A city with nature, culture, and perfect weather, Medellín is an underrated tourist destination like none other. Parks and gardens amidst a backdrop of the Andes Mountains provide a peaceful environment to explore the city.

Colombia’s second-largest city also offers tourists great nightlife and food experiences; places like El Poblado and Laureles are known for their quality bars and restaurants.

Read on to find out how to make the best of your stay in the City of Eternal Spring. But before you go, learn about the importance of travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Medellín Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers — FAQs

While Medellín is a beautiful gem of a city that is wonderful to visit, it is not without its risks. Then again, risks are present whenever you travel internationally, so it is important to be prepared for them with proper travel medical insurance

Do I need travel medical insurance for Medellín?

The Colombian government no longer requires tourists to purchase travel medical insurance before applying for a visa. But don't let the end of the requirement make you think you can go without coverage. Travel medical insurance is still essential to help pay for necessary medical expenses abroad.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Medellín?

Did you have ample warning before the last time you required medical treatment? Most likely not. Injuries and illnesses can strike suddenly. However, when visiting a foreign country, you will not have your domestic health insurance to rely on when you get the bill. 

To avoid being put in a situation where you’re stuck with medical costs you cannot afford to pay, be sure to have a travel medical insurance plan that meets your needs, and all requirements set by the Colombian government. 

Medellín Trip cancellation Insurance for International Travelers — FAQs

Have you ever had to cancel plans to see a local movie or concert at the last minute due to a health issue or family emergency? It was disappointing having to miss the event, but even more so because you were unable to recoup the money you’d already spent on tickets. 

Now, imagine that same scenario, except the “event” is an international trip. You’ve got heaps of money tied up in airline tickets, hotels, and other bookings, and they’re all nonrefundable. What happens if you’re suddenly unable to go? This is where trip cancellation insurance comes in.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Medellín?

Sometimes, cancellations are unavoidable. You could get sick or injured, or a family emergency could pop up. In today’s travel reality, a public health concern could very well make it impossible to travel to your destination. 

Since you likely paid for your airline tickets, hotel and other expenses ahead of time, cancelling your trip will mean you’ll want to be reimbursed for this money. However, refunds often aren’t available, or involve massive penalties and red tape to navigate.

Travel insurance can help simplify things. If you have no choice but to cancel your trip for a covered reason, your travel insurance plan can allow you to be reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable expenses. It lets you book your trip with confidence, even if the unexpected should happen. 

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Medellín?

Before purchasing any travel insurance plan, be sure to read the fine print in detail. This way you can understand what is covered, how much is covered, and what is not covered. Generally, a trip cancellation insurance policy can cover instances such as:

Things to Do for Travelers in Medellín

Parque Arví

An open, public park, Parque Arví is an excellent eco-tourism spot for visitors. The Aburrá Valley provides a serene backdrop to the park, where tourists can explore the natural heritage of Columbia and Medellín.

Consider traveling here from Medellin’s Metrocable, an impressive transport system that is an experience in itself.

Jardín Botánico de Medellín

If you’re a lover of nature and all things green, consider visiting the Botanical Garden of Medellín. With a surprising variety of plants, flowers, and birds, the Garden is a paradise for nature lovers and a peaceful place for any tourist.

Don’t forget to visit the popular butterfly enclosure within the Garden, or the Orchideorama, which features a wide and beautiful collection of orchids.

Parque Explora

Close to the Botanical Garden is another tourist attraction you cannot miss out on: Parque Explora. This is an interactive museum that houses a wide range of reptiles, amphibians, and critters in its vivarium and aquarium. The park also has a planetarium where tourists can stargaze.

Educational exhibits include physics, neuroscience, and communication. So, not only is it a fun, family-friendly experience, but it is also educational.

Plaza Botero

Plaza Botero is located in the “Old Quarter” of Medellín. It’s a lively plaza that displays 23 sculptures by the famous Columbian artist Fernando Botero. It’s a must-visit for anyone who wishes to admire the architectural and cultural heritage of the city.

Located in the plaza are two important tourist destinations: the Museum of Antioquia, and Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture. Containing many artworks by prominent artists (including Botero), the museums display exhibits that will give tourists further insight into Columbian culture.

Laguna de Guatapé

Visiting Guatapé is one of the top things to do for anyone who visits Medellín. Although the lagoon is a two-hour ride away from the main city, we recommend you make time to visit, and climb on the wonderful rock (El Peñol) that will afford stunning views of the natural beauty of Guatapé Reservoir.

Enjoy the panoramic, 360-degree view of the lakes and hills below.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Medellín


Despite all of the natural beauty and the green environment, Medellín is a city that is constantly battling with high levels of pollution. Tourists with respiratory conditions may experience some discomfort.

Your best bet will be to carry an N-95 mask along with you. These masks have been proven to block harmful particulate matter from entering the lungs.


A combination of aggressive traffic and bad roads makes driving a risky thing to do in Medellín. Tourists should practice caution if they are driving rented vehicles. If you’re opting for a taxi service, make sure it’s a safe and reliable one. Doing your best to avoid rush hours will also help you stay safe.


Compared to what it used to be, Medellín is much safer now. But it still isn’t entirely safe. Tourists are at risk of pickpocketing and robberies.

To avoid being a victim, try not to dress in clothing that conveys wealth, or readily identifies you as a tourist. Do your best to blend in with the crowd. Don’t wear flashy jewelry, and keep your valuables and passport in a slash-proof bag.

Water Pollution

It is recommended that tourists avoid drinking or swimming in the local water, as it may be polluted. Buy bottled water, or carry a water filtration device, and only swim in sanitized swimming pools.  


Medellín has a long history of mosquito-borne diseases. 2010 and 2016 saw major outbreaks of dengue, and repeated cases of zika and chikungunya have been reported.

On during your trip to Medellín, do your best to avoid mosquito bites. Carry mosquito repellent along with you, and apply it liberally.

Before You Travel to Medellín — Do This

Learn some Spanish

Outside of hotels and tourist areas, most locals will only speak Spanish. You can have a much more enjoyable trip if you take the time to learn some common Spanish words and phrases, and locals will appreciate your effort. 

Pack the following:

  • Mosquito repellent for mosquitoes
  • Slash-proof bag to avoid pickpockets

Buy insurance

An insurance plan covering coronavirus-related expenses is recommended to visit Medellín, or anyplace else in Colombia. Do you research, and be sure to purchase the right coverage for your needs before you go.

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