You must be an adventurous traveler if you are planning a vacation in Tokelau. The only way to reach there is by ship from Samoa, which takes more than 24 hours.

Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand, consisting of three minuscule atolls: Atafu, Fakaofo, and Nukunonu. If you’re visiting Tokelau, you’ll find plenty to see and do. But before you go, be sure to buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance to stay covered in case of any unexpected disruptions to your trip.

Tokelau Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

U.S. Medicare and Medicaid plans, as well as most domestic insurance plans, do not work overseas. This is why you should be sure to purchase a travel health insurance plan that covers you at your destination.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Tokelau?

You need to get vaccinated for measles and carry proof of that. There is no other legal requirement.

However, most overseas governments recommend getting comprehensive travel medical insurance before traveling to Tokelau. That includes the New Zealand government, even though Tokelau is a dependent territory.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Tokelau?

You certainly need to go armed with all your vaccinations. However, while vaccines ensure that you have the antibodies to stop an infection from turning critical, they don’t stop you from getting infections to begin with.

You can’t prevent all kinds of infections through vaccines, either. Gastroenteric infection, common in Tokelau, is a pertinent example.

No travel medical insurance is a shield against diseases. But it can save you from incurring medical costs, at least.

You cannot possibly go all the way to Tokelau and return without some swimming, snorkeling, or boat rides. A travel medical insurance plan that covers the risks inherent in such activities would be handy for sure.

Don’t forget that insect bites are always a possibility when you are on any of these Pacific islands. Sunburns are also common.

If you are adventurous enough to go all the way to Tokelau, you wouldn't want to spend your vacation worrying about possible medical expenses. Be smart and buy travel medical insurance. You’ll have one less thing to feel anxious about.

Tokelau Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

When you plan a vacation, some upfront prior costs are always involved. Flight and hotel bookings, planned trips, etc. are likely to include some non-refundable elements. Trip cancellation insurance policies offer reimbursement for these costs if you have to cancel for a covered reason as listed in the policy certificate wording. Be sure to read the fine print for details.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Tokelau?

The Ministry of Health, Government of Tokelau, advises international tourists to get appropriate travel insurance for Tokelau to cover possible trip cancellation or interruption. Cyclones or other natural disasters could lead to ships cancelling their voyage to Tokelau.

An alert may also imply the need to shorten your vacation and return earlier than planned. That could also mean some of your prepaid expenses remain unutilized.

Most trip cancellation insurance packages would reimburse such pre-paid, non-refundable prior expenses.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Tokelau?

Personal mishaps such as the unlikely event of your house catching fire may need you to cancel your planned vacation before departure. Most standard trip cancellation insurance policies would reimburse your non-refundable prepaid expenses in such a situation. Again, check the fine print of your policy for details.

A trip cancellation insurance package includes a list of reasons considered valid. A higher premium would allow you to include any reason whatsoever.

Some trip cancellation policies include reimbursement options for trip interruption, also.

Healthcare facilities in Tokelau are limited. Trip cancellation insurance packages that include emergency medical evaluation costs are particularly crucial.

There is no remedy for the disappointment of a planned vacation getting canceled or cut short. However, if you buy travel insurance to cover trip cancellation costs, you’ll save yourself some financial losses at least.

Things to Do for Travelers in Tokelau

The first thing you should do after your overnight trip from Samoa is to just relax and soak it all in. Your ship won’t be ready to leave before five days at least. You’ll have enough time to do the rest.

  • Go Pig Swimming in Fakaofo: Fakaofo, named Bowditch Island by U.S. explorers in 1841, has three churches for you to explore. A special attraction in Fakaofo is swimming with pigs. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll cherish this experience in playing with pigs in the water.
  • Join a Community Disco: Each island has its own community disco. Take a 9-hour boat trip from Fakaofo to Atafu to spend an evening discoing with the locals. There’s no better way to get to know them up close and personal.
  • Relax on Nukunonu’s Stunning Beaches: Nukononu has some amazing beaches on which to sunbathe, sea bathe, and relax. Don’t miss this largest island’s cargo-shed-turned-village-hall.
  • Go Fishing: It’s not very difficult to persuade a local to take you fishing. Give it a shot. You’ll love it.
  • Play a Game of Kilikiti: You’ll score a 6 if you can use the three-sided kilikiti bat to throw the ball into the water. Why just watch this special Tokelau game? Join in.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Tokelau

Reaching Tokelau in itself is a challenge. Only a few cruise ships include Tokelau in their itinerary. There’s no suitable harbor for large ships to anchor. Getting Tokelau travel insurance that includes water travel risks is a sensible decision.

Tokelau is safe. You’re unlikely to face any crime other than minor theft and pickpocketing. As long as your Tokelau travel insurance covers petty crimes, there’s nothing you need to worry about.

That does not rule out health risks, however. Most overseas governments strongly recommend getting vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B, rabies, tetanus, and typhoid if you plan to travel to Tokelau.

Typhoid is endemic in the drinking water of Tokelau, says the Department of Health, Government of Tokelau. Unless you are careful about your food and drinks, traveler’s diarrhea is in the cards as well.

The WHO’s Country Cooperation Strategy for Tokelau mentions that communicable diseases account for 14.3% mortality in the Pacific Islands. Outbreaks of vector-borne diseases like chikungunya, dengue, and malaria are routine.

Some Pacific islands have recently experienced measles and Zika virus outbreaks, also. Skin eruptions and respiratory tract infections are common health problems. Measles vaccination is compulsory before you travel to Tokelau.

You can never rule out the potential risks involved in activities like swimming and snorkeling. Or going for a boat ride, for that matter.

All the small volcanic islands in the Pacific are vulnerable to cyclones and other natural disasters. Trip cancellation or interruption is always a possibility.

Before You Travel to Tokelau - Do This

  • Don’t forget to get your measles vaccination and carry proof of that.
  • Be lavish with insect repellants and sunscreen creams.
  • Buy travel medical insurance for Tokelau. Compare a wide variety of plans side by side, and pick the one that best fits your needs.

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