Liechtenstein is a little piece of paradise tucked away between Germany and Switzerland. The tiny country is an idyllic vacation spot regardless of your tastes and interests. Its natural beauty is astonishing, it has fascinating art and culture, and the food and beverage options are endless.

Visit the untouched rolling hills of Liechtenstein to enjoy an Alps getaway like no other. Thanks to its compact size, you can explore every nook and cranny of this marvelous country in short order. Regardless of the length of your stay in Liechtenstein, it's important to be prepared in case of illness or mishap. Be sure to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance before you go.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Liechtenstein - FAQs

A smart traveler is a well-prepared one. If you get injured or become sick on your vacation, you'll need to be prepared to handle the bill. Since your domestic health insurance will likely not provide sufficient coverage in Liechtenstein, it makes sense to have travel medical insurance.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Liechtenstein?

Accessing private healthcare in Liechtenstein can be costly. A simple incident could set you back a lot of money. Thankfully, you can avoid unexpected medical expenses with a travel health insurance policy for Liechtenstein. It is designed specifically to provide financial coverage for necessary medical treatment during an international trip.

Not only is travel medical insurance a smart decision, it may also be a requirement for you. Residents of some countries must have a Schengen visa to visit Liechtenstein. If this is the case for you, then you must also have compliant health insurance.

What should I look for in my Liechtenstein travel medical insurance?

If you require a Schengen visa to travel to Liechtenstein, then you need to follow the government's guidelines on travel insurance. Current guidelines stipulate that insurance must provide at least €30,000 in medical coverage, as well as coverage for repatriation of remains and emergency medical evacuation.

Even if you're allowed visa-free entry, there are still certain things you should consider. Liechtenstein is extremely popular for mountain sports like hiking, mountain biking, skiing and mountain climbing. If you plan to participate in any of these activities, make sure to purchase travel medical insurance that can provide coverage for them.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Liechtenstein – FAQs

One of the first things you'll spend money on when planning an international trip is airline tickets and hotel bookings, as it's usually necessary to get reservations ahead of time. The trouble is, if your trip has to be canceled, they're often nonrefundable, or charge cancellation fees. Trip cancellation insurance can allow you to be reimbursed for these expenses.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Liechtenstein travel?

No one intends to cancel a holiday they've been planning for months or years. However, sometimes you're left with no choice. You could get sick just prior to departure. A family emergency could pop up. A global health crisis could make travel impossible. Whatever the case, you could be stuck with reservations you can't use, and no way to get your money back for them.

With trip cancellation insurance, you can be entitled to a full or partial refund for these expenses when your trip has to be canceled for a reason covered by the policy. It's an effective way to safeguard your finances when travel plans go astray.

What should I look for in my Liechtenstein trip cancellation insurance?

The majority of travel insurance plans will offer coverage for trip cancellations, but there may be other benefits available. Consider purchasing travel insurance with these options:

When selecting a travel insurance plan, it pays to read the fine print. Be sure you have a thorough understanding of what is covered and what isn't, so there will be no questions if you need to use it.

Liechtenstein's Most Popular Locations for Travel


Liechtenstein's quaint capital of Vadux is simply enchanting. The snaking blue Rhine flows near the "Schloss" or castle, and the green hills give way to rows of colorful houses. Vaduz is also home to plenty of tax-free luxury stores, so you can go on a shopping spree during your vacation.


Malbun is a skier's paradise. It is located on top of a 5,250-foot mountain close to Vaduz and hosts Liechtenstein's best skiing season. There are numerous resorts here where you can kick back and relax as you enjoy everything in sight being covered with a blanket of snow.

Fürstensteig Trail

This 12-kilometer hike is Liechtenstein's most famous trail. It begins at the little village of Gaflei and winds through the "Three Sisters" track. You will be rewarded with a glorious view at the end near Planken, where you can cast an eye on snowcapped peaks for miles around.


Take a breathtaking chairlift ride from Malbun to Sareis. It is a base camp for dozens of hiking trails going through the mountains. The "Princess Gina" trail is a local favorite, and it is easy enough for beginners to enjoy. It ends at the awe-inspiring heights of the Augstenberg Mountain, which offers a panoramic view of the Alps.

Biking trails

If biking is more up your alley, fret not! Liechtenstein is one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world. Simply rent a sturdy bike and hit the trails along the Rhine, or go mountain biking through the alpine countryside. There are helpful signposts guiding you along the "Five Castles" and "Two Countries" routes.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is quite safe for tourists, with the primary concerns being potential dangers while exploring nature. Keep these tips in mind for a fun and safe vacation.

The best time to travel

Each time of the year has its own charm in Liechtenstein. The summer months from April to August are pleasantly warm and sunny. The winter tends to get quite cold, with the mercury dipping below freezing from November to January.

Hiking precautions

There are numerous small and big trails crisscrossing Liechtenstein, and you might feel spoiled for choice. Ensure that you do not approach any trail in the mountains without knowing necessary information about its elevation, sheer drops, emergency stops, alternate access points, etc.

Biking and adventure activities

Some mountain biking trails in the mountains are extremely tough and are only open for experienced riders. Do not venture into the backcountry without checking the weather forecast, and carry a medical first-aid kit.


In a tiny country like Liechtenstein, hitchhiking over short distances is a common way of getting around. The local police recommend that tourists not engage in hitchhiking as they are not familiar with the area's geography and locals.

Getting around Liechtenstein

Note that Liechtenstein does not have a commercial airport. You will have to fly to Zurich and take a train or rent a car to enter the country. We recommend renting a vehicle for the duration of your stay, since it is the best option to access remote areas.

Before You Travel to Liechtenstein - Do This

  • Get the right gear. If you plan to go hiking in the mountains, appropriate clothing and equipment like footwear and a first-aid kit is a must.
  • Get vaccinated. The government of Liechtenstein can provide a list of recommended vaccines to get more traveling.
  • Buy insurance. Manage your financial risk when traveling with proper Travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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