The word Kazakhstan literally translates to ‘the land of wanderers.’ Sure enough, its capital, Almaty, is an adventure lover's paradise. 

Almaty is a different world in itself. It is Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis, surrounded by the Tien-Shan Mountain range, and home to extreme adventure sports. Almaty is for those who will marvel at its unique cuisine (horsemeat and mutton being the most common foods), lifestyle and culture. 

The best way to experience Almaty is with a healthy sense of adventure, and a good dash of preparation. Part of that preparation should be purchasing travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Almaty Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Almaty is not your average sunshineville. It is cold, exciting, different, and marvelous. A different world in itself. You should have reliable travel medical insurance coverage to explore it with confidence. 

Do I need travel medical insurance for Almaty?

It is not legally mandatory to have travel medical insurance to enter Kazakhstan, but it is highly recommended. The chances of getting injured or becoming ill only increase in a foreign country, so you will need a way to receive necessary treatment without getting stuck with a massive medical bill. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for Almaty? 

When you go to Almaty, you should be free of stress if ever faced with a situation that would require medical care. Travel medical insurance can allow you to enjoy your trip to Almaty with additional peace of mind. Although it will not prevent an accident or illness, it can reduce your stress by helping shoulder the financial burden of treatment costs. 

Almaty Travel Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

When you book your trip, you will have to prepay for a lot of your expenses, and the charges will mostly be nonrefundable. Irrespective of the covered reason, trip cancellation insurance can help you get reimbursed if you have no choice but to cancel your travel plans. Nothing is certain in life, but your travel can be, when you buy a suitable travel insurance plan. 

Why buy travel insurance for Almaty? 

A famous proverb goes, ‘There is nothing certain, but the uncertain.’ Trip cancellation insurance is a small price to pay to be on top of your finances if and when things get out of hand and you have to cancel your trip. 

Basically, it works like this: If you have to cancel your trip for a reason that’s covered by your policy (a personal illness, death in the family, natural disaster, etc.), trip cancellation insurance can help ensure you receive reimbursement for your prepaid, nonrefundable expenses. The exact details will vary depending upon which travel insurance Kazakhstan visitors choose. 

What can be covered under travel insurance for Almaty?

Trip cancellation insurance, apart from trip cancellation, can provide coverage for a variety of different travel situations you might encounter, including:

However, keep in mind that standard travel insurance will not provide coverage if you simply decide not to take your trip. The cancellation needs to be for a reason that’s covered by the policy. If you want additional leeway in cancellation, consider cancel for any reason travel insurance. 

Things To Do for Travelers in Almaty

You must take yourself to Almaty to experience the beauty of lakes, high passes, cold mountain deserts and to listen to Kui - a unique genre of Kazakh music. Do not miss out on the relaxing Arasan baths. And remember, the best way to explore Almaty is on foot whilst walking the old Soviet streets. 

Almaty has historical monuments from the time of the Russians and Mongols, and is also a modern hub for music, the performing arts, the Opera, and international cuisine. If you are a nomad who feels at home in foreign lands, Almaty is the place for you. 

Don’t miss out on the following during your stay here:

The Four Lakes of Almaty 

Big Almaty Lake, Lake Issyk, Lake Kolsai, and Lake Kaindy are the four famous alpine lakes in and around Almaty. Visit them, and let their gorgeous shades of blues soothe your eyes.

Kok Tobe Hike

Kok Tobe (meaning ‘Blue Hill’) is a short hike to the highest point in the city, bursting with colorful perennial flowers and offering views of the city skyline. There are also cafés, restaurants, a ‘The Beatles’ monument, and an amusement park on top of this hill.

Singing Dunes and Colorful Mountains 

180 kilometers Northeast of Almaty in the Altyn-Emel National Park, one can experience and climb sand dunes through which the whistling of wind sounds like singing – a natural phenomenon that otherwise is only found in Liwa in the UAE. The colorful mountains of Aktau are also a must-visit here. 

Historical Sightings 

The Zenkov Cathedral and the historical region of Turkestan should be on your list of historical sightings. The Kazakhstan Museum of Arts, National Museum of Musical Instruments, and the Central Mosque of Almaty are also must-sees. 

Local Cuisine

Foodies must not miss out on trying local dishes such as Sirne (cured lamb meat in horse-milk), Barmak (long crispy breadsticks served with sour cream), and Usaq Baursak (Kazakh popcorn) at famous local restaurants such as ‘Tyubeitika’ and ‘Alasha’ in Almaty. 

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Almaty

Travelers claim that Almaty is safer than most European and American cities. The Kazakhs are hospitable and friendly. Many of them also speak English. However, when you visit the world’s biggest landlocked country, you’re essentially saying “yes” to some risks. They are:

Theft and Crime

Criminal elements exist in every city, and Almaty is no exception. Robberies have occurred in tourist hubs, on public transport, in parks, malls, and markets. On occasion, criminals have been known to pose as police officers. 


There is a threat of groups related to terrorism in Almaty and Nur-Sultan. Avoid public places such as government schools, buildings, places of worship, and tourist attractions if traveling during a time of political unrest. 

Road Safety 

Aggressive driving, poorly marked and maintained roads, and obscure signs make driving dangerous, especially in winters. Driving at night can be risky. Consider hiring a car with a driver in Almaty.

Severe Weather Conditions 

Winters in Almaty can be quite cold, with temperatures dropping below 15°F (-10°C). The wind can be harsh, as well. Avoid visiting in winter unless you’re comfortable in cold temperatures. 

Before You Travel to Almaty - Do This

  • Book a personal cab: There isn’t adequate public transport in Almaty, especially the kind that reaches the outskirts of the city. However, hitchhiking is a common activity in Kazakhstan even done by the locals. But book a personal cab for a comfortable stay. ‘Yandex Taxi’ is a helpful app to keep on your phone when in Almaty. 
  • Know the language: Even though many people in Almaty speak English, it is extremely useful to know a few basic Kazakh phrases to navigate your way around the city better. Other languages widely spoken are Uzbek, Russian and Korean. 
  • Buy Almaty  travel medical insurance or travel insurance. Make sure your policy covers the activities you plan to participate in, such as skiing, hiking, or rock climbing

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