Ukraine Travel Insurance

Ukraine is the second-biggest country in Europe, after Russia. It is vast, vibrant, and has a lot to offer for travelers from around the world. The country has a rich cultural heritage, and the local communities are warm and welcoming. There is a lot to see and do in Ukraine. Make sure to plan your itinerary in advance so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Ukraine requires visitors to have travel insurance that covers COVID-19-related expenses just like any other new sickness that occurs after the effective date of the policy.

While you are planning your trip, you should consider getting Ukraine travel insurance. Why? Simply because the risks in Ukraine travel are many. No, we do not mean that it is “unsafe” to travel there. But any travel involves a certain amount of risk, and it is good to be prepared. Insurance insures that you do not have to worry about any mishaps or inadvertent expenses. First, consider the risks that you might face. Then, find a travel insurance policy that offers comprehensive coverage for those risks.

For U.S. citizens, travel medical insurance is now mandatory. It should cover any and all expenses related to COVID-19. You might have to take tests and self-isolate if asked to do so at arrival. For non-U.S. citizens also, having Ukraine travel insurance that covers all possible expenses is a must. Ukraine travel insurance for tourists is not required as a prerequisite for a visa—but, it is always the wise choice to have reliable coverage.

Ukraine Travel - The Prospects

Ukraine is a big, beautiful country with numerous sites worth the tourists' time. In recent times, the flow of foreigners into Ukraine has increased drastically. People are flocking to this European nation for both work and leisure. As more and more people see beyond the war-torn past of Ukraine, it is emerging as a hotspot for international travelers.

Ukraine Travel Risks

Under normal conditions, travel to Ukraine is safe. Follow basic safety rules, stay aware, and steer clear of certain locations that might be prone to attacks and conflicts. With these measures, you will have no issues.

However, some of the travel risks associated with Ukraine travel include:

  • Petty theft

    The risks are not exorbitantly high. Yet it is better to keep your belongings and valuables safe—and, as an extra layer of protection, to have travel insurance. During such an unfortunate event, insurance would help compensate for any sorts of losses.

  • Health risks

    Accidents and emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. If you want to be completely covered for all sorts of ailments, insurance is a must. Ensure that your insurance covers new ailments like the coronavirus and associated expenses.

    You might also suffer from waterborne diseases. This is most likely if the water you consume comes from unreliable sources. Sticking to bottled water would be better.

  • Flight delays and baggage misplacement

    It is possible that your trip might get delayed or postponed. There are countless unforeseen circumstances that could cause that. This would cost a lot in cancellation charges on accommodations and other trip bookings. In such a situation, travel insurance would help mitigate these expenses.

    Moreover, you might lose your baggage at the hotel or due to airline negligence. Insurance would help compensate for all these types of losses.

  • Political and Social Issues
    Sometimes, Ukraine is in the news due to political tensions with Russia, with whom it was formerly a part of the Soviet Union. The two countries can have different outlooks on the correct path forward for Ukraine, and this can lead to tense geopolitical situations, and the threat of conflict. It is recommended that you always check up-to-date travel advisories before traveling to Ukraine, and have insurance that can provide coverage during the current situation. 

Finding the Right Travel Insurance in Ukraine

The opportunity to explore Ukraine can be a cause of both excitement and concern: excitement for the unpredictable thrills that await, and concern regarding the unpredictability of healthcare and law and order. Don’t let uncertainty dampen your spirits. Get Ukraine travel insurance, cover your risks, and soak in the unique experiences that Ukraine has to offer.

There is no lack of policy providers offering travel insurance in Ukraine. However, not all of them offer equally comprehensive coverage. While traveling to Ukraine, you could be exposed to many risks. Comparing policies before investing in comprehensive coverage ensures complete peace of mind.

Read your policy’s certificate wording to clarify any doubts that you might have with the policy provider. Be aware of what is included in the coverage and how reimbursement will be managed.

Gather quotes from multiple policy providers and compare them for coverage and premiums. The best policy is one that offers you the most peace of mind. And of course, an assurance that the insurance provider will cover you should anything go wrong.

Explore the unseen beauty and lavish culture of Ukraine with complete peace of mind offered by proper travel insurance.

Top Places to Explore in Ukraine

Rugged coastlines, untamed and wild forests, and natural lakes—all in the same place. Ukraine is an often-overlooked destination. However, this hidden gem has something worthwhile for all age groups and interests. Here are the top places worth exploring:


You have likely heard about the infamous nuclear explosion of 1989 in Pripyat. Countless movies and series based on the incident have given Chernobyl notoriety. The site is now open to tourists. The total exposure to nuclear radiation you would have after a trip to Chernobyl is about equal to a hospital X-ray. The trip is safe to take, but you might want to discuss it with your insurance provider.

Please note: Most insurance providers do not cover expenses caused by exposure to nuclear radiation. However, a visit to Chernobyl would not invalidate your overall coverage. You would still have a safety net for non-nuclear accidents including theft, a sprained ankle, etc.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Ukraine is home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites like St. Sophia's Cathedral and Lviv's Historic Center. If you are a culture enthusiast and would like to explore the unique cultural colors of Ukraine, do not miss them!

Both these mesmerizing locations are safe from a tourist’s point of view. However, cases of road accidents, mugging, and theft can occur anywhere. 

Tunnel of Love, Klevan

The Tunnel of Love is one of the most photographed locations in Ukraine. And rightly enough, singles and couples are going to be truly mesmerized by the beauty of the Tunnel of Love.

You can also visit the sunflower fields or catacombs. Exploring the local markets, tasting cuisine, and experiencing various restaurants are also all great options. It all depends on what kind of trip you are planning and your interests.

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