Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a Latin American cultural hub. From dancing to tango tunes to enjoying soccer, if you are a fanatic, there is a lot to do and see here.

Buenos Aires is culturally vibrant and welcoming. You'll find antique shopping places and art museums to satiate your soul. Plus, there are many eating outlets fitting all budgets to give your taste buds their own experience. Purchase travel insurance or travel medical insurance before leaving for Buenos Aires so you can fully enjoy your trip without the worry of costly injuries or illnesses tarnishing the trip.

Buenos Aires Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Buenos Aires has both a public and a private healthcare system. The former is mostly overburdened and offers no quick solution. Unless, of course, if you are bleeding profusely or literally dying. The latter is expensive, given the inflation in Buenos Aires. The best way to stay financially protected against medical expenses is to buy travel medical insurance.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Buenos Aires?

Travel insurance for Argentina is no longer legally required, but it is practically necessary. Without it, you could incur significant costs if you require medical treatment while traveling abroad.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Buenos Aires?

When you are outside your home country, your local policy does not cover you. You have no assistance at hand. Especially so when you don't speak the local language. Buenos Aires isn't the cheapest of destinations. Either you go insured, or you risk having to pay hefty bills and getting little to no assistance when you or your co-traveler are struggling with health issues. When you have a travel medical insurance plan, it can provide coverage for your medical emergencies so you are not burdened with looming medical bills.

Buenos Aires Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Planning, no matter how precise, is never 100% fail-proof. If your trip to Buenos Aires gets canceled due to unforeseen situations, your time, efforts and money may go to waste. Compensating for the time and efforts you spent planning a trip is not possible, but the financial burden can be taken off your back. Trip cancellation insurance for your trip to Buenos Aires can help you get reimbursed if the trip must be canceled for a reason listed in the plan.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is a beautiful, safe, and peaceful city, but that's not to say nothing can go wrong. Most peaceful protests do not even remotely affect tourists, but you might have to reschedule some parts of your trip. There are plenty of third-party reasons that might result in trip cancellation, such as extreme weather conditions or work emergencies. Buenos Aires trip cancellation insurance can safeguard you from having to bear the cancellation charges and penalties.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Buenos Aires?

It is best to read through several policies before purchasing the best one for you since benefits can vary between plans and providers. Many plans tend to authorize some of the same reasons to cancel a trip, such as falling ill before the trip begins or flight delays or cancellations. Again, be sure to read the plan first for knowledge on the plan-approved cancellation reasons.

Things to Do for Travelers in Buenos Aires

Here are our top suggestions to make your trip to Buenos Aires more memorable:

Have a splendid time at El Ateneo Grand Splendid

What was once a grand theater and then a grand cinema, has now become a grand bookstore. That's El Ateneo Grand Splendid for you. The historical theater and cinema drapes, tapestries, and wallpapers make for the perfect backdrop for the books you'll find here.

Tango at La Milonga del Indio or La Viruta

Do not come back home from Buenos Aires without having tried the Tango. At the La Milonga del Indio, you'll find an older crowd, compared to the La Viruta where the younger lot awaits you.

Visit the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires

Called MALBA for easier use, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires is a contemporary art museum. You'll find the finest exhibits of Latin American Art here.

Enjoy some time at Teatro Colón

If you are lucky to get tickets to a performance at Teatro Colón, it'll be the best ballet or opera you'll ever witness. If you aren't in time for a performance, a guided tour would be a great experience too.

Shop at San Telmo's Plaza Dorrego

Spend a day shopping at the antique marketplace in San Telmo's Plaza Dorrego. You might stumble upon an antique that might be a great deal.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the third safest city in South America. This is enough to keep you at peace that you won't be having major security concerns on your trip. However, there is always a possibility of certain annoyances and you are always better off if you stay prepared.

Here are some things to be wary of when traveling to Buenos Aires

Keep Your Electronics Safe

Phones, laptops, and tablets are hot commodities in Buenos Aires. That's due to the heavy import duties on electronics. This means they are the hottest target for pickpockets. Keep your electronics hidden and use them as discreetly as possible.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Stay generally aware of anything fishy. It is important to also keep your eyes on the ground while you walk as not all dog owners pick up after their dogs. Stepping on left-behind waste can be a nuisance if you aren't careful.

Public Transport Safety

Public transport is usually safe in Buenos Aires. However, to err on the side of caution, it is better to go for booked taxis during the night.

General Caution

Whether you are traveling in a group or alone, make sure you are never out of your wits. Do not consume drugs or drink too much alcohol. This is an open invitation to scammers and pickpockets who'll consider you an easy target.

Pick Up Some Spanish

The local police are usually courteous and you are likely to not face any issues with them, but it may be important to pick up some Spanish to assist with any language barrier that may be present.

Before You Travel to Buenos Aires - Do This

  • Keep the paperwork safe. From passports and visas to cash, cards, and IDs, keep all your important documents safe. Have photocopies of all the papers. You can also create a folder on your electronic device for an additional, online copy.
  • Do not get intimidated by what you hear online about Buenos Aires. The Internet brings a lot of information to your fingertips, but a lot of it is skewed. If you have heard a lot of horror stories about tourists having a tough time in Argentina, chances are you are looking at only one side of the story. Do not let someone else's experience affect your decision to explore Buenos Aires. Go armed with common sense and you'll be just fine.
  • Buy travel insurance. Other than common sense, don't forget to get insurance coverage in Buenos Aires. While common sense would help avoid risks, insurance would help mitigate the financial misery if something untoward occurs.

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