Situated off the Baltic coast, Latvia is one of Europe's hidden gems. Outdoor lovers will especially appreciate the county's bounty of natural beauty. Walk along pristine white beaches and experience traditional Latvian cuisine in all its glory.

Jet off to Latvia on your next vacation for a holiday to remember forever. "Paris of the East" is sure to be a destination you'll love. However, before you go, don't forget to stay protected by first purchasing travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Latvia - FAQs

Health issues and medical emergencies can crop up without warning. What if you need to access a healthcare facility during your time in Latvia? Is your budget equipped for it?

Fortunately, with travel medical insurance for Latvia, you can reduce your financial stress regarding medical expenses by having appropriate coverage.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Latvia?

Depending on where you're from, insurance may be a requirement. Latvia is a Schengen nation, and anyone who requires a Schengen visa to visit Latvia must also have compliant health insurance.

If you're from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or certain other countries, you are allowed to visit Latvia as a tourist for a period of less than 90 days without a visa, exempting you from the insurance requirement. However, even without the requirement, the potential costs involved in medical care outside your home country make insurance a wise decision.

What should I look for in my Latvia travel medical insurance?

For Schengen visa holders, your travel medical insurance must meet certain requirements in order for you to visit Latvia. These requirements call for a minimum of €30,000 in medical coverage, plus coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains.

Outside of any legal requirements, your travel medical insurance should always provide coverage for the activities you plan to take part in during your trip. Whether it's ATV riding or sailing, be sure your insurance can cover you.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Latvia – FAQs

Flights have to be canceled from time to time. Likewise, sickness and illness can occur right before your travel begins. Don't let thoughts of canceled flights or nonrefundable payments add to your travel stress. Though it may not be possible to predict all the reasons your trip could need to be canceled, you can be prepared for them. Trip cancellation insurance can provide you with the opportunity to be reimbursed for your prepaid travel expenses if your trip must be canceled.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Latvia travel?

Whether it's a natural disaster, family emergency, sudden illness or an injury, sometimes it's necessary to cancel your travel plans. The trouble is, many of those plans were paid for far in advance. Travel expenses like airline tickets, hotel reservations and other fees are oftentimes nonrefundable. If they can be refunded, there can be pricey cancellation charges attached. Trip cancellation insurance allows you the chance to receive a full or partial refund for these expenses when you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason.

What should I look for in my Latvia trip cancellation insurance?

It's good advice to choose a travel insurance plan that offers the broadest range of coverage possible. Beyond just trip cancellation coverage, there are travel insurance plans that can provide coverage for a variety of situations you might encounter on an international trip, including:

Some travel insurance plans can even offer you the option to cancel for any reason. When choosing a plan, examine the coverage it offers carefully. It will be detailed in the policy wording.

Latvia's Most Popular Cities for Travel


You cannot go to Latvia and possibly miss its Gothic capital. Riga is a bounty of colors, architectural styles, languages, and cultures. Riga has something for everyone to enjoy, from history to art, food, and scenic beauty. It is also just an hour away from the beach.

Cape Kolka

Cape Kolka has a captivating history of Soviet occupation that is evident even today. The peninsula was cut off from the mainland for years and has the feel of a land frozen in time. The experience is one-of-a-kind and draws history buffs and explorers from all over the world.


Cēsis is exactly how you would picture a charming medieval town to be. An imposing stone castle, sloping green hills, colorful rows of houses; Cēsis has it all. You can spend a whole day roaming around the cobbled streets and tasting authentic Latvian cuisine. For nature lovers, Gauja National Park is a short drive away.


Valmiera is a lovely town located on the outskirts of Riga. The best thing about Valmiera is that there seems to always be a celebration going on, no matter when you visit. Food festivals, farmers' markets, "restaurant weeks," theatre shows; there is no shortage of activities to check out.


Head out to the sea and explore the authentic port town of Liepāja. It is known for its unique musical history (celebrated in most cafes and pubs) and its massive naval harbor. The town hosted the First Baltic Fleet of Soviet submarines for the first few years of World War II.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Latvia

What should you keep in mind while planning your Latvian holiday?

The best time to travel

April to June is the best time to enjoy the warm spring to summer transition. The summer months tend to be quite hot, with temperatures reaching 30-35°C. Winters are cold, so be prepared for subzero temperatures from December through February.

Adventure activities

You will undoubtedly explore the hundreds of hiking and biking trails through the remote Latvian wilderness. Winters are even more exciting, with plenty of snowboarding and skiing opportunities. However, always remember to follow all safety precautions.

Petty crime

Be wary of pickpockets in crowded markets and other tourist attractions. Public transportation is also a potential area for pickpocketing, so keep your valuables secure in these areas.

Getting around Latvia

The public train and bus system is ideal for reaching all the major cities and towns in Latvia. However, if you want to travel to a place off the beaten track, we recommended renting a vehicle from a local car company.

Before You Travel to Latvia - Do This

  • Prepare for the weather. Winters in Latvia can be quite cold. If you're visiting during the colder months, pack winter clothing and plenty of layers.
  • Back up your documents. Make digital copies of your passport, visa, drivers license, etc. in case the originals get lost.
  • Get insured. Buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance that meets all legal requirements, and provides coverage for the activities you plan to participate in.

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