Curacao is located in the southern Caribbean Sea and is a part of the Dutch Caribbean region. Little Curacao, which is an uninhabited island apart from the main island of Curacao, is also a part of this island region under the Kingdom of Netherlands.

The island was named by the early inhabitants of the region, mainly the Arawaks and the Caquetio Amerindians. It is believed that they traveled here from the Amazon basin, hundreds of years before the Europeans had set foot on the island.

The island was once a major center of trade for the Portuguese. It is a popular tourist spot today, and people come here to enjoy the tropical weather, warm Caribbean sun, and to relax on the beaches. It is a splendid destination for a beach vacation. While you pack for your vacation, be sure to buy travel insurance or travel medical insurance as a safeguard against any unforeseen illnesses, injuries or accidents that might occur on your trip.

Curacao Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

A travel medical insurance plan can provide you coverage in a foreign country. Sudden medical expenses in a foreign country can be expensive, and a plan will put you at ease.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Curacao?

You do not have to compulsorily buy a medical insurance plan before traveling to Curacao. However, the government does advise having sufficient coverage for medical care abroad. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for Curacao?

In case you fall sick in Curacao or if you are injured in some way, you could have the cost of medical care covered if you have Curacao travel medical insurance. The medical insurance plan can provide coverage for treatment and ambulance services.

It can also cover the cost of evacuation to the mainland, as well, if the need arises.

Curacao Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

If your bookings in Curacao are canceled due to climatic conditions, disease outbreak, or due to political unrest, the cost of your expenses can be covered by the insurance company as long as the condition is listed as approved in the plan.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Curacao?

Curacao trip cancellation insurance can help protect your vacation fund. It can reimburse you for any pre-paid, nonrefundable expenses that you put down if you have to cancel for a reason covered under your policy. The cancellation reasons eligible for insurance benefits are explicitly listed in your policy's certificate wording. Be sure to read the fine print in advance so you know what is (and isn't) covered.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Curacao?

Curacao travel insurance can cover the following:

  • Loss of baggage
  • Scuba diving cancellation
  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • City tour cancellation
  • Cancellation of hotel booking
  • Cave tour cancellation

Things to Do for Travelers in Curacao

There are many amazing things to enjoy in Curacao.

Touring Handelskade

The beautiful and colorful buildings on the beachfront are a treat for sore eyes. The waterfront in Punda is one of the most frequently photographed places in the world. The buildings are a modern homage to the region's Dutch heritage. The waterfront comes alive at night when the cafes and restaurants light up, adding a cheerful sparkle to the waterfront.

Relaxing on the Beaches

There are plenty of beaches in Curacao, so they do not become overcrowded. You will always find a secluded spot on the beach where you can sunbathe or read a book without any disturbance. The Blue Bay, Kalki, and Kenepa are some of the more popular beaches. Or, you could take a boat to the truly secluded Klein Beach.

Go Scuba Diving

The waters of Curacao will give you ample opportunity to explore marine life up close. The Mushroom Forest is very popular, and there is the Hell's Corner, where aircraft wrecks can be seen underwater. The waters are full of lobsters, tube sponges, brain corals, sea turtles, and other kinds of marine life to observe.

Explore the Hato Caves

These caves are around 300,000 years old and date back to prehistoric times. They are the biggest natural wonder on the island, and the stalactite and stalagmite formations will leave you awestruck. There is a natural cactus garden inside the cave. Walking through the cave will transport you back in time.

Visit the Shete Boka National Park

Although the national park is not as extensive as the ones you mostly find on the mainland, it still has its fair share of wildlife to enthrall you. A variety of lizards and geckos live here, along with birds and insects. Many endangered tropical plants are preserved, and it also serves as the nesting ground for various sea turtles.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Curacao

Here are some things you should be careful of when you are visiting Curacao.

Traffic problems

The public transport system is not very efficient in Curacao. Hence, you often have to resort to private rentals, and some unscrupulous drivers try to take advantage of this problem. Always book your car from registered rental agencies, as the unregistered ones often have shabby cars that are poorly maintained.

Issues linked with the political situation

Demonstrations are common. Road blockades are frequent, and you could be stranded far from your destination. Try to avoid large gatherings.

Managing your money

Although the crime rate in Curacao is pretty low, you can run a risk of losing your belongings. If you forget your bag at a café, chances are it will be gone by the time you're back to check.

Dangers at Sea

Being an island, Curacao is often battered by hurricanes and cyclones. The hurricanes in the Caribbean are most common between June and September and during this time, most of the marine activities are shut down. Big storms are quite frequent almost the entire year.

Hazards caused by animals

Curacao is famous for lizards, iguanas, and geckos, and while most of them are harmless, there are a few which can be poisonous. The problem is that the inexperienced eye would not be able to detect one from the other. Always follow your guide's instructions when you are out sightseeing, and try not to disturb the urban wildlife.

Before You Travel to Curacao…

  • Stay updated about hurricane and cyclone warnings. Make your travel plans early so that you can avoid the roughest time of the year.
  • Find out about the registered restaurants that serve iguana stew, the popular local delicacy. Avoid having this dish from out-of-the-way shacks due to sanitary issues.
  • Get vaccines for tropical and Caribbean diseases like dengue and malaria.
  • Check whether your hotel is situated near one of many oil refineries in the region. If it is, you can be plagued by the awful stench, resulting in a most uncomfortable stay.

Get Curacao travel insurance before your arrival, and you will enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay in this beautiful island region of the Caribbean. Enter some basic trip information, compare a wide variety of plans, and select the one that best fits the needs of your itinerary and budget.

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