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Enter all the data below to get accurate information about annual multi-trip insurance policies and to get instant quotes. You may choose from flight only, medical only or package policies.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

  • For frequent travelers.
  • Ideally suitable for frequent travelers who make multiple trips throughout the year.
  • Any trip duration can be either 30 days, 45 days, 70 days or other duration, depending upon the plan.
  • Multi-trip travel insurance allows you to make any number of trips in a year.
  • Coverage usually starts when you depart on your first trip and lasts for a year from that date.
  • You may be able to get either domestic, international or worldwide coverage in multi trip insurance.
  • Coverage can be provided whether you take personal or business trips or mix them.
  • Annual travel insurance generally provides medical coverage, repatriation and evacuation coverage.