Jordan is considered one of the best offbeat destinations by travelers around the world. It provides the perfect mix of old and new through its buildings, architecture, national reserves, and cuisine. So, what makes Jordan a good travel destination?

When you visit Jordan, be prepared to be enchanted by the history that dates back thousands of years. The country reveals crumbling Roman cities, Ottoman charm, and Persian treasures that you can’t witness anywhere else in the world.

Jordan is more than just touring the historical sites. The lively streets of Aqaba, world-class diving in the Red Sea, and burgeoning nightlife in the capital Amman give you an unforgettable experience. You’re sure to have plenty to do. But before you leave, remember to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance to stay protected against the unexpected.

Jordan Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Jordan has excellent medical facilities in large towns and cities. However, in rural areas, the clinics are few and far between. Standard medical care can be provided by costly private hospitals. Travel medical insurance can prove to be very handy in Jordan.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Jordan?

Per official Jordanian websites, all visitors must acknowledge that they will be financially responsible for all costs associated with COVID-19 infection and treatment if they choose to forego travel insurance covering COVID-19. To avoid this risk, make sure to have travel medical insurance covering COVID-19 for your trip to Jordan.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Jordan?

Medical facilities are very good in the capital, Amman, but in smaller towns, you may not have access to English-speaking doctors. Private medical care in some hospitals can be costlier than in Europe or in the U.S. Buy travel medical insurance to save yourself from any undue financial woes.

Jordan Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Jordan has very unpredictable weather, and adventure activities tend to be canceled in case of torrential rains. Travelers have also missed their connecting flights at times, or arrived at the airport to discover that their baggage didn’t. Be a smart traveler and buy travel insurance to stay within budget and avoid unnecessary costs.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Jordan?

Sun seizures, sunstrokes, and sunburns are very common in Jordan. Travelers have fainted due to dehydration when visiting the desert. All these situations require medical care, and the doctor may not give you the clearance to travel in such conditions. Be prepared to make last-minute changes or delay your return.

Trip cancellation insurance kicks in if you have to cancel your trip for one of the reasons explicitly listed in your policy’s certificate wording. Be sure to read the fine print so you have an understanding of what would and wouldn’t be covered.

What all is covered under travel insurance for Jordan?

Make sure you have travel insurance when you travel to Jordan, as it can save you additional costs related to delays, lost baggage, and cancellations. A standard travel insurance policy provides the following:

  • Cancellation of the trip due listed reasons
  • Missing a connecting flight
  • Trip interruption or activity cancellation due to listed reasons
  • Missing baggage
  • Emergency medical evacuation

Things to Do for Travelers in Jordan

  • Visit Petra: It is Jordan’s pièce de résistance and is the most unique tourist attraction in the country. The site is famous for its roles in Hollywood blockbusters like the “Indiana Jones” series. Petra lies between red-hued desert escarpments in Jordan, and it is believed that it was first inhabited in the 4th century B.C.
  • Getaway at the Dead Sea: The Dead Sea lies in the heartlands of the Middle Eastern Levant and is the lowest of the world’s ocean water bodies. The sea is encircled by rising mountains and is loved by travelers for the majestic setting of the sun. The shores are now packed with beaches, resorts, hotels, and mineral evaporating pools to entertain guests. The highly salty water keeps you afloat as you lay on its surface.
  • Adventure Sports at Aqaba: Aqaba is situated close to the Red Sea and butts up against the out-and-out resort town of Eilat, Israel. It is the perfect seaside escape in the Middle East and boasts luxurious resorts and hotels. Go underwater on a scuba excursion, ride the Red Sea on a jet ski, or take a walk among the date trees of the Shatt Al-Ghandour.
  • Dana Biosphere Reserve: Jordan’s largest nature reserve is a place of staggering beauty famous for hiking and walking on a breezy day. The campsites can also arrange activities like bird watching, stargazing, cooking classes, and cycling trails. If you’re lucky, you might see endangered species like the spiny-tailed lizard, Syrian wolf, and sand cat.
  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan or Al-Maghtas: Just 35 miles (55 kilometers) from Amman, the nation’s capital, is the place where Jesus was said to be baptized—Bethany Beyond the Jordan, or Al-Maghtas. It is a sacred place for Christians. Al-Maghtas is also the home to one of the oldest churches in the world, Saint John the Baptist’s Church near the river Jordan.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Jordan

  • Crime: Pickpockets can make you an easy target in the crowded bazaars of Amman if you aren't cautious. Just keep your belongings in sight and don't venture alone after dark and you'll be safe.
  • Food- and water-borne diseases: Food and water-borne diseases are possible in the region. Eat at places that make you feel safe about the quality. Also, avoid drinking tap water. Bottled water should be your only choice.
  • Insect bites: Cover exposed skin when outdoors, and use appropriate insect repellent to keep insects and bugs at bay.

Before You Travel to Jordan – Do These

  • Carry insect repellent to protect yourself from bug bites, and cover exposed skin.
  • Include a cotton scarf in your clothing as it would come in handy while traveling to the desert under the beating sun.
  • Keep all your important travel documents and vaccine certificates in a separate folder for a smoother entry into the country.
  • Buy travel insurance to stay protected against unexpected illnesses, accidents, or injuries. Compare a wide variety of plans and purchase the one that best fits your needs.

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