Known informally as "Paris of the Plains," Kansas City, Missouri is a place to fall in love with. Trailing only Rome in the number of fountains and statues it has on display, there's a reason Kansas City's other nickname is the "City of Fountains." From quiet boulevards to bustling nightlife and major sports teams, Kansas City is a great destination for many. Use this guide to discover some of the great things to do in Kansas City, and to get valuable information about visitors insurance or travel insurance.

Visitors Insurance for Travelers in Kansas City - FAQs

With flight connections, checked bags, and navigating an unfamiliar city, there can be stress involved with an international trip. Don't add to that stress by not knowing how you would pay for medical treatment. With the high cost of healthcare in the USA, it's important to get insurance that can cover you when traveling abroad. Avoid the uncertainty by purchasing visitors insurance.

Why buy visitors insurance before traveling to Kansas City?

Even if you just plan to relax and sightsee, the chance of getting sick or injured still exists. Food poisoning or a case of the flu could land you in the hospital, as could a broken bone from missing a step. If you need medical treatment, don't expect your domestic health insurance to be accepted in the USA. Without proper coverage, you could be responsible for paying for the full cost of your treatment out of your own pocket. Visitors insurance is designed specifically to offer coverage when you're traveling internationally. It can allow you to get necessary medical treatment with less worry about the resulting bill.

What should I look for in my Kansas City visitors insurance?

Kansas City has a surprising number of outdoor activities such as mountain biking and camping to enjoy. When purchasing insurance, make sure that any activity you want to participate in can be covered by the plan. You'll also want to get coverage for the entire duration of your stay, and consider benefits such as these:

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Kansas City - FAQs

Trip cancellation insurance is designed to help you receive compensation for prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses when your trip has to be canceled. It can also have provisions for coverage during other travel situations you might encounter, such as flight delays.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Kansas City travel?

Very few airports offer international flights directly to Kansas City. It's likely that you'll first have to connect through a larger city such as Denver or Chicago. With more flights come more chances for delays and cancellations. In these situations, it's critical to have the right insurance.

There's also always the chance that you could get sick or injured before leaving home. Since most of your travel expenses – such as airfare and hotels – will have been paid for in advance, you'll want a way to be reimbursed for these bookings if you're unable to use them. Many of your prepaid travel expenses are nonrefundable. Trip cancellation insurance can provide you with a way to be reimbursed for these expenses when your trip has to be canceled for a covered reason.

What should I look for in my Kansas City trip cancellation insurance?

The right travel insurance plan for you can provide effective coverage both before and during your trip. In addition to trip cancellation coverage, other benefits you can explore include:

Kansas City's Most Popular Places for Travel

National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial

For a historical experience, visit this Egyptian Revival-style museum that pays tribute to World War I soldiers. You can walk through the recreation of a French farmhouse that was struck by a howitzer shell, and experience replicated World War I trenches. The centerpiece of the Liberty Memorial is a 217-foot Kasota stone tower with lights at the top that give the effect of a burning pyre.

Kauffman Stadium

The home of Major League Baseball's Kansas City Royals makes for a wonderful evening or afternoon out. Take in a baseball game, or spend a few hours exploring the concourses, viewing baseball memorabilia, and sampling a wide variety of craft beer and food, including Kansas City barbecue.

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Considered by famous chefs and the public alike to be the best barbecue in the world, a trip to Joe's just across the state line in Kansas City, Kansas is essential. The restaurant is actually situated in a small gas station with very limited seating, so plan some time to stand in line. For a special treat, ask for the "Z-Man" sandwich.

Children's Mercy Park

If you're a fan of football (as in, soccer), Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas is the place to be. It is home to MLS side Sporting Kansas City; one of the more popular Major League Soccer clubs in the U.S. Children's Mercy Park also regularly hosts international friendlies, the U.S. National Team, and other tournaments. You may not expect it, but there is a reason why Kansas City is considered the Soccer Capitol of the U.S. 

Power & Light District

To make nightlife memories, go to the Power & Light District. Spread over eight blocks in downtown Kansas City, "P&L" includes more than 50 bars, restaurants and shops to choose from. KC hosts more than 150 free events each year, and many of them are centered in the Power & Light District.

Old Westport

Kansas City's original entertainment district is also one of its oldest neighborhoods. Westport is situated just a few miles south of downtown, and is packed with unique restaurants, bars, shops, and music venues. Make sure to stop by Kelly's for a drink. This historic bar is housed in the oldest public building in Kansas City. Notable bars like Buzzard Beach are excellent places to people-watch, and Broadway Café serves up some of the best locally roasted coffee in the city.  

The Country Club Plaza

The century-old Country Club Plaza is a high-end retail district with architecture designed to pay tribute to the buildings found in Seville, Spain. Here you'll find a wealth of fine restaurants, retail stores and entertainment venues covering nearly a million square feet. Even if you aren't in a shopping mood, the wealth of fountains and unique buildings make the Plaza a perfect outdoor excursion. 

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Kansas City

Best Time to Visit

Kansas City has variable weather that changes with the seasons. Summers are hot and humid, and winters can be cold and snowy. Spring and fall are the best times to enjoy the outdoors here.

If you do visit in the spring, pay attention to the weather forecast. Kansas City is located in "Tornado Alley," and can experience strong thunderstorms; particularly from April through June. Tune into local television and radio stations during severe weather to keep yourself informed and stay safe. 


Kansas City is geographically very large, with limited public transport. Kansas City International Airport is more than 20 miles from downtown, and some attractions are spread out, so expect Uber rides to be a little expensive. Your best bet is to rent a car. Parking in Kansas City is readily available and the traffic is manageable. If you're spending time downtown, the Ride KC streetcar can get you most places you need to go, and is free of charge.

Missouri vs. Kansas

The location of Kansas City can be a little confusing for visitors. The main city is in the state of Missouri, but it's right next to the state of Kansas, which has a smaller city also called Kansas City. This is because the city of Kansas City was established several years before the neighboring state of Kansas achieved statehood. Both Kansas Cities are named after the Kanza Native American people. 

Before You Travel to Kansas City - Do This

To have the best time during your trip to Kansas City, remember these suggestions.

  • Rent a car. Kansas City is quite spread out, and options for public transportation are limited. A rental car will allow you to see all the sights on your own timetable.
  • Pack a variety of clothes. The weather in Kansas City can vary by the day, and even by the hour. It's a good idea to pack for various weather conditions no matter when you visit.
  • Protect your budget. Invest in visitors insurance or travel insurance so you can be financially covered in the event that your trip doesn't go as planned.

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