Sri Lanka is popularly also known as “The Pearl of The Indian Ocean”. But Sri Lanka is not just a paradise for beach-lovers. This little island nation located in the Indian Ocean has much more to offer tourists than its pristine white beaches. Come explore its national parks, Buddhist caves, tea gardens, and gorgeous temples. Take a scenic train ride, stay in beautiful hotels, and try delicious seafood.

Don’t miss the chance to say, "Hello", "Ayuboan", or "Vanakkan" to Sri Lanka. And before you leave, make sure to purchase travel insurance and travel medical insurance to protect yourself against any unexpected accidents, illnesses, or injuries that might occur during your stay.

Sri Lanka Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Accidents, illness, and hospitalization in a foreign country are every traveler’s worst nightmare. Travel medical insurance provides you with insurance coverage to protect you from the expenses of unforeseen medical emergencies during your trip to Sri Lanka. Though there is no way to avoid illness, travel medical insurance does help you avoid the costs and hassles that come with it.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Sri Lanka?

Currently, there are no Sri Lanka travel insurance requirements. Therefore, it is not mandatory for foreigners traveling to Sri Lanka to carry Sri Lanka travel medical insurance. However, it is highly recommended to buy travel medical insurance for your trip. The price of the policy is a small one in exchange for ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Sri Lanka?

Most international travelers to Sri Lanka choose to buy travel medical insurance for their vacation to this beautiful island. Here’s why it makes sense to purchase a travel medical insurance in Sri Lanka:

  • It provides the comfort of comprehensive financial protection against any hospitalization expenses that might arise due to accident or illness during your stay in the country.
  • If you are planning to indulge in adventure activities, several travel medical insurance plans provide coverage (or offer additional add-on plans) for accidents and adventure sports.
  • Travel medical insurance can provide cashless facilities where you don’t need to worry about paying the full cost of treatment and seeking reimbursement from insurance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Most travelers plan for their trip, not for having to cancel it. Unfortunately, trip cancellations often take place due to unforeseen circumstances like illness, death, work-related issues, political factors, weather conditions, or even quarantine. Sri Lanka travel insurance is your safeguard against such sudden and unexpected circumstances.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Sri Lanka?

Trip cancellation insurance for Sri Lanka is a must-buy. A canceled trip is not just about the disappointment of having to cancel your much-awaited vacation; it’s also about the high costs that you may incur without even traveling. A trip cancellation insurance policy protects you from financial liability that may arise due to trip cancellations, trip delay, or trip interruptions. This kind of insurance will provide reimbursement if you have to cancel your trip for a reason explicitly listed in the policy’s certificate wording.

What all is covered under travel insurance for Sri Lanka?

A good travel insurance policy has many more benefits to offer than just coverage against trip cancellations or delays. Most travelers to Sri Lanka buy travel insurance for protection against a wide array of problems that can occur during travel. Depending on the type of plan, Sri Lanka travel insurance for tourists provides coverage for:

Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an exciting destination for backpackers, trekkers, families, solo travelers, wildlife aficionados, naturalists, history buffs, and more.

Here’s a list of must-see attractions in Sri Lanka:


The sea coast off Kalpatiya in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka is a whale-watcher’s paradise. Don’t miss your chance to catch a glimpse of five different species of whale, including blue whales, sperm whales, dwarf sperm whales, minke whales, and melon-headed whales.

Gourmet Delights

Unknown to many international travelers, Sri Lanka offers a unique, not-to-be-missed culinary experience. Try out delectable delicacies made with exotic local spices.

Adventure Sports

A trip to a beach is undoubtedly incomplete without an adrenaline rush. Make the most of adventure sports like paragliding, surfing, wind-surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boating, parasailing, and wreck-diving to name just a few.

Wildlife Trails

A trip to Sri Lanka gives you the chance to discover your inner nature-lover. Almost 13% of Sri Lanka’s landmass is covered by jungles, forest reserves, and national parks. These green covers are home to more than 90 species of mammals, 171 species of reptiles, and 250 species of birds.

Ayurveda and Spa

If your idea of a vacation is to rejuvenate with a relaxing massage, Sri Lanka is the place for you. Take your pick from the wide variety of herbal treatments, massages, spas, baths, and relaxing therapies that Sri Lanka has to offer. You might also want to try meditation and yoga under the guidance of their expert yoga teachers.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Civil War ended in 2009. The island nation’s safety and security have considerably improved since then. However, in the spirit of taking proper precautions, international travelers need to consider the following travel risks:

  • Sri Lanka’s tropical climate means a high risk of vector-borne diseases. These include malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever, and yellow fever. International travelers to Sri Lanka may also be at risk of other diseases like Hepatitis A, typhoid, diarrhea, and cholera.
  • Another problem associated with island weather is tropical storms, especially during the monsoon season. The monsoon season in Sri Lanka begins in May and extends until September or October of each year. Travelers need to consider the risks of flight cancellations, hotel cancellations, and closed-access roads due to bad weather conditions.
  • Sri Lankan monsoon season also infamous for cyclones, heavy rains, and dangerous tides. Travelers need to be wary of exploring distant places, jungles, and beaches during this time.
  • After the 2019 terrorist attacks in Colombo, terrorism is a persistent threat. Tourists are recommended to avoid crowded areas and follow the advice of local authorities.
  • Sri Lanka is a haven for adventure sports lovers. But travelers need to keep in mind the risk of unauthorized and irresponsible adventure sports agencies. Such agencies may not adhere to proper safety protocols, leading to unfortunate and entirely avoidable accidents.

Before You Travel to Sri Lanka, Do This

As you’re planning your trip, there are three important precautions to keep in mind that will help you prevent the vast majority of mishaps that could befall you:

  • While you travel, be sure to keep all of your important documents (digital or original, as needed) either on your person or in a safe place.
  • Next, make sure you pack appropriately.
  • Most importantly, compare your options and buy the travel insurance policy that best suits your preferences, lifestyle, and personality. Travel insurance will help you worry less and enjoy your trip that much more.

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