North Dakota may surprise you. There is so much to do here – hiking, golfing, visits to museums and amusement parks, and much more. The American Automobile Association had once branded North Dakota as "America's Most Affordable Holiday Site." The state capital Bismarck is steeped in history, with the Fort Yates site there being witness to a historical trade agreement with the Mandan Indians.

The serene landscape of the prairie state invites you to spend some quiet time under the blue skies. Along with several cultural landmarks, abundant wildlife also awaits you here. Add to it the breweries, restaurants, and farmers' markets, and you have got a wholesome vacation in your hands.

Before heading out to North Dakota, be sure to buy a visitors medical insurance or travel insurance to avoid losing your trip funding due to an unexpected emergency.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in North Dakota – FAQs

There is a lot to see in this park, but with all the hiking around, the chances of an injury befalling you also increase. Should you happen to fall sick while vacationing in North Dakota or should any other mishap strike you, you would need to shell out a lot of money for treatment. So, go for visitors medical insurance. It can ensure your peace of mind by protecting you financially.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to North Dakota?

Unannounced mishaps take a toll on you physically and mentally and the subsequent treatment is expensive. Even obtaining medical care for a simple illness or injury can be financially draining. That's why it's advisable that you opt for prior visitors medical insurance. This insurance works as a safety net to cover your finances from injuries and accidents that can occur during your trip.

What should I look for in my North Dakota visitors medical insurance?

Ensure that the service provider has included coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions in the policy if anyone in the traveling group has such conditions. Other helpful benefits to look for include emergency medical evacuation or repatriation to have you transported to the closest medical facility where you can avail of adequate treatment. Buy visitors medical insurance so that you can enjoy your vacation with a peaceful mind.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in North Dakota – FAQs

You have planned your trip and made all the prepaid arrangements. But, sometimes the unexpected happens. There might be a host of reasons that require you to cancel the upcoming trip, and the cancellation entails substantial financial losses. But trip cancellation insurance can ensure that you are safe financially if the trip is canceled as defined by the parameters of the plan.

What should I look for in my North Dakota trip cancellation insurance?

Check for benefits in the trip cancellation insurance like trip cancellation or trip interruption for a plan-approved reason, trip delay coverage, missed connection coverage and coverage for loss or theft of baggage. Having these coverages should an emergency occur will ease the stress on your finances.

Hence, if you would want to ensure peace of mind during your travel, buy travel insurance.

North Dakota's Most Popular Places for Travel

North Dakota ranked high in President Theodore Roosevelt's list of favorite travel destinations, and it's bound to feature in your list too, once you visit the state. For nature and wildlife aficionados and history enthusiasts, North Dakota is a destination not to be missed.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

This is a sprawling landscape of 70,000 acres (over 28,320 hectares) containing mountains, grasslands, canyons, and the mighty Missouri River. Home to President Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch, the park offers spectacular views of unspoiled nature all around. Come for a hike, rock climbing, or some horseback riding here. Or you might simply drive through the park and soak in the pristine beauty. Spend the evenings by the campfire to round off a perfect day.

The State Capitol Complex

Often termed as "the skyscraper of the prairies," the 241-foot tall (over 73-meter tall) building was constructed in the 1930s. There is an observation deck on the 18th floor from where you can get sweeping views of the city of Bismarck and the areas beyond. Do also make it a point to visit the nearby sites of the North Dakota Heritage Museum, government memorials, and the prairie trails.

Bison Monument and Frontier Village

Check out the National Buffalo Museum here. You would get to know much about these massive and beautiful animals and how they became a part of Native American folklore. The albino bison can also be seen here, which is a rare sight. The Frontier Village is a collection of old churches, jailhouses, barbershops, etc. that have been preserved as a tribute to local heritage.

Maah Daah Hey Trail

The almost 100-mile (nearly 161-kilometer) trail will take you through awe-inspiring scenic beauty. Connecting the northern and southern ends of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the trail offer hiking and mountain biking that stretches to the horizon. There are also several fairly tough climbs out here, e.g. the rocky badlands. The trail is home to a range of wildlife like coyotes, golden eagle, deer, and bison.

Lake Sakakawea and Garrison Dam

Located on the Missouri River, the dam was commissioned in the mid-20th century. The dam is among the world's largest earthen dams. There's a power plant here that is open to visitors. Take a trip to the plant, and then head out to the lake for some exciting fishing, boating, sailing, or scuba diving activity. At 200 miles long (over 320 kilometers), the lake is the country's third-largest man-made lake.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in North Dakota

Getting to the State

Domestic airlines like Delta Airlines, United Express, and Frontier Airlines serve Bismarck and Fargo from several major U.S. cities. You can take Interstate 94 or the U.S. Highways 2, 52, 83, or 85 if you plan to drive in. Once you are in the state, the best option to move around is by car. A few rural bus services are available, though.

Where to put up

North Dakota has a variety of accommodations for tourists of every kind, though top-notch properties are sparse. There are many hotels with a high level of comfort, and there are also B&B options for the budget traveler. If you love to stay amidst nature, there are resorts for that in the areas near the national parks as well.

Eat and drink

Do try out some regional specialties like the Klub (a dumpling of Scandinavian origin) and the Snickers Salad (made of Snickers bars, Cool Whip, and vanilla pudding). Check out the variety of steaks available at the many privately-owned steakhouses that dot the state. Many of these eating joints serve a variety of drinks as well to wash all that food down.

Staying safe

North Dakota has more wilderness than cities. Rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and bison are commonly sighted here. Do maintain a safe distance from them. Moose are also known to attack people. Several parts of the state are quite desolate and the population is sparse to non-existent. So if you plan to venture out to such areas, do so with a guide and the requisite safety gear. Stay safe from thunderstorms during the summer months.

Before You Travel to North Dakota - Do This

  • Plan winery tours: Be sure to take a winery and brewery tour. Relax in the gardens and sip on a chilled brew. Some popular haunts are Fargo Brewing Company, Souris River Brewing, and Drekker Brewing Company.
  • Prepare for small-town ambiance: For most parts, North Dakota has more rural and small-town settings, compared to the more urban states. So, be prepared to accept less of urban comforts and more of nature in its pristine beauty.
  • Get travel insurance: This is almost a mandate to ensure tension-free travel. You know that you are protected financially with travel insurance. You can put your mind to rest about unforeseen expenses while in North Dakota. Enter basic information, review the available options, and select the best choice of plans for your trip.

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