With 80% of its landmass encased in ice, Greenland is the largest non-continental island in the world. The majestic icebergs and glaciers dominate the landscapes offering you the raw power of nature. Here you can find an endless array of activities including dog sledding, snowmobiling, hiking, and much more. The mix of traditional Inuit and Scandinavian culture also adds to the incredible travel experience in Greenland.

Every beautiful place has its own hazards. Thus, before you travel to Greenland, be sure to purchase travel insurance or travel medical insurance that will give suitable financial coverage in case of any unexpected turn of events.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Greenland – FAQs

The majestic scenery combined with endless adventure opportunities set Greenland apart from any other travel destination on Earth. Due to its unpredictable weather and dangerous terrain, you never know what emergency might befall you when you're in Greenland. An injury or sickness would require medical care, and without the proper insurance, your wallet would take the hit from the bills. Traveling with travel medical insurance is the most sensible option for you.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Greenland?

Due to low population density, Greenland doesn't have advanced medical facilities. Though medical treatment comes with huge bills. But when you have travel medical insurance, you won't have to worry about the cost of treatment. Your insurer can provide financial coverage for the treatment of new injuries or illness.

What should I look for in my Greenland travel medical insurance?

With a good travel medical insurance plan, you can have 24/7 access to the best medical facilities in Greenland. Due to the sparse location of towns and cities, it's difficult to find a medical facility at the time of emergency. Depending upon the plan, your insurer can arrange and cover for emergency medical evacuation of patients. Be sure to look through the policy first for this benefit before purchase.

Most of the medical facilities in Greenland offer treatment for common ailments and injuries. Make sure you buy travel medical insurance to gain quick access to the finest facility without worrying about covering the bills yourself.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Greenland – FAQs

The movement of ferries and flights in Greenland depends solely on the weather conditions. If your booking gets canceled without any prior warning, you will lose your money as non-refundable costs. This loss can be avoided when you purchase trip cancellation insurance as protection when you pay the non-refundable costs.

Why should I buy trip cancellation insurance for my Greenland trip?

When you have trip cancellation insurance to back you, you won't have to worry about the cancellation charges or any non-refundable costs. Your insurer can bear these hefty charges when the trip needs to be canceled due to a reason accepted under the plan. This way you can plan your trip with peace of mind.

What should I look for in my Greenland trip cancellation insurance?

Your insurer can provide financial coverage to all pre-paid and non-refundable charges, provided the full cost of the trip is covered and the travel insurance plan is purchased in the appropriate timeframe before the trip. The coverage for loss of personal belongings can also be included. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of your policy to understand when you can make insurance claims. Also review them as different policies could have different covered reasons for trip cancellation.

Buy a travel insurance plan that can give coverage to cancellation charges. This way you can save your hard-earned money and spend it on a worthwhile activity in Greenland.

Best Things To Do When You're In Greenland

Watch The Icebergs Breaking Off The Glaciers

When you're in Ilulissat, you can't miss this majestic sight of nature. Head over to Ilulissat Ice-fjord, a 40 km-long (almost 25-mile) stretch of floating ice, to experience this stunning vista. Here, you can go for a hike, take a helicopter or a boat tour. Or you can spend some quality time sitting on the rocks, enjoying the soothing sound of the crackling of ice.

Watch The Northern Lights

Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is the natural spectacle created when the charged particles from the sun strike the Earth's atmosphere. If you're traveling to Greenland in winter, you'll surely be met by this beautiful phenomenon. It's visible from almost all the parts of Greenland between September and April.

Have Close Encounters With Animals

Greenland is blessed with exotic species of animals including humpback whales, fin whales, narwhals, land seals, and reindeer, just to name a few. You can go cruising among the icebergs to have a close encounter with whales in June and July. Although this activity will demand your patience, the ultimate sight of the animal will be rewarding.

Hike The Arctic Circle Trail

This 124-mile (nearly 200-kilometer) long trail starts from the small town of Kangerlussuaq. With the spectacular points of interest scattered throughout the way, the Arctic Circle Trail won't fail to reconnect you with nature. The trail attracts hiking enthusiasts from across the world. If the trail seems a bit strenuous to you, climb Sugarloaf Mountain near the Arctic Circle Trail. From here, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the landscape.

Take Boat Tours

You'll find a lot of opportunities for sea excursions when you travel to Greenland. To enjoy Greenland to its fullest, you can't miss the boat tours. Take a short afternoon cruise or a longer multi-day cruise to explore Greenland. You can also take local ferries, which will also help you connect with the amiable Greenlanders.

Key Guidelines for Travelers

Weather Conditions

The weather in Greenland can change drastically without prior warning. It depends on the time and place you're traveling in. In summer, the temperatures lie between 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit). February is the coldest month. Visit Greenland between September and April if you're looking to witness the Northern Lights. Summer will give you the best opportunity for photography and small cruises.

Staying Safe In Greenland

When you're traveling in Greenland you need to look at your feet and not over your shoulders. The crime rates in Greenland are very low, but the landscape can be dangerous. Here are a few safety tips that will help you ensure you're safe when you're traveling in Greenland:

  • Wear sturdy footwear with a strong grip when you go hiking. The trails can be patchy and uneven.
  • Make sure you're accompanied by a guide when traveling in unfamiliar places.
  • Carry a tent with you when traveling outdoors for immediate shelter in case the weather changes drastically.
  • Close encounters with polar bears are rare, but not uncommon. Maintain your distance and don't approach the cubs as the adult can be nearby.

Getting Around Greenland

Greenland doesn't have a road or rail system. Most of the transportation occurs via airplanes, helicopters, dog sledding, and ship. The easiest way to get around Greenland is by plane, although it can be expensive. A passenger ship called Arctic Umiaq offers ferry service between April and December. It covers the destination lying on the western coastline including Qaqortoq and Ilulissat. Another passenger ship called Blue Ice Explorer sails in the summer season, between Narsarsuaq and Qaqortoq.

Medical Concerns

The temperatures in Greenland can drop drastically within minutes. Thus, you're always at a risk of developing hypothermia, which can occur when your body starts losing heat rapidly. The symptoms include slurred speech, confusion, weak pulse, excessive shivering, and in extreme cases you might get unconscious too. If you're under medication for a serious ailment, remember to carry extra doses when you travel to Greenland. As it's hard to get the special medication in Greenland.

Before You Travel To Greenland - Do This

  • Buy a GPS device that can make emergency calls and send your coordinates automatically to the rescuers.
  • To avoid the risk of developing hypothermia, pack warm clothes you can layer on.
  • Buy travel insurance coverage suitable for you and your travel mates. Don't risk your life on the hope that nothing will go wrong. Be prudent and travel with good travel insurance.

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