frozen in this quiet little town. Lancaster is the perfect place to stop for a couple of days with your group. You can even explore it on foot.


Gettysburg was the site of a three-day battle which marked a turning point in the American Civil War. The historic Gettysburg battlefield is now Gettysburg National Military Park. This spot commemorates the martyrs of the battle and Abraham Lincoln's historical speech. At the battlefield park, you can see reenactments of the Gettysburg battle. Other popular spots include Rupp House, Summer White House, Shriver House Museum, and the Gettysburg Museum of History.


Visit the historic city of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Also a center of music and art, Philadelphia is known as the heart of jazz music all over the world. Philadelphia is a place where you can find historical architecture, mind-blowing skyscrapers, beautiful parks and the crystal waters of the Delaware River. Do we even need to mention the absolutely delicious Philly cheesesteaks?


Pittsburgh is a busy industrial city with vibrant, tall buildings. It is a beautiful metropolis surrounded by water. Notable spots in Pittsburgh include Phipps Conservatory, Carnegie Museum of Art and History, Carnegie Science Center, Cathedral of Learning, Frick Art and Historical Center, Duquesne Incline, and Point State Park. It is a popular destination for families to visit.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Pennsylvania

When to Go

Pennsylvania experiences extreme climates. The summers are extremely sultry. The winters tend to be freezing, and even the springtime is sometimes chilling. The peak season for tourists to visit is between May and September. This is the best season to visit Pennsylvania because many tourist spots remain closed during the winter. Avoid traveling during spring and fall, because Pennsylvania experiences frequent rains during March and April as well as October.

Explore the Lodging Options

Pennsylvania has its share of fancy hotels, luxurious spa resorts, and charming bed-and-breakfast options. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, venture out of the big cities, as the outskirts have many cottages and country houses. You can gain a perspective of rural life and enjoy a quiet weekend at these spots.

Explore the Cuisine

When you are in Pennsylvania, the most available and appealing food would be the Philly Cheesesteak. However, Pennsylvania has a lot more to offer. Pittsburgh and Allentown are studded with Italian restaurants and charming pubs where you can enjoy a hearty dinner.

Avoid South Street in Philadelphia

South Street was once one of Philly's most lively neighborhoods. But recently, it has become a spot better known for petty crimes and rowdy drinkers. It is best to avoid South Street, especially at night.

Before You Travel to Pennsylvania - Do This

  1. If you are traveling off-season, check the weather forecast from a trusted government source before you travel.
  2. You do not have to stick to designated tourist locations. Explore! Pennsylvania is full of hidden gems. If you are a photographer, many not-so-well-known spots may surprise you. However, if you're traveling off the beaten track, be sure to practice common sense and basic safety precautions.
  3. Get Pennsylvania travel insurance coverage so that you and your group can enjoy a carefree vacation. Enter some basic information about your trip, compare your options, and select the plan that best fits your personal needs.

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